greg-gThose other things are fine. Celery and cilantro are horrible.02:40
jrwreni just had ramen for dinner with celery from our garden. it was delicious02:43
Scary_GuyOkay, I didn't mean for it to turn into a food discussion.  I just wanted to make fun of Celerons.  I actually like celery, especially with some peanut butter.05:15
_stink_geez i thought it was about the task queue12:49
cmaloney_stink_: Same here12:53
jrwrencmaloney: http://www.os2museum.com/wp/really-atari-st/  TIL: the ST in Atari ST refered to sixteen/thirty refering to the 68000's external/internal data bus width22:27
cmaloneyYeah, and also "Sam Tramiel"22:27
cmaloneyAlso I'm looking a FPGA versions of the Atari ST because I don't have enough crap. :)22:28
cmaloneyFor some reason this machine is really fascinating to me22:28
jrwrenI always prefered amiga ;)22:30
cmaloneyyeah, but there are now gpled sourced for TOS that hit 1.0 and the emulators are gpled23:40
cmaloneyyou could literally build one of these.machines and be stallman approved23:41

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