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Jane90Hey, I need some help with a new install. I upgraded RAM and hard drive and installed Xubuntu, all seemed to go well. But now computer wont boot. Any suggestions?04:00
Maikhard to tell what the issue is. Could be the wrong RAM modules. I have a Lenovo and tried to upgrade the RAM to 8GB (2X 4GB) and it wouldn't boot anymore due wrong RAM modules as it turned out later.04:16
Jane90The installation seemed to go ok04:17
Jane90I'll try switching the RAM out again and see if that changes anything though thanks04:18
Maikit's worth a try, just to make sure :)04:19
Jane90It's still stuck on the flash screen05:13
Maikso it doesn't boot with the old RAM modules either then?05:14
Jane90nope, I can boot from USB. Could it be a bad install? Is there anyway to test that?05:15
Maikare you sure you did install it onto your hard drive and not the usb stick?05:15
Jane90erm, how do i check that?05:16
Maiknot sure myself on how to check that05:17
Jane90It's a brand new hard drive, I guess there wouldbe stuff on it maybe? I'm just in process of booting from USB now05:18
Maikwhat did you choose during the install, manual partitioning or guided using the entire disk?05:18
Jane90I chose "something else" and then set a swap partition, a partition mounted to root, and a partition mounted to home. My intention was to mount to the root partition05:19
Maikswap partition isn't needed, a swap file will be created automatically iirc05:20
Jane90I was under the impression a swap partition was preferable05:21
Jane90there is indeed stuff in the root mounted partition that looks like I would expect05:22
Maikbuntu uses a swap file since the 18.04 release05:22
Jane90oh, well I guess I can try reinstalling05:23
Maiksure :)05:23
Maikit's been a while i manually partitioned a HDD/SDD and always use the entire disk option. So i can't really help with that.05:25
Jane90I wish to access files across the network from another machine, I've heard it's easier if files are on a seperate partition. Also heard it's easier to recover data from a seperate partition in the hard drive fails05:39
Jane90that seemed to work even less well. I now get the error "Non-system disk or disk error replace and strike any key when ready" any ideas how to remedy this?06:27
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