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Donavan01if I want to provide a file server via web access to users whats the best combo of programs/services are best practices for linux ... windows I know but no linux01:51
matsamannot something a sensible Unixy sysadmin would do, but01:52
matsamanyou can get webUIs for, for example, vsftpd01:52
retranDonavan01, there's lots of "home cloud" software for that01:52
retranDonavan01, are you just wanting to provide a web-based client to files on a system? no prob. lots of stuff for that01:53
Donavan01im not looking for home setup eventually I hope to expose this thing to the world ...working on a business with a freind and one of the aspects is we need to have a file drop for people to upload things and download them if I were using windows it would be super easy for me but not so much linux.... should I effectively build a database and just let the database be accesable or is it better to have linux do it at the system level01:55
retranDonavan01, then you need help from experts01:58
retranDonavan01, not just random ppl on IRC01:59
Donavan01im sure and they often hang out in here01:59
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retranDonavan01, but more help than can be feasibly provided over chat01:59
retranI'm such an expert, but it's unfeasible to do this over cheat01:59
Donavan01im not looking for a how to im just wanting to know which is the best route something like an ftp with ssl or something more database driven02:00
Donavan01I just dont know the names of things to start looking them up and looking up file server and linux gives you way too much02:01
Donavan01retran ok what is the best option here02:01
retranthere's no one route, you have to spec out a software suite02:02
Donavan01suggestion for this ... this is what I mean I dont know the products in linux ive been stuck in windows land most of my career not for lack of trying on my part02:03
retranthere's no "products" to do what you're talking about out of the box02:03
retranyou have to assemble stuff together custom02:03
retranhire a programmer02:04
retranor learn to program02:04
retranDonavan01, maybe I'm misunderstanding02:06
retranDonavan01, I think you might be fine with a personal cloud02:06
retranDonavan01, what I would highly recommend, instead of doing this yourself, or anything custom, is to get a Google G-Suite account02:14
retranDonavan01, or office36502:14
retranDonavan01, they're SO CHEAP and good02:14
retranDonavan01, they have both email and file sharing and document sharing all comes with their basic account02:14
Donavan01no your not misunderstanding  I intend to make these machines of mine person clouds for my clients I want system level control over the files and a way to show it to them in a web format... I will level what ever langauge is needed (already got a bunch under my belt that are far less useful)   I just dont know what the linux world looks at as the best for things like scripting is java king, python, php ... is ftp on if im using SSL with it or is there02:15
Donavan01a better solution02:15
mihaelHow do I install traceroute on Ubuntu 18?02:15
retranDonavan01, sounds like you're the wrong person to be setting this up for clients02:15
retranDonavan01, it's not some trivial thing02:15
Donavan01I just cant afford the licensing for windows server so I need to the linux route I just dont know what is best over here and googling isnt giving me any clue02:16
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retranDonavan01, it's more than just downloading (or buying) the right software02:16
Donavan01retran I have 25 years of system admin experience I think I can handle new technology02:16
retranDonavan01, you have to know how to configure it02:16
retranDonavan01, why are you in here asking these kind of basic questions like you don't have a clue then?02:16
Donavan01I just havnet done much in linus which is why I am asking02:16
retranDonavan01, from the type of questions you're asking, and the words you are using, I doubt you can handle it02:17
retranno offense02:17
retranyou might be qualified for the business side02:17
retranjust not actually doing it :)02:17
semitonesYou gotta start with gentoo02:17
retransemitones, lol!!!02:17
semitonesIf you can master that02:17
semitonesYou can do anything02:17
retranstahp that02:17
derpadminsemitones, evil02:18
Donavan01becasue what is true in windows land doesnt always hold true in linux world and I was trying to find out if what I thought was best practices might have been a glarring flaw because of the difference in the files systems for example02:18
retranDonavan01, this has nothing to do with Windows vs. Linux. you aren't getting it02:18
retranjust stop saying "windows land" and stuff, for a start02:18
retranget that out of your head02:18
retranyou keep naming off services and technologies02:18
retranbut have yet to present a cohesive problem for any of us to actually solve02:19
pavlosmihael: does "sudo apt install traceroute" work?02:19
semitonesOMV might be nice for what you're trying to use but it's also finicky02:19
Donavan01yeah it kinda does when im talking about file storage yes I understand the the web component isnt however last time I set up a linux web server was about 12 years so im not up on what the best programs still are is it samba ... I dont know which is why im asking a broad question and giving examples02:20
pavlosmihael: I dont have an 18.04 to test02:20
semitonesDonavan01: check out the open media vault project - they have an awesome forum with a bunch of great guides too02:20
derpadminDonavan01, just setup sftp in your ssh config, change the home dir of the users that will upload files,  and point your ngnix instance to these folders, adjust permissions accordingly, password protect if needed02:20
derpadmin*sftp chroot jails02:21
derpadminmaybe setgid on the folders, so the content will be created with proper group permissions02:21
derpadminyou see retran, wasn't that hard02:22
mihaelpavlos: No it doesn't. "E: Package 'traceroute' has no installation candidate"02:22
retranderpadmin, lol02:23
Donavan01derpadmin, semitones ... thank you02:24
retranderpadmin, I feel for his poor customers02:24
pavlosmihael: I started a VM to test ... wait a bit02:25
derpadmincheck this Donavan01 https://200013.net/doc/LINUX/ssh+sftp+sshfs/chroot_+_force_sftp.txt02:25
pavlosmihael: I was able to install on 18.04 server02:29
pavlosmihael: do you have universe repo enabled?02:30
mihaelhow do I enable that?02:32
mihaelso it is disabled by default?02:32
pavlosmihael: You can enable it in the gui, let me find out02:32
mihaelI enabled it via: `sudo add-apt-repository universe`02:33
pavlosok,do a sudo apt update first then try to install traceroute02:34
pavlosit should install version 2.1.002:38
neteffecthello im having trouble running fsck, can't get it to work during reboot with touch /forcefsck, won't work at command line, won't umount during reboot, parted wouldn't umount either.  How do I run a fsck?02:51
neteffecti had a power outage, is fsck the only thing for checking integrity?02:56
pavlosneteffect: some details, are you on 20.04?02:56
pavlosshutdown -rF now will reboot your system and run an fsck02:57
neteffectok i'll try that ty02:57
pavlostake a look at your /etc/fstab, the last column is to check fs for the root / partition is should be 1 (not 0)03:00
neteffectoh i'll do that now03:00
neteffectit is 103:01
pavlosexample: UUID=778636d8-22cc-476f-b801-ff9f5ac9ef5d /               ext4    errors=remount-ro 0       1                    <------------------------------- see the one03:01
neteffectbut i reboot and it's still 103:01
neteffectyeah it says 103:01
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pavlosit will remain one03:01
pavlosbut if you touch /forcefsck, after reboot and fsck, that filw will be gone03:02
neteffecti never see fsck during reboot03:02
neteffectits like it doesn't run03:05
pavlosI think you can pass -V for verbose output ...03:05
pavlosam trying to force my VM to do that ...03:06
neteffecti can't ever get it to run03:06
neteffectdunno  how to pass -V to touch /forcefsck03:06
neteffecti see gparted has a check, can't get that to work03:08
pavlosif you're running on sda1 you cannot unmount it. You have to run from another place to unmount sda1 and fsck03:09
pavlosgparted will not let you unmount the running system03:10
pavloscan you boot off an live iso, then fsck your disk?03:10
neteffectthat is pretty good idea03:11
pavloslive iso will be in ram (try ubuntu), your disk sda1 or sda2 can be fsck'd03:11
neteffectpavlos, hey thank you, live cd was much easier03:25
pavlosglad it helped03:26
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bumblefuzzso, I updated ubuntu today04:13
bumblefuzzand no I have no audio'04:13
bumblefuzzcan anyone help?04:13
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DarkTrickI removed tracker-miner-fs from /lib/systemd/system but it still gets called at startup. How can I make it stop working?06:14
cucumberhi there everyone06:17
cucumberwhenever I install a new operating system there is a power cut like the whole city loses its power06:17
cucumberIt feels like someone tries to inject the newly installed operating system with a malware that needs a forced system reboot06:18
cucumberhow well protected is ubuntu againsts such attacks?06:18
cucumberand how can I detect those?06:18
cucumberI mean aside from the usual NSA and other kinds of backdoors (just kidding)06:18
Maikcucumber: you know this channel is for support only, this sounds more offtopic to me06:19
cucumberYes I do06:19
jdgrcucumber: Uh...06:19
Maikwell then06:19
cucumberAnd I am really looking for ways to prevent tampering06:19
jdgrHave you tried doing the install while in a massive lead vault with the machine plugged into a power generator?06:20
cucumberI mean on the surface it might look like I be trolling, but I really am not06:20
jdgrAll your packets need to be printed onto paper, analyzed and hand entered into the machine06:20
cucumberjdgr I don't have a power generator06:20
Maiktake it offtopic please06:20
Maikthanks :)06:21
cucumberno Maik thank you for being as tolerant as possible I understand06:29
cucumberno worries06:29
cucumberbut generally speaking how can an os be protected against exploits?06:29
cucumbernot just ubuntu, but any OS06:29
lotuspsychje!discuss | cucumber06:29
ubottucucumber: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!06:29
lotuspsychjenot here cucumber06:29
cucumberok thanks06:29
nubonixhey looking for an autohotkey alternative... i would like to write a program that i can type a short sequence of words...suchas selenium_boiler_plate and it would return text from a file that i have written, and this would be available to any application suchas gedit, any ideas?06:42
nubonixso basically an alias anywhere06:43
jellyon ubuntu 18.04, when I Alt-Space to get the window properties menu, how do i select a setting to change without mouse use?  Cursor keys work but neither Enter nor Space select07:26
jellyonly left mouse click seems to work07:26
guivercjelly, enter selects for me  (I'm not on 18.04/bionic though sorry)07:30
jellyprobably got fixed07:50
jellyguiverc, which release are you on?07:51
echoSMILEIs there any reason my Weather panel item stop working showing forecast data ?08:46
echoSMILEhttps://docs.xfce.org/panel-plugins/xfce4-weather-plugin at Ubuntu 19.1008:46
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thetoblinI'm having some real trouble getting Cuda to work with Conda. When trying to use Cuda through python code, I get the error "libNVVM cannot be found".I have looked into every post and search result I can find on the topic, such as this one: stackoverflow.com/questions/…. But nothing I try seems to work.Does anyone have any idea what the cause is,10:02
thetoblinand how to fix it? I'm guessing it has to do with adding some export lines to .bashrc, but I can't seem to get them right10:02
thetoblindoes anyone have any insights into how to get cuda to work with conda? I get the error "libNVVM cannot be found", and no search result on the matter seems to be able to assist me10:34
marttihm. this is weird11:15
marttiso I changed a dns entry, and restarted the supervisor services serving our api backend. thing is that the dns entries now should have different content, but they didn't.11:17
Habbiemartti, then the caching must be somewhere else11:19
marttiI even restarted systemd-resolved and it still didn't work. only restarting supervisor after restarting resolved did the trick, but now I wonder how systemd services appear to have a localized dns cache?11:19
marttiwhich seems very surprising to me.11:20
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marttimaybe when I restarted resolved the new dns settings weren't actually updated on wherever my hosts get their dns11:24
marttiaccording to https://github.com/systemd/systemd/issues/940 dig even circumvents nss/resolved completely, meaning that my attempts to debug the issue, too, may have been nonsensical.11:28
emOneubuntu help out pls11:40
emOneI am trying to run a compile script on an exfat drive11:40
emOnethe script fails due to failed symlinks on exfat11:40
emOneapparently exfat doesn't support symlinks11:40
emOneis it possible to simulate symlinks so I can run this compile script without finding or ordering another HDD just for this one task11:41
marttitmpfs should support symlinks. that means that you mount a ram disk to work on. if you have enough memory, harware-wise11:42
lukegbOut of curiosity: who decided to make downloading Ubuntu Server require 5 clicks from the homepage11:46
lukegbincluding two clicks on very small blue "Option 2" and "Option 3" links?11:46
EriC^lukegb: that guy "ubottu"11:59
EriC^he's the mastermind11:59
lukegbdamn ubottu! *shakes fist*12:00
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BluesKajHi all12:07
Hejkkiany idea on how can i get umlauts and other special characters working with my remote irssi?12:07
Hejkkiwhen i type a with two dots, i see 2 question marks, and when i push enter, i see it correctly, but i bet none of you see it correctly?? ä12:08
Hejkkii am using gnome-terminal with full utf-8 support enabled12:09
Hejkkii used to have the special characters working while using Gentoo12:09
Hejkkiso i think (but might be wrong) that the problem is local, not at the server side.....?12:10
marttiHejkki: set up your remote LANG/locale-genamajick12:12
Hejkkiand how will i do that?12:13
marttithe problem might be local, though, yes12:17
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conjoPing me testing setup on done thanks12:28
mar77icome again?12:29
conjoThis client look bare as on android lols12:29
Koopzso... i read that swap is basically 1:1 reflecting the RAM12:40
Koopzmeaning my swap should have the same size as my RAM, aye?12:40
Koopzunless that information i found on the internets is outdated and really true, i can't understand why my system has 32 GB of RAM while swap is reporting 2 GB12:42
Koopzi mean if it's true it's totally understandable why my nagios constantly reports 0% swap left12:43
mar77iuh, swap != ram12:43
derpadminKoopz : it used to be true, but at 32, I would not put 64G ram12:44
derpadminKoopz, swap is opportunistic, I personally disable it when I can on servers12:45
Koopzso comparing several servers i have a 16 GB RAM machine with 4 GB swap, the previously mentioned 32 GB RAM machine with 2 GB swap, my mail server with 32 GB RAM and 16 GB swap and a webserver with 64 GB RAM and 32 GB swap12:46
Koopzlooks like my dev machine is misconfigured12:47
derpadminit won't hurt you either12:47
derpadminyou can use fileswap as well12:48
derpadminso that way, you can skip the swap partition12:48
Koopzin theory swapping would only be needed if my system's load requires more RAM than physically available right12:48
derpadminand come back and add a swap file if needed12:48
derpadminKoopz, incorrect, it is opportunistic, it will move less frequent access to swap12:49
derpadminbut you can change the behavior with "swapiness"12:49
derpadminto get exactly what you describe12:49
derpadminswapiness 0 if I recall12:50
Koopzi should rather find out how to limit this graylog instance since it apparently takes everything it wants...12:51
derpadminKoopz, maybe cgroups, not sure, but yeah, I would go with that too12:52
Caim2fHello :)  Nice to meet you ! Glad to be here :P  I've been a long time macOS/windows user but just switched recentely. I would appreciate any sort of guidance please :D  I seem to be having some problem with the rendering not sure how to put my finger on it but something feels very off on ubuntu 20.04 :(   I'm using a RTX2070 and have 2 27" 1080p13:18
Caim2fmonitors.  When the window is minimized the rendering seems okay but when it's maximized the text and sub elements seem a bit skewed if that makes sense ? Like they are a bit more wide than normal13:18
Caim2fIs there a setting I'm missing somewhere ? Looked in nvidia panel but couldn't find anything13:18
TexasCaim2f: What do your display settings look like?13:21
Caim2fI think it might be just Chromium that's bugged though13:21
TexasFirefox works fine?13:21
TexasLet me check some things on my machine13:22
* Texas uses FF when on ubuntu13:22
Caim2fAlso in Nvidia X Server settings in X Server Display Configuration I see this bug13:22
Caim2fwhere I have the 2 monitors13:22
Caim2fIf i maximize the window the 2 subelements don't scale properly13:23
TexasCaim2f: Have you rebooted your OS since making these configuration changes?13:24
Caim2fYes. Been using this for almost one week :D13:24
TexasCaim2f: And this has been happening the whole time you had it? And only a chromium issue?13:25
Texaschromium works fine for me maximized...13:26
TexasCaim2f: What nvidia driver do you have installed?13:28
Caim2fYes . MAybe I'm just imagining things ?13:28
Caim2fCan you see this ? https://share.icloud.com/photos/0ubtef-seisG8GqMBsS10bFFg13:28
TexasCaim2f: Yes, I can. Looking now.13:30
Caim2fShould I override Antialiasing in nvidia settings or leave it on default ? What settings do you use ? I've enabled the Force Composition Pipeline also because was having some problem with tearing while playing videos.13:32
TexasI don't use nvidia13:33
TexasCaim2f: Sorry, but I have to go do something very urgent for work but if you wish to stick around, perhaps someone else could help you or I can whenever I come back13:37
Caim2fI'm thinking of ditching these displays though. Maybe 27" 1080p is not ideal . Would look into a 2k display. I can't get into 4k monitors I found the text hard to read. :D13:38
TexasSorry I couldn't be more helpful :(13:38
Caim2fSure np thanks for the help :D  I'm learning something new every day :P13:38
TexasI use mac hardware for everything lol13:38
* Texas is an apple fanboy13:38
TexasI get a lot of shit for that on IRC13:38
lotuspsychje!ot | Texas Caim2f13:40
ubottuTexas Caim2f: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:40
Texaslotuspsychje: Yes, I'm aware. That's as far as I was having the conversation go.13:41
Tom01Hello people.13:42
Tom01I have upgraded from Ubuntu 18 to 20.04. Now the shutdown is very slow. What could the reason?13:42
TexasTom01: I don't really know any reason other than it's a newer os version and there may be more things to be done on shutdown.13:44
oerheksmaybe you encountered a upgrade bug, the reason why upgrade path is not released yet.13:45
lotuspsychjeTom01: press F1 at shutdown to switch to text shutdown, to perhaps catch the culprit13:46
Tom01thanks I wil try13:46
wyounghi Tom0113:48
dbuggerHi fellas14:12
dbuggerAnother magical day. I am using my PC without problems. I reboot. And now Ubuntu will only use one of my monitors.14:12
dbuggerI have no idea where to start with... anyone has any suggestions?14:13
Salatwurzeldbugger, what does "xrandr" say? (terminal command)14:14
Texasdbugger: What are your display setting set to? Is the second monitor enabled?14:14
dbuggeroh wait... apparently my computer has switched to noveau... without my permission o_O14:15
dbuggerwhat the heck... how could that happen?14:15
dbuggerIm gonna try resetting the propietary drivers and reboot. BRB14:16
dbuggerWell, what do you know.. that fixed it14:18
dbuggerNo idea how in the hell the drivers changed to noveau by themselves...14:18
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MadLambI need to adjust my touchpad sensitivity settings, but its a bit hard with this xinput/synaptics variables. Is there a good gui tool that can help?14:53
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summonnerdbugger, which Ubuntu are you running?15:31
j`eywhat's the best way to customise the MOTD w/o affecting updates, I was thinking `chmod -x`ing the files I didnt want15:50
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dreamscryptj`ey: I believe there is the /etc/motd and /etc/update-motd.d files.15:59
j`eyyeah, so I just chmod -x some of the files in /etc/update-motd.d, I still want them to be updated by the package manager, if theyre changed upstream16:00
dreamscryptj`ey: You do still want motd output, correct?16:03
j`eydreamscrypt: yeah, I'm just removing some parts of it16:06
j`eylike the news / documentation bits16:06
dreamscryptj`ey: Oh, ok. :)16:06
j`eyjust shows the system info now, much nicer than the big banner from before!16:07
dreamscryptj`ey: I was going to mention that you could also disable the motd per user by creating a hidden .hushlogin within the users' directory.16:07
dreamscryptj`ey: Sweet! :)16:08
longshotIs there a package for running an lxd image server? Or is that just lxd with network enabled but doesn't (necessarily) run containers itself?16:09
nsaundershow do I install mysql-connector-java for focal?  I can't find it in apt16:10
longshotI want to have a central server that I can publish private images to that all of my nodes can pull from.16:10
longshotnsaunders: Is different from libmysql-java?16:13
nsaunderslongshot: I don't know16:14
longshotHave you tried that one yet?16:14
nsaundersit's also not in focal16:15
oerheksBionic was the last one https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-connector-java16:15
nsaundersI do see libmysqlclient21 but don't see anything in the documentation regarding jdbc16:15
nsaundersoerheks: yes.  that's very odd.  it must've been moved or renamed to something different?16:16
nsaundersregardless, I already have that installed.  I don't think it has JDBC, but I'm not sure.16:17
longshotWell there's always this: https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/j/16:19
leftyfblongshot: you want #lxcontainers for your question16:23
nsaunderslongshot: yes, thx16:24
nsaundersI'm intrigued.  what's lxcontainers about?  images?16:24
JoeBkI did a clean install of ubuntu this morning and found software center was not installed.  I think this is a serious bug.16:28
JoeBkI did "sudo apt install gnome-software" to fix.16:29
pavlosneteffect: btw, fsck runs in initramfs before the fisystem is mounted RW so there is no log of its activity.16:39
Kali_YugaHello can someone tell me what kind of keyboard layout this is? https://www1.xup.in/exec/ximg.php?fid=1520585416:47
Kali_Yugait's not US apparently16:48
Kali_Yugaeven though it's very similar16:48
HabbieUS International16:48
JoeBkI would say US becaise it has a "$" sign.16:51
dreamscryptKali_Yuga: I'm curious - is this for a fresh Ubuntu install on that particular laptop?16:51
HabbieJoeBk, many non-US layouts also have the $ there16:52
pavlosbut it has a euro sign with alt-gr 516:52
Habbiepavlos, hence, US International16:52
oerheksinternational, with the € on 516:52
JoeBkwhat happens when you set it to US?16:53
HabbieJoeBk, the euro sign might stop working :)16:54
Habbiebut really , US International mostly means you enable 'dead keys' for turning 'e into é16:54
Kali_Yugait was English (intl. with AltGr dead keys)16:56
Kali_Yugathank you guys16:56
dr`venomCan someone help me setup the thumb button on the mx master logitech mouse on Ubuntu 20.04. Thank you.16:58
leibniz[m]How to temporary comment-out an apt PPA? It's .list file resides in etc/apt/sources.list.d/target.list16:59
tomreynif it's just temporarily, the easiest way is to rename the file to target.list.disabled17:00
oerheksor uncheck in softwaresettings?17:01
tomreynyou'll get warnings about this when running    apt update    but they're warnings, not errors, non-fatal17:01
tomreynright, if it has a graphical desktop this would be even easier17:01
pavlosdr`venom: https://askubuntu.com/questions/973713/logitech-mx-master-thumb-button-with-ubuntu17:02
tomreynleibniz[m]: software-properties-gtk --open-tab=117:02
HabbieKali_Yuga, the shape of the Enter means it is -not- English17:03
HabbieKali_Yuga, but you won't notice until you try using the key above tab or one or two other keys17:03
leibniz[m]tomreyn: I changed it to .disabled. no warnings17:04
leibniz[m]`linux-image-5.4.0-48-generic` What is this?17:04
tomreynleibniz[m]: the name of a kernel image package?17:08
pavlosleibniz[m]: apt show linux-image-5.4.0-48-generic17:09
leibniz[m]tomreyn: Is it the latest linux kernel?17:11
leibniz[m]Why after downloading it, apt asks again to autoremove it17:11
Habbieare you sure it is the same number it wants to autoremove?17:12
* leibniz[m] sent a long message: < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/download/matrix.org/mISjPHDeEjlGQRYMqAMVAlyZ/message.txt >17:12
Habbieleibniz[m], that message was too long for irc17:12
Habbiebut, i clicked on the url for you, and it says -45-17:13
Habbienot -48-17:13
leibniz[m]Habbie: Sorry...ah thanks. so it asks to remove the older version17:13
leibniz[m]But still, I'm on Xubuntu 18.04...are linux kernels still provided for it?17:13
nbusronehi , i am getting error on a DSL/PPPoE 'your current network has a .local domain which is not recommended and incompatible with the avahi"17:13
Habbie(to be fair, we also would not have liked it if your four lines still came into irc)17:14
leibniz[m]Shouldn't they provide only for 20.04?17:14
Habbieleibniz[m], 18.04 should get updates until 2023 i believe?17:14
nbusronewhat does the message mean ?17:14
Habbienbusrone, is something, that is not avahi, trying to use .local?17:14
leibniz[m]Habbie: Is that linux kernel updates?17:14
Habbieleibniz[m], also, yes17:14
Habbieleibniz[m], oh! it's 2021 for xubuntu - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL17:15
Habbieleibniz[m], although i suppose kernels are not xubuntu-specific and would get updates until 2023 still17:15
leibniz[m]Habbie: So in terms of kernel, it doesn't matter which distro I use? Arch would also have 5.4.0-48?17:16
Habbieno, Arch would likely have something newer17:16
Habbie'-48' means ubuntu applied 48 updates on top of kernel.org's 5.4.017:16
Habbieubuntu, like debian, does not just import full new versions into an existing release17:16
Habbiethey only import security fixes, other important fixes, and a few other exceptions17:16
leibniz[m]Habbie: What features are coming from kernel? driver support?17:16
Habbieleibniz[m], driver support, google for 'ubuntu hwe' i think, but i could be outdated on that17:17
leibniz[m]Habbie: I'm actually using i3wm. I should have used ubuntu-minimal or debian, right?17:18
Habbieleibniz[m], makes sense to me yes17:18
Kirejiso I went through and took out all the entries in passwd and shadow that did not seem to be associated with any service or feature I could follow. all good. now on reboot, 5 users are consistently (repeatedly) added back into both the passwd and shadow file. I want to figure out where this is happening, and having trouble. how do I read the scripts/process for bootup on 20.04.01 LTS/Focal ?17:18
HabbieKireji, what users?17:18
Kireji1 sec17:19
Kirejiand, if they are part of packages still on my machine that I don't need, I want to remove those packages. I can't seem to find any indication gnats is on this machine, for example17:20
KirejiI did a sudo search through the entire /etc/ filetree, and found nothing there that would indicate a script that adds those users back into passwd and shadow17:21
KirejiI also want to read up on how the standard boot process is **re-writing my passwd file** --- this does not seem reasonable to me17:22
jellyKireji, some groups and users are hardcoded in the OS17:22
jellyeven if you never have a user member of group "admin" to read logs, the group will exist17:22
Kirejijelly: are there docs on this?  which users? what are they used for?17:23
jellynot sure about Ubuntu, but upstream lists them in Debian Policy17:23
Kirejijelly: not worried about groups - that I can fully understand, sharing and all. this is about users17:23
Kireji"they used for?17:24
oerheksKireji, if those 'users' are program names and end with :/usr/sbin/nologin, don't worry17:24
jellyleave them be.  You'll be asked to recreate them on the next release upgrade.17:24
Kireji"upstream lists them in Debian Policy" googling17:24
Kirejioerheks: I'm not worried, I'm curious17:24
KirejiI want to understand boot17:24
jellyKireji, basically, you shouldn't touch users and groups with uid or gid <= 9917:26
jellyKireji, you'll find templates in /usr/share/base-passwd/17:27
jellyand docs in base-passwd package docs.17:27
jellyunder /usr/share/doc/base-passwd17:27
Kireji"basically, you shouldn't touch" <== some Microsoft-level admin coddling, imo17:28
nsaunderswhere's the lib directory for BaseX which was installed from apt?  I'm trying to add a JDBC driver.17:29
matsamannsaunders: could be dpkg -L packagename | grep -i lib would tell you17:29
Kirejiit's an open source os for a reason. we can understand what it does17:29
jellyKireji, the implied "without good reason" is implied17:29
Kirejiwhich is *why( I want to read the script to see the reasons for them being added in17:30
KirejiI have good reasons for removing them17:30
jellyread the docs, many of those are legacy but not all17:30
jellysome are used by packages that are optional17:30
ElNomRealThe reasons for the different users and groups?17:30
Kirejignats is not on this server17:31
jellyKireji, care to explain some of those reasons?17:31
Kirejilp is a print daemon,  and nothing will ever print on this machine17:31
thetoblinis anyone familiar with Conda, Numba and Cuda? I have installed numba and condatoolkit through conda, but when I try to use cuda in a python script I get the error: libNVVM cannot be found17:31
jellyKireji, you don't need those.  Do you actually gain anything by removing them, except for adding extra changes compared to a default install?17:32
matsamanI'm not sure it's the daemon, but sure, to do with printing17:32
thetoblinI have looked at every forum post I could find on the error, such as this one https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48385686/cuda-library-nvvm-not-found but to no avail17:32
Kirejijelly: basic security. if I don't understand why X needs to be on the machine, then X is not on the machine17:32
jellyKireji, ask yourself whether removing a user that does nothing, has no extra privileges, and cannot log in, adds to "security" and in what way17:33
Kirejifor other interpretations, see aparigraha17:33
jellyKireji, then ask yourself whether changing OS settings from defaults and most walked paths adds or removes from "securit", and in what way17:34
nsaundersmatsaman: thx17:34
Kirejijelly: I'm not looking for a debate on how to keep a machine secure, I've been doing that for 20 years. I'm interested in finding where in the boot process in 20.04 the passwd file is edited each time the machine boots17:34
oerheks" where in the boot process in 20.04 the passwd file is edited each time the machine boots" .. never?17:34
Kirejioerheks: nope17:34
jellyKireji, ah, I don't have a 20.04 to verify that happens at all17:34
Kirejioerheks: ***bingo*** chicken winner dinner17:35
oerheksgive proof of that?17:35
jellythere's still no upgrade path from 18.04 to 20.0417:35
Kirejiit's happening on my machine. /etc/paswd and /etc/shadow have 5 lines added each boot if those users are not there17:35
jellyKireji, which files get changed on boot of your machine and which users are added?17:36
ElNomRealAre they daemons? That might make sense.17:36
Kirejijelly: uh ??!? -- I just did a 18.04 to 20.04 upgrade last week, direct. 0 issues17:36
jellydo-release-upgrade did not work last week for me yet17:36
Habbieperhaps jelly means that do-release-upgrade still does not offer it?17:36
Kirejithe users re-added on each boot are "lp,news,irc,list,gnats"17:36
KirejiHabbie: it does17:37
Kirejiit did for me at least, last week17:37
jellyKireji, sounds like something runs an equivalent of dpkg-reconfigure base-passwd17:37
jellyChecking for a new Ubuntu release17:38
jellyThere is no development version of an LTS available.17:38
Habbiedevelopment version?17:38
jellynope, still not there.  I won't do -d17:38
compdocsounds right17:38
oerheksindeed, jelly, but the fix might come soon.17:38
jellyHabbie, the output is weird like that. :-)17:38
jellyHabbie, it correctly assumes non-LTS releases are purely for development17:39
Kirejijelly: curious. so you have 1 more data point, I did a do-relea-upg with -d from 18.04 to 20.04 and had no issues17:39
jellyyeah, I'm not doing that on a machine I do daily work on17:39
jellydid 16.04 -> 18.04 earlier this year, it broke boot17:40
jellyKireji, I'd hunt for base-passwd related stuff in service definitions, esp. frivolous running of update-passwd command17:42
Kirejijelly: thank you17:42
jellythis ought to only be done during the release upgrade, not afterwards17:42
jellybut perhaps your do-release-upgrade -d was not completely without lingering issues17:43
Kirejilol, perhaps17:43
jelly(more precisely, during upgrade of that base-passwd package)17:43
Kireji20.04 has a few notable differences17:43
* jelly liked 16.04 Unity with menus on top as is sad to see them abandoned17:44
jellyswitch to wayland was really painless, bar that boot issue (gdm was to fault)17:45
pavlosKireji: https://www.gnu.org/software/gnats/17:51
=== lordcirth__ is now known as lordcirth
lordcirthI want to reinstall the default config for syslog-ng; but when I do "apt purge syslog-ng" it doesn't remove config; and even if I rm it, "apt install syslog-ng" doesn't place any config. What's the correct way to install the config?18:20
Texaslordcirth: Have you ran 'apt-get remove syslog-ng' and 'apt-get autoremove syslog-ng'?18:23
lordcirthTexas, I used purge18:23
lordcirthI'll try autoremove - is the config in a dependency?18:24
Texaslordcirth: Try 'apt-get autoremove --purge'18:26
TexasThat purges the files for all the dependencies as well18:26
lordcirthpurge --autoremove worked18:29
Texaslordcirth: I think either one works18:30
TexasBut I'm glad it worked out18:30
tonsofpcsso apparently Sept 1 - Sept 2 overnight my system tried updating and got hung, I've killed all the apt/dpkg processes and am trying dpkg --configure -a and it has been sitting at this for the past 6 hours (which I presume is what it was stuck on the past 21 days):  update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-5.4.0-45-generic   -- is there a way to cancel that new kernel package - either roll back or18:31
tonsofpcsskip the build?18:32
Texastonsofpcs: So you are able to boot without any problems?18:35
tonsofpcsTexas: system has been running.  I'd rather not try to find out.18:36
tonsofpcs(unless there's a way to test that the kernel is valid without turning it off, of course)18:37
TexasOh you haven't shit it down?18:37
tonsofpcsit literally still had a dpkg instance running for the update from Sep 02 earlier today.18:38
Texastonsofpcs: What is the output of 'sudo killall dpkg'?18:39
Texastonsofpcs: Hello?18:41
tonsofpcsnothing there18:42
tonsofpcsthis is what I get from ps aux after the killall:18:42
tonsofpcsroot      555746  0.0  0.0   2608   548 ?        S    Sep02   0:00 /bin/sh /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-image-5.4.0-45-generic.postinst triggered linux-update-5.4.0-45-generic18:42
tonsofpcsroot     1591982  0.0  0.0   2608   548 pts/11   S    15:27   0:00 /bin/sh /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-image-5.4.0-45-generic.postinst triggered linux-update-5.4.0-45-generic18:42
TexasLet's try and kill the pids18:44
Texas'sudo kill 555746' and 'sudo kill 1591982'?18:44
Texasand then try the ps -auc18:44
tonsofpcsgone from ps :)18:44
TexasIs that everything?18:44
tonsofpcsthat's everything that greps with dpkg, yeah18:45
Texastonsofpcs: I meant for the update issue18:46
tonsofpcs~$ sudo apt upgrade18:46
tonsofpcsE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.18:46
TexasYeah run that18:46
tonsofpcsso then I run that and we get back to where we started...18:46
tonsofpcsupdate-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-5.4.0-45-generic18:46
Texastonsofpcs: Try sudo update-initramfs -k 5.4.0-45-generic -d18:47
TexasThat will remove the kernel18:47
tonsofpcsok, but then dpkg still wants to regenerate it.  Should I let it try and see if it fails again or should I try to remove the package?18:48
TexasAnd then run sudo apt-get install -f18:48
ovrhHello everyone, I just rebooted into Ubuntu 20.04 and my second monitor isn't being detected anymore. I'm not sure how to go about debugging this :/18:48
Texasovrh: Did your graphics driver get changed somehow?18:49
tonsofpcsok, so now that's doing it...18:49
Texasovrh: I'm pretty sure this happened to someone else today18:49
Texastonsofpcs: It's working now?18:50
ovrhTexas, Unless something updated automatically, then no. I was using it a few hours ago, and everything worked fine. Didn't install or remove anything then. Then I rebooted into Windows to play some games, and just rebooted back into Ubuntu to find the external monitor isn't working anymore18:50
Texasovrh: The other person today said that theirs got changed without their knowledge18:51
tonsofpcsno, it's doing the same thing.  generating initrd.img-5.4.0-45-generic .  apt also points out that 5.4.0-40 packages are no longer in use18:51
ovrhTexas, What got changed?18:51
TexasHang on18:51
TexasI'm looking at my logs from earlier18:52
Texastonsofpcs: Did you run sudo apt-get install -f?18:52
TexasAnd then reboot18:52
tonsofpcsTexas: I ran apt-get install -f, that's what it is doing.18:54
Texasovrh: What is the output of lspci?18:54
ovrhTexas, this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/t3zBvMQ4k5/18:55
tonsofpcswatching /boot, here's what I see.  It's like it can't build or something - https://pastebin.com/MQ4EKBP1  (yes, there's plenty of free space in /boot)18:57
tonsofpcslooks like some old build attempts are hanging out there too, going to try killing them and give it a last go: https://pastebin.com/7ScJr71r18:59
tonsofpcswhelp, looks like that lets me run apt and now 5.4.0-48 is available so let's see if that will build19:02
Texastonsofpcs: Try and reboot without doing the apt-get command then19:04
TexasBut do take note that you may need a live ubuntu cd to proceed19:05
tonsofpcsthere's no valid kernel set to boot, I'd have to manually choose one.  Trying to fix it first.  It's really not happy though so I may need to.19:05
TexasI'd be curious to know why it got stuck in the first place19:10
Texasovrh: Are you still here?19:11
tomreyndisk falling apart and/or inconcistent file system. or no inodes left, but that should have printed an erro on stdout.19:11
ovrhTexas, yeah, trying to read about this online, but nothing so far19:11
tomreyndmesg | grep -v ' IN=' | tail | nc termbin.com 999919:15
Texasovrh: What is the output of lspci?19:20
Texas(type 'lspci' into your terminal)19:20
Texasovrh: Welcome back19:27
TexasDid it work?19:27
ovrhI tried removing a blacklist-framebuffer.com.conf from /etc/modprobe.d/ as someone suggested somewhere in a nvidia forum, but nothing19:27
Texasovrh: What did you try to change?19:28
TexasI did not tell you to do anything19:28
Texas<Texas> ovrh: What is the output of lspci?19:28
TexasYou still haven't done that19:28
ovrhDid find out though that trying to run `nvidia-smi` (never done that before) doesn't seem to work19:28
ovrhTexas, I have, it's a bit above19:28
ovrhTexas, here it is again:https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/7QHdjhjHZz/19:28
* Texas looks19:29
TexasYeah it's not the issue I thought19:29
tonsofpcsTexas: no idea but it seems to be progressing on building -42-generic now (oddly not -48....)19:30
ovrhI'll have to check if the journalctl says anything. I'm gonna grab a bit for now though. Thanks for your help, Texas19:30
tonsofpcsTexas: I also see a few mailing list and forum posts about this kernel failing to build for others leaving them unable to boot19:30
Texasovrh: No problem. If you need anymore help, you may ask in this channel or you can PM me.19:31
TexasI'm always connected.19:31
tomreyntonsofpcs: did you ever look at dmesg?19:33
tomreyn(or journalctl -kf)19:34
tonsofpcstomreyn: nothing related afaict in dmesg (not even around the same time[s]).  checking journalctl now19:36
tonsofpcsoh, that's the same.  yeah19:36
tonsofpcs/var/log/dmesg: 2020-09-02 06:15:36 trigproc linux-image-5.4.0-45-generic:amd64 5.4.0-45.49 <none>19:37
tonsofpcs2020-09-02 06:15:36 status half-configured linux-image-5.4.0-45-generic:amd64 5.4.0-45.4919:37
tonsofpcsit actually goes through that quite a bit that morning...19:37
tomreyntonsofpcs: mount | grep '/boot '19:39
tonsofpcs/dev/sda2 on /boot type ext4 (rw,relatime)19:39
tonsofpcs/dev/sda2       976M  322M  588M  36% /boot19:40
tomreynsudo dumpe2fs -h /dev/sda2 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999919:41
tomreyn"Last write time:          Fri May 22 12:46:31 2020"19:46
tomreynwhat is the     date    ?19:46
tonsofpcslooks like it might be hanging on update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-5.4.0-42-generic too...19:46
tonsofpcsdate is proper.19:46
tonsofpcsTue 22 Sep 2020 07:46:45 PM UTC19:46
tomreynyou have the file system configured to be never checked for errors19:47
tonsofpcsand there's definitely files in there with dates of July 3 and Jul 22 and Sep 22...19:47
tomreynunmount it, do a fsck -f,19:48
tomreynremount it19:48
tonsofpcsit still doesn't seem to be doing much.  Nothing is touching the CPU or RAM.19:52
tonsofpcs( update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-5.4.0-42-generic )19:52
tomreynyou should cancel this before trying to unmount19:52
tonsofpcsI did19:52
tonsofpcskilled all the initramfs and dpkg processes, lsof'd, killed everything touching boot, unmounted, fsck -f'd, remounted, ran apt install19:53
tomreynsorry i mean e2fsck -f19:54
tonsofpcsfsck automatically selected e2fsck, does it not pass -f through?  https://pastebin.com/eEqMVuU819:55
tomreynyes i think it does19:55
tomreynit did run a check, so it did19:56
tomreynnow all i can think of is that this kernel you are running is buggy, or it's a VM and the problem is on the host19:56
tomreyncat /proc/version19:57
tonsofpcsLinux version 5.4.0-31-generic (buildd@lgw01-amd64-059) (gcc version 9.3.0 (Ubuntu 9.3.0-10ubuntu2)) #35-Ubuntu SMP Thu May 7 20:20:34 UTC 202019:57
tonsofpcsand it is a VM19:57
tomreyndo you have access to the host?19:57
tonsofpcsnot any more than to pop into a terminal for the guest.  (ESX)19:58
tomreyndoes     journalctl -b -p3    have anything related?19:59
tonsofpcssystemd[1]: Failed to start Daily apt download activities. starting the evening of Sep 02 (Sep 02 morning was when the auto-update started and hung out until today)20:00
tonsofpcsinteresting about an hour ago  systemd[1]: Failed to start Firmware update daemon.20:00
tomreyni still suspect it's a storage problem on the host. but that's just a gut feeling. you could maybe work around it by trashing /boot and creating a new one.20:01
tomreynor you could just reboot and pick one of the working initrds20:01
tonsofpcsit's able to move files around on /boot and it's making System.map and vmlinuz for each version, it just isn't isn't building the initrd.img20:02
tonsofpcswhich is strange.20:02
tomreynyou could run    update-initramfs -k 5.4.0-42-generic -c -v20:03
tomreynif this is an 18.04 system it should really be at 5.4.0-47-generic by now, though20:04
tonsofpcs-42 was the sep 02 update, -48 is what it wants to install now20:04
tonsofpcsand it's 20.04.120:04
tonsofpcserr, sorry, -45 was the sep 02 update20:05
tomreynoh ok20:05
tomreynbut what it fails to generate is initrd.img-5.4.0-42-generic, right?20:06
tomreynso you may want to manually generate that20:06
tonsofpcs45, 48, and 42 (despite 42 already existing)20:06
tonsofpcsrunning update-initramfs -k 5.4.0-42-generic -c -v20:06
tonsofpcsto see what happens20:06
tonsofpcslooks like it is hanging on/after: Adding module /lib/modules/5.4.0-42-generic/kernel/drivers/md/raid10.ko20:07
tonsofpcshmmm https://askubuntu.com/questions/1255546/update-initramfs-stuck20:10
tomreynhmm and /var has also not run full?20:10
tomreynremoving mdadm may be an option, if just temporarily20:11
tomreynafer all you wont have raid in the vm, i assume?20:11
tonsofpcs/var isn't its own partition, / has 154 G free20:12
tomreynand spare inodes on / as well?20:12
tonsofpcsforcing removing mdadm looks like it did it.20:12
tomreynhmm, ok20:12
tonsofpcs12.7 million Ifree, yeah.20:13
tomreyni think i'd want to check my apt sources to ensure i'm not using some critical packages with newer versions from a third party repository, check apt-forktracer output, run debsums20:14
tonsofpcsand I have kernels now.20:14
tomreynand certainly move to the current kernel sooner ratehr than later.20:14
tonsofpcsyeah, running apt upgrade now.20:15
KonA Focal system ran into problems after upgrading Nvidia to 450.66. I tried rolling back to 440.100 which is listed as an available alternative, but trying apt install nvidia-driver-450=440.100-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 doesn't work20:18
tonsofpcsit is not happy.  trying a reboot since the kernels are all there... :gulp:20:18
KonAnd to make matters worse, nvidia-driver-440 now just points to nvidia-driver-45020:18
tonsofpcssystem shutdown waiting for a lot of blkid and mdadm lol20:20
tonsofpcsand it came back \o/20:20
tonsofpcsrunning apt upgrade again...20:21
Bashing-om!info nvidia-driver-45020:22
ubottunvidia-driver-450 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-450): NVIDIA driver metapackage. In component restricted, is optional. Version 450.66-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 (focal), package size 419 kB, installed size 1441 kB20:23
kwhat4Hi, I am currently using armhf (dpkg --add-architecture armhf and some other stuff) to cross compile for arm and it seems to work well.  My question is this toolchain suitable for aarch64?20:23
Kon!info nvidia-driver-44020:24
ubottunvidia-driver-440 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-450): Transitional package for nvidia-driver-450. In component restricted, is optional. Version 450.66-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 (focal), package size 5 kB, installed size 18 kB20:24
KonAnd yet in focal, not focal-updates, 440.100 should exist20:24
Bashing-omKon: Does exist. what shows for you ' sudo ubuntu-drivers list ' ?20:27
KonBashing-om: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/8kVb52sCDQ/20:29
KonWhat's the difference with the -server packages?20:31
tonsofpcsthanks tomreyn and Texas it's all happy now :)20:33
kwhat4maybe I should be asking in #ubuntu-arm or #ubuntu-toolchain?20:35
Bashing-omKon: Strange - I have an older nvidia card, and the list command returns 5 options for me.20:35
KonBashing-om: Is it possible to have disabled the "focal" repository by accident and only have "focal-updates" ?20:36
KonOr better question, can I force a specific package to ignore focal-updates20:36
Bashing-omKon: What shows - lspci -k | grep -EA2 'VGA|3D' - ? repos are in /etc/apt/sources.list file . One can have a look and see that the respective repos are indeed available to the system.20:38
KonBashing-om: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/GwTxw6bGf3/20:40
Bashing-omKon: checking ^.20:41
KonIt's an RTX 2060 Super20:42
Bashing-omKon: Nvidia recommends the 450 driver for this card : https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/163238/en-us .20:45
KonBashing-om: Okay, and there's a problem with it. The X-session has to be manually invoked each system start. There are regressions in video drivers all the time20:46
KonNvidia themselves have a one-click Rollback button in their Windows drivers20:46
KonUbuntu has traditionally separated Nvidia branches to allow rollback20:47
Bashing-om!info nvidia-driver-440 focal20:47
ubottunvidia-driver-440 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-450): Transitional package for nvidia-driver-450. In component restricted, is optional. Version 450.66-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 (focal), package size 5 kB, installed size 18 kB20:47
KonBut now, it seems that behavior has changed, and everything is a transtition metapackage to the latest bleeding edge release20:47
KonEven installing nvidia-driver-430 points to 450.6620:48
Bashing-omKon: ^ is the "restricted" repo enabled in your sources ?20:48
KonBashing-om: deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ focal main restricted20:48
Bashing-omKon: Hummm -- what shows then ' apt list nvidia-driver-440 ' ?20:50
KonBashing-om:  apt list -a nvidia-driver-440 https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/pCykBtBz6H/20:54
Bashing-omKon: We;;. you know now that the 440 version driver is there, want to try and purge the 450 driver and install the 440 version ?20:56
KonBashing-om: If that would solve the issue, why didn't apt install 440=440.100 work?21:01
Bashing-omKon: Well. perhaps others can know the better - but I suspect that the commands should have been as ' sudo apt --purge autoremove nvidia* ' *IF* OEM is not a factor. then to install ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo apt install nvidia-driver-4440 '.21:05
KonBashing-om: !info nvidia-driver-44021:07
KonIf that would work you would see it straight up points to 450.6621:07
KonThis seems like a packaging issue to me21:08
Bashing-om!info nvidia-driver-44021:08
ubottunvidia-driver-440 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-450): Transitional package for nvidia-driver-450. In component restricted, is optional. Version 450.66-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 (focal), package size 5 kB, installed size 18 kB21:08
Bashing-omKon: Ouch ^^ Looks like the re-direction is on purpose. Above my skill set now to know .21:10
oerhekstry the driver ppa..21:11
Konoerheks: Tried that and for some reason the repo appeared empty21:14
Bashing-omKon: This one: https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa ?21:16
KonYes Bashing-om21:16
tomreynit's not empty, but the package version is the same21:18
Bashing-omKon: "21:19
Bashing-om1 → 75 of 82 results"21:19
retranAnd I've never fouled up my install using PPA provided video drivers!21:20
oerheksretran, how helpfull .. but then again you might not own a RTX 2060 Super21:20
coreyhuinkercan someone suggest a strategy for getting this issue to get more attention: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1160348/openvpn-via-network-manager-using-2fa-overwrites-saved-password21:22
ovrhHey everyone. I asked this earlier as well, and I've been searching online as well without hope, so I'm trying again: after rebooting into Ubuntu (20.04) from Windows, it doesn't detect my second monitor anymore. Was working fine before going into windows, and I confirmed the monitor works for sure (since it does work on Windows). I tried removing the blacklist-framebuffer.conf file as I read online, but that didn't work. Someone also suggested checking21:23
ovrhthat there's no "nomodeset" in the grub commandline option, and I confirmed there isn't.21:23
coreyhuinkerbasically, if you use openvpn on ubuntu, and you have a 2fa challenge, the UI doesn't distinguish between the two values, and attempts to store each in the same spot - thus preventing the password from ever being saved21:23
ovrhOnly thing I found that's weird so far is that `nvidia-smi` doesn't seem to work. But I never tried it before so I'm not sure it ever did.21:23
Kontomreyn: So I just tested on a Bionic system as well. Adding the PPA, I see it does add lots of packages from the Launchpad source, but they are all the ones unsupported by Ubuntu. For 440, 450, etc I look at my available versions and they all come from Bionic21:24
KonThe Focal guy is not actually me but a friend who asked me for help. So this behavior is consistent for both of us21:24
ticketronHey folks, I'm trying to use the O_EXEC flag and my GCC is telling me it doesn't exist, at least not in <fnctl.h>. Is it somewhere else?21:24
ticketronfcntl sorry21:25
tomreynKon: i didn't follow the complete conversation, and don't know what the root problem is. i'm also not convinced i could be of any more help than Bashing-om is.21:27
KonWell, the problem is a packaging one I am fairly confident. I'm not sure where to report the issue21:28
KonBut I really feel there's no value in Ubuntu packaing separate branches if they are all just going to redirect to bleeding edge21:28
tomreynKon: if there's a packaging issue, then identify the affected binary packages, then their source package(s), and report  bugs against them.21:29
KonAt least 440 is still technically hosted on the focal-security and bionic-security repos, but because it's all marked as transition packages, they are not accessible to the user21:29
pavlosovrh: I had a similar issue this morning, it lost the second monitor, I did updates, rebooted, and it is back to normal. ubuntu 20.04 and nvidia 450.66 ... and nvidia-smi works.21:32
ovrhpavlos, I've just opened the updater little thingy and it's telling me "Not all updates can be installed". Never seen that before, but it doesn't look very good21:34
ovrhHave to say that I never installed the nvidia drivers manually, just checked the third-party box when I installed Ubuntu21:35
oerhekssudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade # could fix that21:36
pavlosovrh: if it complains about broken packages, try "sudo apt install -f"21:38
ovrhEh, it gave me a button saying "Partial upgrade" and I clicked it o.o21:38
oerheksmaybe a reboot is needed after this.21:41
oerheksthen try again21:41
ovrhyeah it just finished, asking me to reboot. brb21:43
fradif you work with youtube-dl, have they discontinued updates via wget and pip is the default update method now?21:48
j`eyanyone managed to run the netboot mini.iso on arm64 with qemu?21:48
ovrhWelp, Partial upgrade button worked, monitor is back on21:49
ovrhThe question now is: why?21:49
ovrhDid the other part of the upgrade that this partial upgrade just completed mess everything up then?21:50
instantp10neerAn Ubuntu 18.04 system will not allow checking the partition (via 'Disks').  It displays, "Error unmounting filesystem" "Error unmounting /dev/sda1: target is busy (udisks-error-quark, 14)" - Is checking the live system not an option?21:50
oerheksfrad  get it from github? https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl21:51
oerhekstheir site gives pip as option too, indeed21:52
tomreyninstantp10neer: what do you mean by "check the partition", are you trying to run a fil esystem check on a mounted file system?21:52
instantp10neerThe built-in utility 'Disks' offers 'Check Filesystem...21:53
tomreynit seems to be trying to unmount the file system before running fsck against it. but it cannot unmount it because files are loaded / in use from there.21:53
instantp10neerYes, live.  I assumed there exists a read-only check.  The same menu offers, "Repair filesystem..." , the same utility with read/write?21:53
tomreyninstantp10neer: why are you trying to run a file system check against a live iso?21:54
instantp10neerIt isn't an ISO, it is a VM-installed operating system.21:54
tomreynok, i misinterpreted "Is checking the live system not an option" then21:55
tomreynsome file systems can be checked while they're mounted, other can't be21:55
tomreyngnome gisks seems to assume it must unmount file systems before they can be checked.21:56
tomreynbut this one can't be unmounted (see above), so the check fails.21:56
tomreyn*gnome disks21:56
pavlosovrh: glad you got the monitor back. No idea why the hiccup ...21:57
oerheksif a VM gives such issues, you might have 2 issues, check the host first21:57
ovrhpavlos, Thank you for the tip :) I think I'm gonna find a way to just disable all automatic upgrades forever21:58
instantp10neerThe host is fine.  I ran into trouble export/importing and I want to ensure integrity.  I would have liked to fsck from recovery.  That gives an error.21:58
instantp10neerfsck from util-linux 2.31.121:58
instantp10neere2fsck: Cannot continue, aborting.21:58
instantp10neer /lib/recovery-mode/recovery-menu: line 80: /etc/default/rcS: No such file or directory21:58
pavlosinstantp10neer: sudo touch /forcefsck and reboot the VM. It will fsck upon reboot21:59
MazinKaesarhi guys succesfully intalled ubunto on my DELL M4800 solving all wifi issues :D21:59
instantp10neerpavlos thank you21:59
pavlosinstantp10neer: there are no logs, the only evidence is that file will no longer exist in /22:00
oerheks!yay | MazinKaesar22:00
ubottuMazinKaesar: Glad you made it! :-)22:00
tomreynpavlos: i think this applies: https://www.linuxuprising.com/2019/05/how-to-force-fsck-filesystem.html22:02
giacohello! Why do I get "unable to locate package" for this one? https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/ns322:05
giacoI am running ubuntu 20.04 and apt update has been executed correctly22:06
tomreyninstantp10neer: if the /forcefsck file will still be present after reboot, you should read use !kernelparm      fsck.mode=force fsck.repair=yes     instead22:06
giacobut there could be a disabled repo as I'm coming from 18.0422:06
tomreyngiaco: this package is in universe. is universe enabled on your system?22:07
tomreyngiaco: also, which architecture is this?22:07
giacorunning x64 laptop here22:08
tomreynthis package isn't available for this architecture22:08
daveinlvGot a quick yes/no question regarding Ubuntu 20.04.. Does the old "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="net.ifnames=0 biosdevname=0"" in /etc/default/grub still work on an UEFI based system?22:08
giacotomreyn: oh, wow, you're right22:08
giacowell thats surprising22:08
daveinlvI HATE those goofy devnames that you withOUT doing this trick22:09
oerheksdaveinlv, my best advise, get used to it. and yes, it should work, rolling back.22:10
daveinlvThanks.. Am kinda new to UEFI and all my old legacy systems got the above treatment...22:10
daveinlvThanks oerheks!!22:11
instantp10neertomreyn where would the file be present?22:17
tomreyninstantp10neer: where you created it, if you did.22:18
instantp10neerI didn't understand I was creating a file.  I don't know 'force'22:19
tomreyninstantp10neer: if you ran what pavlos suggested - "sudo touch /forcefsck and reboot the VM. It will fsck upon reboot" - you created a file named "forcefsck" on the uppermost path, "/"22:20
instantp10neerI see.  Thank you.22:20
tomreynafter reboot it will eithe rbe gone, and your system carried out a file system check, or it will still be present, and then you system didn't carry out a file system check.22:20
tomreyni assume the latter is going to happen, as discussed at the article i had linked22:21
instantp10neerIt did appear to flash 'clean' past.22:21
instantp10neerThe file is not present.22:25
tomreynok, so i was wrong. :-)22:27
pavlosinstantp10neer: per the article, "sudo tune2fs -l /dev/sda1 | grep checked"22:29
instantp10neerHow long should fsck have taken on an nvme ssd?  It was less than 10 seconds.  The drive has 30gb stored.22:31
instantp10neerAnyone know if an encrypted VBox VM will be encrypted after it is exported/imported?22:33
pavlostomreyn: I made a /forcefsck, rebooted, sudo tune2fs -l /dev/sda1 | grep checked reports yesterday (Last checked:             Mon Sep 21 20:20:04 2020)22:37
tomreynpavlos: so you're saying /forcefsck did not trigger an fsck?22:38
pavlostomreyn: correct, and forcefsck file is gone from /22:39
tomreynso the worst of two worlds ;-)22:39
pavlosmaybe I need to try the /etc/default/grub method22:39
instantp10neerOK, it didn't check.  I will try tune2fs22:40
tomreynyou just need to use    fsck.mode=force    on the grub prompt once22:40
pavlostried the grub method, it did fsck ... Last checked:             Tue Sep 22 15:41:55 202022:43
tomreynthanks, pavlos22:45
pavloslearned something ... thanks tomreyn22:45
Chuckfucan someone help with the export function for bashrc23:07
TexasChuckfu: Depends on what you're trying to do :)23:09
ChuckfuI am following some install instructions and this is what they tell me to insert in bashrc https://pastebin.com/MBfry5ft23:10
* Texas looks23:10
Chuckfuand it error out23:10
TexasWhat's the error?23:10
Chuckfulet me put it back in and run it23:11
Chuckfuok rebooting system take just a moment23:12
Chuckfuwhen I sudo -i I get -bash: export: `=/home/minds/minds': not a valid identifier23:14
ChuckfuI get what they are trying to do, but I don't know the proper syntax23:14
pavlosthe first line, omit the $23:15
pavlosexport MINDSROOT=/home/minds/minds23:15
Chuckfuleave the $ infront of the rest23:16
Chuckfuok is there a command to do to re-read teh bashrc without rebooting23:17
pavlossource .bashrc23:17
TexasChuckfu: You rarely ever need to reboot to do anything23:18
ChuckfuWow awsome it start to install minds, hope it works with such a simple thing to fix it23:19
Chuckfuyeah not a complete newbie but not an expert either23:19
=== elios_ is now known as elios
Chuckfureally appreciate the help on that,  I have been trying to install it for like ever23:20
TexasChuckfu: Not a problem23:20
TexasYou're never too good to learn23:20
Chuckfulol now I have a problem for the minds people to fix23:20
hggdhChuckfu: the syntax is wrong for the export23:25
hggdhChuckfu: it is: export MINDSROOT=/home/minds/minds    # NO '$' in front of MINDSROOT23:26
hggdhah, already done :-) should really read the backlog23:26
KonBashing-om: Don't know if you're still around but we gave it another try and found a workaround for the packages being marked as transition23:27
Chuckfuthanks for trying anyway23:27
Bashing-omKon: Oh ? I am interested . How so ?23:28
KonBashing-om: So instead of trying package=version, we did package/focal-security for the metapackage and every single dependency it complained about23:28
Bashing-omKon: Sounds like a real pain. What the package manager is supposed to be doing for us :(23:30
KonIt's because it was comparing those two versions against focal and focal-update, but not focal-security, I believe23:32
KonBecause technically speaking focal-security is not a separate source in the list files23:33
KonBut it does exist to the Ubuntu servers23:33
Bashing-omKon: Noted - thanks for that feed back.23:35
KonBashing-om: But again, that's the only reason focal-security had the files we needed. The core issue here is all Nvidia metapackages regardless of version number are currently redirected to 45023:37
KonWhich is very dangerous if the latest driver update ever has a regression that isn't caught by Ubuntu testers23:37
KonOr indeed, if some users need or prefer the Nvidia "long-lived" branch23:38
Bashing-omKon: Agreed - our testers can not catch everything that might be; I do like haing control - FOSS !23:39
KonI see why Nvidia updates were only supported by PPA for such a long time :)23:40
Bashing-omKon: Old now but: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-desktop/2015-August/004693.html where Nvidia and other vendors are working with our developers to provide tested drivers.23:43
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KonBashing-om: Ubuntu already addressed this in 19.10 by starting to push latest stable Nvidia updates. Which I and most users support. Other Ubuntu-based spinoff distros do it as well23:45
KonHowever, I think instead of ONLY supporting latest release, Ubuntu should take a lesson from the old PPA and support both official Nvidia branches. Nvidia always has a short-lived and long-lived branch.23:46
KonPrior to 19.10, Ubuntu only supported the long-lived branch and provided updates during point releases23:46
KonAnd now it's the polar opposite, forcing users onto the latest short-lived update23:46
KonMaybe I sound like Goldilocks, but troubleshooting "tested updates" is a perk of proprietary drivers :)23:49
KonAll my hardware runs on free drivers now, so I hadn't experienced this situation until someone else came to me about it23:50

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