magic_ninjaKubuntu is so damn good. That is all.01:04
Maikall a matter of personal taste and experience :)01:33
IrcsomeBot<Swift110> oh01:58
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MaikSwift110 better stop typing nonsense in these channels  ;)02:58
Maikyou've been on irc for years so you should know that... just saying02:59
IrcsomeBot<Swift110> Hmm03:03
Maikexactly that's what i meant. If you want to poke fun or troll around do so in offtopic or elsewhere03:05
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IrcsomeBot<Invictus1718> Fwd from Invictus1718: Needed to add Flutter SDK path somewhere in there, and since then it refuses to boot; login loop :/ … Trying to fix it by using shell and editing the etc/environment file but for some reason it shows as blank😑03:59
IrcsomeBot<Invictus1718> Fwd from Invictus1718: Thank you.... editing the environment didn't solve my problem though :/  … Still stuck at the same login loop. Tried adding another user and logging in but doesn't work either03:59
IrcsomeBot<Invictus1718> Fwd from Invictus1718: Is there another way I can boot? Or at least manage to salvage my files and do a fresh install thereafter?03:59
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user|40943Hello there, im a software developer who uses android studio trough the day. My computer have 16 gb of ram. When im Building projects the RAM usually goes to full usage and Kubuntu wont kill java processes. Which leads to system completly freeze and I have to hold the shutdown button on computer to restart it. I tried to increasing swap space but i06:44
user|40943t doesnt help. I think the main issue here is that Kubuntu wont close processes which take too much ram06:44
user|40943Any suggestion or help how to avoid this problem would help, thanks :)06:44
diogenes_user|40943, maybe try zram?06:54
IrcsomeBot<Invictus1718> @user|40943, Try using Ksysguard to manually kill processes I guess?06:57
IrcsomeBot<Invictus1718> @DarinMiller, Edit: thanks a lot, realised later I hadn't been updating the etc/profile which was causing the bootloop. Fixed now :D07:12
lordievaderGood morning07:22
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user|40943@IrcsomeBot Thats what Im doing now...I constantly have to check the RAM usage and its really hard to keep track on it while focused on coding. Killing processes is OS work not Users08:14
Chingi just wanted to ask if i m corrct08:52
Chingkubuntu is like kubuntu DE on top of ubuntu?08:53
Chingwhich means i get resposive kde with ubuntu?08:53
blippitybloopy-4I think Kubuntu also includes some more KDE software09:56
IrcsomeBot<bittin1> i might get homeless in 6,5 days so don't expect me to say much or being active in the community10:10
bittin-M1i might get homeless in 6,5 days so don't expect me to say much or being active in the community10:30
isomarigreetings, how can i get the shutdown options on my logout screen? I'm only seeing the option to logout.11:04
AristideDo you know a usable repository for last version of Plasma5/KDE App for Kubuntu ?11:31
Aristide(Kubuntu 20.04)11:40
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BluesKajHi all12:39
AristideHi BluesKaj :)12:54
BluesKajHi Aristide12:55
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