lordievaderGood morning07:22
flowinhoHey there 👋10:46
ubottuSecurity Updates are dealt with here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Security - See also !root, !firewall, !server, and !usn10:46
lotuspsychjestart here flowinho10:46
flowinhothank you lotuspsychje10:46
lotuspsychjeflowinho: maybe if you share your specific purpose and services, volunteers can try to help you more specificly10:48
lotuspsychjeflowinho: personally i also reccomend nmap your own ip aswell, to see how the outside world sees your server ports10:50
vlmis there any use of copying /etc/passwd and /etc/group file from / into a chroot when chrooting?12:15
vlmthing is,when i make a file using ssh like so : echo file|ssh user@chroot-host "cat > myfile" that file gets the proper owner regardless of presence of passwd and group file12:18
Maikstop spamming15:46
locknetMaik, sorry, not trying to spam15:46
locknettrying to join a channel but hex cut my command15:47
Maikoh, ok :)15:50
lordcirth_I just rebooted a prod 16.04 server after way too much uptime, and now lxc-* commands are all hanging, and no containers will start. Looking at htop, I see [lxc monitor] in "D" state. Help?17:34
lordcirth_kill -9 of the hanging process kills the hanging command, but then the next command just hangs again17:37
rbasakD usually means blocked on I/O17:41
rbasakDo you have filesystem corruption or some kind of disk fault?17:42
lordcirth_Not that I can see, but I will check again17:42
rbasakNFS hang?17:43
lordcirth_rbasak, there are no IO errors in dmesg; some of the containers depend on cephfs, but not all, and the cephfs mount seems fine17:43
lordcirth_(it's only used for homes, not /)17:44
rbasakI don't know then, sorry.17:44
rbasakIt does seems like too much of a coincidence that you're using cephfs and you (superficially) appear to have something blocked on I/O though.17:45
rbasakI would exhaust that avenue first.17:45
lordcirth_In the past, any cephfs error has been accompanied by tons of dmesg errors17:47
lordcirth_I will tried to revert kernel but grub-reboot didn't work17:47
lordcirth__rbasak, I rebooted with the cephfs mounts commented out and it still hangs. Trying now without nfs as well, but I'm not hopeful18:36
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lordcirthOk, so lxc-net is hanging on an iptables --wait command; but I have no idea why the iptables command is hanging. Maybe something else is hanging on the lock?19:45
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znfstrace it?20:00
lordcirth_znf, was that to me? (sorry, I keep reconnecting)20:01
znfyes, strace the iptables? :)20:01
lordcirth_I tried, it's just a wait4( that doesn't seem helpful... I don't use lxcbr0 anyway, so I am trying USE_LXC_BRIDGE="false" and rebooting20:03
lordcirth_Most of the containers have started now...20:13
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