jellyna #debian lik objasnio zašto je swapoff na linuxu tako grozno spor15:28
* jelly lajka15:28
jellyto me nervira od... 2.4? 2.6 kernela?15:29
respawn_Lenovo Expands Its Range of Ubuntu Laptops15:37
jelly<cdown> jelly: lol, did you know why swapoff -a is so slow? I've still got that on my list to fix [...] We do an O(n^crazy) walk through each virtual memory area, for each page, with no caching whatsoever.  That's why swapoff is often CPU-bound15:55
jelly<cdown> jelly: In swap cluster order. Yuck.15:56
jelly<cdown> ratrace: That's simply incorrect, I'm afraid. Applications and userspace memory allocators often simply do not know how much they need ahead of time.  In some cases that slack can be absolutely humongous, and tremendously cold.  15:58
jelly<cdown> ratrace: These applications don't want that memory. Their malloc decided they should get it as part of the pool.  And that's often far unrelated to what the developer actually intended.15:59
sillysluxoh... https://twitter.com/ortegaalfredo/status/130814930399156633717:58

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