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meenadiabel: heya12:25
anankeso here's a head scratcher, not sure what would be the best way to solve it. I'd like to add a repo with the standard apt/sources/source directive, along with its PGP key. I get this error though:      amazon-ebs: Stderr: E: gnupg, gnupg2 and gnupg1 do not seem to be installed, but one of them is required for this operation12:26
anankeso it's like a chicken and egg problem. I could add gnupg via the packages module, but that's executed after apt config12:27
anankeon the other side, not sure if bootcmd has networking yet12:27
anankeI'm wondering if anybody has suggestions on how to solve it. This is an official debian 10 AMI, and I'm trying to convert it into a parrotOS by adding its repos12:29
meenaananke: it just means that your base-image needs to have those tools installed before your cloud-init config can be used/applied12:30
anankemeena: that's a given, but I can't change it12:31
meenawhy not12:31
anankesee above: this is official debian 10 AMI12:32
meenathen maybe we're the wrong ones to ask this question, and it should be directed at AWS support?12:33
anankeand that's a very much boundary I have to work within, my process has to rely on vanilla AMIs12:34
meena(n.b.: I don't know enough about Amazon, other than that Jeff Bezos has too much money, and i don't wanna give him more)12:34
anankeAWS wouldn't care, as it's not their AMI, it's debian's12:34
meenawait, what12:40
meenahow useless is a base image of debian without any gpg tooling?!12:40
meenathat makes no sense to me.12:40
meenai'd consider this a bug 🤷‍♀️12:41
anankebeats me. either way, I'm going to have to work around it12:41
Odd_BlokeI believe that more recent versions of apt don't depend on the full GPG stack, they depend on gpgv (which performs only verification).13:08
Odd_BlokeSo the Debian image has just enough GPG tooling for package installation to work. :)13:08
Odd_Blokeananke: That error message isn't in the cloud-init codebase, could you paste a bit more context for it?13:09
anankesure thing, here's a larger block showing invoction and errors: https://dpaste.com/7AFGJY9HY13:11
anankeand yeah, I was figuring that debian's package stack had sufficient functionality to verify signatures. I may need to open a bug with them eventually to include gnupg suite in their AMI, but likely they wouldn't be able to address it in the time frame I have for this project13:13
Odd_BlokeI believe what they'll tell you is that we shouldn't be using `apt-key` but instead writing the keys to /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d.13:28
Odd_Blokeananke: Which might be a "workaround" you could do yourself with write_files?13:29
anankeOdd_Bloke: ahh, good idea, I may try that. Thank you!13:29
Odd_Blokeananke: I found https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-init/+bug/185543214:25
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1855432 in cloud-init "module cc_apt_configure must make sure gnupg is installed" [Medium,Triaged]14:25
Odd_Blokehttps://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/583 adds it to Recommends for our Ubuntu packaging.14:35
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anankeOdd_Bloke: ahh, thank you for digging those out!15:44
anankeI haven't had a chance to try out the write_file approach, I'll try shortly after lunch15:45
blackboxswcommunity-notice: If you hadn't seen the mailing list. We are hosting our first ever virtual cloud-init summit today in a bit over an hour. cloud-init interested parties can feel free to join in to any of the 4 sessions. See the discourse topic for meeting links https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/cloud-init-online-summit-sept-23-24/17867/2. We will post specific google meet URLs to IRC for folks interested.15:53
blackboxswThe goal of this virtual summit is a chance to give retrospective on the last year and present and discuss cloud-init upstream goals for 2021. Attendees and discussions welcome.15:55
smoserI am "Asking to join..." You'll join the call when someone lets you in.16:02
smoseris it just that i'm not cool enough ?  that happens every time i go out clubbing16:02
smoserblackboxsw: ^ to be more clear... google meet at https://meet.google.com/rup-mbis-kyr is telling me someone has to let me in.16:03
blackboxswahh smoser rharper awesome. Ok meeting starts in +1 hr. Thanks for testing. I'll jump in and check it out16:04
blackboxswand see if we need to open the entry to anyone who joins without that prompt16:04
blackboxswhrm me too :(16:05
blackboxswfixing it16:05
smosermy timezone skills have suffered.16:05
smosersince switching jobs.  but I do know what time it is in San Jose now.16:05
blackboxswI bet16:06
rharper% date -d "17:00 UTC"16:06
rharperWed 23 Sep 2020 12:00:00 PM CDT16:06
rharperI knew it was noon for me, but was confused about Wed/Thur  and Thur/Fri16:06
blackboxswsame for me honestly16:06
smoser$ date --utc16:08
smoserWed 23 Sep 2020 04:06:49 PM UTC16:08
smoserthat was really confusing to me.  I missed that it said "PM" there. was thinking my local clock was wrong somehow.16:09
rharperI thought it was always 24 time?16:10
rharper% date --utc --rfc-email16:10
rharperWed, 23 Sep 2020 16:09:50 +000016:10
rharperthere, I read email more often16:10
rharperblackboxsw: it let me in for a bit, then it went away =)16:12
blackboxswrharper: that must've been me. I saw "yo" and 'Domain Admin" login16:14
rharperI didn't have my name, strange16:16
rharperI can join in from my gmail.com addr16:16
rharperthat will at least have my regular name16:16
rharperdouble blackboxsw16:31
blackboxswI have one blackboxsw attendee with a countdown timer/banner going. I'll kill that "attendee" once we start16:35
rharperI only see 3 blackboxsw , I see "presenting" but it doesn't show me anything16:38
rharperand then it crashed out of the  meet after like a few seconds16:38
blackboxswfirefox or chrome?16:38
blackboxswor another browser16:38
blackboxswI'll try firefox and see here (I'm on focal)16:38
rharperI haven't had meet trouble in forever16:38
* rharper doesn't want to install chrome ... 16:39
meenalol, i don't even have it installed17:00
blackboxswcommunity notice: cloud-init virtual summit is starting a welcome session: https://meet.google.com/rup-mbis-kyr17:01
blackboxswcommunity notice: continuing after break for cloud-init virtual summit: https://meet.google.com/rup-mbis-kyr18:11
rick_hRound two of the summit starting shortly: https://meet.google.com/rup-mbis-kyr18:11
meenafascinated by the way everyone pronounces cloud-init18:14
Odd_Blokecloud-inIT vs cloud-INit?18:18
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amansi26blackboxsw: in order to contribute new modules do we need to create a bug?  As hacking on cloud-init suggest to mention an LP: #NNN18:29
meenathe way blackboxsw pronounces it sounds like cloud-nit/nick18:31
meenaamansi26: having LP bugs is always very very very good, yes18:31
blackboxswheh :)18:31
blackboxswI blame coffee my pronunciation18:33
Odd_Blokeamansi26: Launchpad bugs aren't strictly required, but they do make it easier for us to track work, and perhaps hash out details before you write enough code to propose a PR.18:35
rick_hHacking time session is here for the summit https://meet.google.com/zqb-tewn-qpx19:01
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