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rbasakAsciiWolf: around? With your update in bug 1896085, am I right in thinking that we should put this SRU on hold?12:39
ubottubug 1896085 in torbrowser-launcher (Ubuntu) "[SRU] Backport patch to update Tor Browser Developers public key into Ubuntu 20.04" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/189608512:39
rbasakI also noticed that there's no bug link in the changelog. Sorry I didn't spot that before. So the upload needs trivially fixing up, which I can happily do myself, but I don't know if we want to wait anyway12:40
rbasakWhile I'm here, I also would avoid creating a separate bug just for the SRU. If a bug exists for which we want an SRU, then we just use the existing bug.12:42
rbasakDon't worry about that now though I can fix up by marking duplicate etc.12:42
ItzSwirlzAsciiWolf this is in experimental for torbrowser-launcher: https://twitter.com/debianupload/status/1308803323257131008?s=2116:21
ItzSwirlzHey there I still got some patches awaiting review/sponsor, can someone help me check them out?20:14

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