MadLambSuddently when I try to log in into X11 it loops back to the login screen. It works normal on wayland. Any advice to find the issue?00:06
matsamanMadLamb: works with other/new user?00:07
matsamancould be ~/.cache or ~/.config or ~/.Xsomething is confused00:07
MadLambmatsaman, didnt try another user00:11
matsamanif you tried you'd know if that was the issue00:11
MadLambmatsaman, no file starting with .X00:11
MadLambIll try00:12
MadLambI'm on the machine00:12
MadLambok i tested00:14
MadLambsame behavior00:14
Bashing-omMadLamb: 'echo $XAUTHORITY' says "you" have access authority ?00:18
MadLambBashing-om, no, but I am on wayland. is that supposed to happen on wayland?00:19
MadLambBashing-om, /run/user/1000/.mutter-Xwaylandauth.PYTIR0 this is what I see00:19
Bashing-omMadLamb: Can not say as to that ^ as I am not booting Wayland - X11 shows " /home/sysop/.Xauthority " for me as sysop.00:21
matsamannot sure how much QA has been done for people switching constantly between wayland and not00:22
MadLambmatsaman, I'm not constantly switching. I was using X11 and since its not working I am on wayland00:24
MadLambI used the machine the whole day, rebooted at least twice, no problem00:25
matsamanmake a new user with useradd, go back to your login screen (display manager), try to get into X as that user00:27
matsamanif that works, then it's probably something simple wrong in your normal user's home, like a confused ~/.cache, ~/.config (something), or ~/.Xsomething00:27
MadLambmatsaman, I did that00:30
MadLambmatsaman, didnt work00:30
matsamangrep EE $(ls /var/log/X* | tail -1)00:31
MadLambmatsaman, the only EE's are "Wacom HID 488E Pen stylus: Invalid type 'cursor' for this device."00:33
MadLambMathisen, I dont have any wacom device00:33
MadLambcould it be this? "gdm3[923]: GLib: Source ID 423 was not found when attempting to remove it"00:46
MadLambgnome-shell[9034]: Object St.Button (0x55a47a09e4e0), has been already deallocated — impossible to get any property from it. This might be caused by the object having been destroyed from C code using something such as destroy(), dispose(), or remove() vfuncs.00:48
MadLambaha! Parse error on line 12 of section InputClass in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-synaptics-ubuntu.conf00:49
MadLambuser error00:52
MadLambit works now00:52
CarlFKhow can I get all 4 of these to print on one line?  cd /sys/devices/virtual/dmi/id;  cat sys_vendor product_version product_name product_sku01:06
CarlFKbest I have come up with: echo $(cat sys_vendor) $(cat product_version) $(cat product_name) $(cat product_sku)01:06
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rfmCarlFK, cat sys_vendor product_version product_name product_sku | xargs echo01:19
CarlFKrfm: nice.  thanks.01:23
random1Not sure if this is the right channel but here it goes. I am using Ubuntu and I installed wine. I successfully installed a video game and when I open up 'winecfg' i see the desktop icon on the virtual wine emulator. But issue is that shortcut isnt the correct one for the private server i play on. Was curious where does wine save the install files01:52
random1at? Cant find it for the life of me01:52
oerhekssure #winehq knows01:54
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu01:54
random1thank you01:54
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instantp10neerWhat is an easy way to see what is holding the file system from being unmounted in recovery?02:25
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k_szeSome weird shit just happened. I have Ubuntu 18.04 for x86-64, fully patched on HWE stack. I don't know what I pressed, but on the lock screen, where I'm supposed to enter my password to unlock, if I press any of Insert, Delete, Home, or End, the screen just turns black, and then if I press any other key, the screen comes back on and I see multiple characters have been input into the password input (though I obviously cannot see what characters are02:31
k_szeactually there because they are all masked).02:31
wunderbari installed apt-get install -qy postgresql=12+215.pgdg18.04+1 postgresql-contrib=12+215.pgdg18.04+103:31
wunderbarthis a few months ago03:31
wunderbarand now it says it can not find them03:31
wunderbari want to install exact versions03:32
wunderbarand I expect it to work in the future03:32
wunderbarwhy would this fail ?03:32
wunderbardoes ubuntu clean out older versions of software in repositories?03:32
Bashing-om!info postgresql | wunderbar03:36
ubottuwunderbar: postgresql (source: postgresql-common (214ubuntu0.1)): object-relational SQL database (supported version). In component main, is optional. Version 12+214ubuntu0.1 (focal), package size 3 kB, installed size 66 kB03:36
guivercwunderbar, you haven't said what release, it looks like you got it from a PPA/3rd party not official repo at a glance03:36
guivercpostgresql-10 was for bionic, postgresql-12 was focal; yet you have 18.04 in package name03:37
wunderbaryes, i am using it from another repo .. deb http://apt.postgresql.org/pub/repos/apt/ bionic-pgdg03:38
wunderbarare they cleaning them out?03:38
wunderbarbut also03:38
wunderbari had the same issue with gnupg03:39
guivercwunderbar, you'll have to ask them, that's noa Ubuntu repo but 3rd party03:39
guivercs/noa/not a\03:39
wunderbarwas not found03:39
wunderbarinstead had to install 2.2.4-1ubuntu1.303:39
wunderbarguiverc how about the gnupg one ?03:39
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guivercwunderbar, I don't know your release, that looks like it was for a now-EOL release given package name03:40
wunderbarit is 18.0403:41
guiverc2.2.4-1ubuntu1.3 I believe was version that came with bionic at release time03:42
wunderbarwell, i've installed 1.2 in the past03:42
wunderbari am trying to figure out how this work03:44
guivercyep you're correct, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/bionic/amd64/gnupg shows it was built & removed03:44
wunderbarguiverc why would it be removed03:45
wunderbari expect my scripts to be able to run for at least 1 year03:45
wunderbari can guarantee my system to work the same one year from now on.. if i can install the exact same set of programs03:45
wunderbari can not if i am forced to update ... regardless of opinions03:46
wunderbarplus, i would not know if in this security update ... NSA included some of its own update03:46
wunderbari am fine with using whatever was secure a year ago03:46
wunderbarannoying as hell03:47
guivercwunderbar, i can only offer https://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/g/gnupg2/gnupg2_2.2.4-1ubuntu1.3/changelog  which shows why 1.3 replaced 1.203:47
random1I have a problem. Trying to execute this script https://pastebin.com/PTLZgPPB and I get an error of https://pastebin.com/7m5FevjB . What am i doing wrong? Tried #winehq earlier but it seems they wanted me to ask yall here for ubuntu03:47
pavlosrandom1: line 4 ... the path should be .wine/... not root/.wine/...03:50
guivercrandom1, what OS & release are you using, running GUI as root is unwise03:50
random1should it be in " " ?03:50
random1cd ".wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Sony/EverQuest" like that ?03:51
random1let me check03:51
random1it says ... /home/anonymous1/Desktop/everquest.sh: 4: cd: can't cd to .wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Sony/EverQuest03:52
pavlosyes but you started as root but now it looks for /home/anonymous03:53
pavlosyou need to look into that everquesh.sh  script03:54
random1im confused -_-03:56
random1should i put the .sh in my root directory ?03:56
pavlosdid you install the game as root or as anonymous1 ?03:56
random1as root03:56
random1its the only thing i run undere my root. i know its unsecure03:57
random1but i accept its under root. im willing to take the security risks03:57
pavloswhy does it look for /home/anonymous1/Desktop/everquest.sh ?03:57
random1because im under anonymous103:58
random1i do everything under anonymous103:58
pavlosyou just said you're root03:58
random1it installs it under anonymous (root)03:58
random1but im logged into anonymous103:58
pavlossorry, I dont understand this03:58
random1ok so i have 2 users right? my first user called "anonymous" when i installed ubuntu. then i created anonymous1 as my second user with administrator privledges.03:59
random1i use anonymous1 for everything but for some reason my .wine installs files under my root in anonymous04:00
pavlosI think you should use anonymous1 for every activity incl wine. This is your basic account with sudo privs04:01
pavlosdont log as root or anonymous04:02
random1yeah trust me i agree but for some reason wine installs everything under root04:02
ubottuDebian bug 970765 in firefox "Enable WebExtensions Experiments in the packages" [Wishlist,Open]04:02
pavlosyou should have a .wine/ under /home/anonymous104:02
random1it is what it is at this point. lets just say i accept i run it under root and i accept the security risks. what can i do to make this run ?04:03
random1log into anonymous(root) ? instead of anonymous104:03
pavloswell, I cannot help ... I will install wine on my 20.04 (as a regular user) and come back04:04
random1ok thank you04:04
random1u think logging into root would fix this ?04:04
random1i got it working. just run it under root04:07
random1thank u04:07
pavlosunless there is a /root/.wine/ and it is looking there     ..... root's home dir is /root, anonymous1 home dir is /home/anomynous104:07
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k44i have a 2GB ddr2 system that ran fast on windowsxp and  after upgrading to windows10 it's too slow and it's unusable  (even though i added 2GB extra ram on it)  : would it be usuable with ubuntu?04:48
lotuspsychjelubuntu k4404:50
k44lotuspsychje what would happen if i install "regular UBUNTU" on that system04:51
akemIt will explode.04:52
lotuspsychjek44: gnome doesnt like less then 4GB ram, unless you start very extreme tweaking, i would not reccomend it04:52
k44well it has 4GB04:53
lotuspsychjek44: i had gnome on 18.04 with 2GB ram for long time, but with an ssd and extreme tweaks04:53
akemYeah Lubuntu is good choice :)04:53
k44since i added 2GB extra04:53
lotuspsychjek44: so it is possible, if you tweak your whole system04:53
k44it's  4GB ddr2 system but non-ssd04:53
akemDid you mean Windows 7 or really XP?04:53
k44akem XP04:53
lotuspsychjek44: lubuntu 20.04 is very responsive too these days04:54
lotuspsychjeand gnome on 20.04 much faster then 18.0404:54
lotuspsychjek44: try to install these; sudo apt install preload haveged gnome-tweaks dconf-editor stacer bleachbit04:56
lotuspsychjek44: then tweak unwanted services and startup items04:57
k44i am looking for linux distro that is not picky about "running as root"05:01
k44ubuntu is too picky about "running as root"05:01
lotuspsychje!sudo | k4405:03
ubottuk44: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo05:03
k44i don't want to use SUDO, i just want to run everything as root05:03
lotuspsychjek44: its not such a great idea05:03
k44again it's my computer, it shoujld be my choice05:03
lotuspsychjek44: whats your purpose?05:04
k44just using youtube05:04
k44nothing else05:04
k44so i don't care about being hacked05:04
lotuspsychjek44: using just YT running as root is just a bit dull purpose dont you think05:04
k44again, it's my choice05:04
lotuspsychjesure, but it doesnt make sense at all05:05
k44what distro is not picky about running as root05:05
lotuspsychjek44: thats not to be discussed here05:05
lotuspsychjewe only advice on ubuntu support issues here05:05
lotuspsychjek44: maybe ##linux ?05:06
k44okay thanks05:06
xbfrogi like to play games offline. recently a simple game called quardapassel started sticking does anyone know how to stop this?05:32
xbfrogplayed fine at first now doesnt05:32
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fayti1703Need some help with a 32-bit (i686) Ubuntu 18.04 laptop, apparently it decided it didn't want to load either its graphics card or wifi drivers anymore (lshw shows them as UNCLAIMED)07:46
retranwipe and reinstall :D07:48
retran(just sayin what I'd do)07:49
retranand if the same thing happens... then deal with it07:49
retranthere's a billion and one ways to eff-up your video in linux07:50
jellythat's the easy way, I haven't reinstalled this installation since its 14.04 initial setup08:12
Mr_Panlong time ago...08:13
jellymigrated across 3 or 4 hardware platforms (newer laptops)08:13
jellyand my debian workstations at home and work have been installed in 2001.  There's a lot of ways to break graphics, and there's also ways to fix them each and every time08:15
fayti1703Honestly I'm worried less about the graphics and more about the wifi08:15
fayti1703Because the graphics I can fix anywhere. Wifi I need an ethernet conn for, and that's not always easy to get08:16
retranfayti1703, try a linux rescue cd/usb stick08:18
retransee if wifi works08:19
retranno excuse not to try that08:19
pirxhey! how come that i see stuff like "antigua and barbuda" when i set location while installing ubuntu server, but the whole Europe is hidden away in "other"? :)08:24
pirx(okok, i see that UK and Ireland are there though hehe)08:26
guivercpirx, recent Ubuntu Server releases no longer use the debian installer anymore (subiquity replaced it), but those locations (for english) was done long (decades) ago by debian devs..08:27
pirxguiverc: aaah, yes, i even managed to miss that i booted  16.04 iso here:)08:31
guivercI suspected it was old given the di (debian) installer08:31
retranjelly, do you have our old devices air-gapped?08:32
retranjelly, it just sounds SOOO unsafe to have that ancient of poop running08:32
retranare you a bank.. or electric utility or something?08:32
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daregapHey, is there a linux program that shows graphical representation of the filesystem layout i.e. where the files are written on the disk?09:33
daregaplike the defrag view for windows ^^09:35
lotuspsychjedaregap: there are several packages that help finding structure, like baobab or bootchart, depends what you are trying to find/see?09:36
daregapjust a graphical representation of the sectors in use by the filesystem that show where the files are stored09:38
SakaraI've just booted up my Ubuntu 20.04 desktop and my nvidia graphics is not working correctly. Is anyone else having this issue?09:38
lotuspsychjeSakara: sudo lshw -C video in a pastebin please?09:40
Sakara@lotuspsychje, https://pastebin.com/5dfb2NDB09:40
lotuspsychjeSakara: unclaimed, yeah driver not loaded, can you pastebin dmesg please?09:41
Sakara@lotuspsychje, https://pastebin.com/iPyA2Ssg09:42
lotuspsychjeSakara: gonna lunch first, try to switch to another driver meanwhile09:44
lotuspsychjeSakara: ubuntu-drivers list, to see whats available09:44
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chaitanya122join #python09:49
Sakaralotuspsychje, there was some bug there. Your suggestion to use this ubuntu-drivers utility has worked. I ran `sudo ubuntu-drivers install nvidia` and things are working again.09:51
SakaraOdd that I needed to do that. I'm sure I've updated before (including a kernel update) and no manual intervention was needed.09:52
matkorHi! Any reason, why after attaching USB/SATA bridge with disk i can see in logs:  kernel: sd 1:0:0:0: [sda] Attached SCSI disk, but no /dev/sd* device is created?10:03
matkorI see bridge via lsusb:  Bus 003 Device 002: ID 174c:55aa ASMedia Technology Inc. Name: ASM1051E SATA 6Gb/s bridge, ASM1053E SATA 6Gb/s bridge, ASM1153 SATA 3Gb/s bridge, ASM1153E SATA 6Gb/s bridge10:05
lotuspsychjeSakara: the 440 version has a few known bugs on 20.04, your big RTX card also benefits the most recent driver possible10:44
flowinhoIs there any recommendable guide for securing your ubuntu server? If so, would you mind sharing it?10:45
lotuspsychjeSakara: wich version are you on now?10:45
SakaraIt selected to deploy 450.10:45
lotuspsychjeflowinho: come join at #ubuntu-server if you like10:45
lotuspsychjeSakara: yeah, that sounds like a great choice10:45
SakaraI guess it makes sense for stability to use the slightly older driver in the lts.10:46
SakaraI'm not sure why the driver didn't load though. I'd think even if I had a trash card from nvidia I'd have still had the problem though.10:47
lotuspsychjeSakara: well in case of new hardware, LTS doesnt really count for stability on drivers10:47
SakaraAll I did to get into this trouble was apt get update && apt get upgrade and then no more graphics driver.10:47
lotuspsychjeSakara: did you recall wich driver it took by default?10:48
SakaraIt had 440 in place10:48
Sakarait was what was there form the start I think.10:48
lotuspsychjeSakara: yeah, well as i said, the 440 has a few by default bugs on 20.0410:48
ubottuUbuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa) is the 32nd release of Ubuntu and is the current !LTS release. Download at Download at https://www.ubuntu.com/download - Release notes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FocalFossa/ReleaseNotes10:49
lotuspsychjeSakara: to find in the releasenotes10:49
SakaraI guess this new zsys stuff I could have rolled back pretty easy. I tried to get into the menu to select a previous snapshot but didn't find how to get in tehre in the end.10:50
fayti1703Are there i386/i686 images for 18.04?10:50
SakaraThe 450 driver is working nicely for me now so its all good. Thanks for your suggests lotuspsychje. They really helped.10:50
lotuspsychjewelcome Sakara ; )10:50
lotuspsychjefayti1703: 18.04 still supports 32bit10:51
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fayti1703lotuspsychje: am aware, that's what I'm currently running. but I can't find any images for 32-bit at old-releases.ubuntu.com10:52
lotuspsychjefayti1703: wich image are you looking for exactly10:58
fayti1703lotuspsychje: anything live-bootable.10:59
fayti1703(with networking)10:59
zen_coderhow can I download a file via curl?11:03
lotuspsychjefayti1703: something like this? http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic-updates/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/11:03
fayti1703lotuspsychje: thanks, I'll try that.11:05
fayti1703zen_coder: if you do `curl {url}` it'll download to stdout, so just redirect it: `curl {url} > file.dat`11:08
lotuspsychjeSakara: i just saw a new bug today, bug #1896723 i wonder if thats what happend to you? system trying to update and 450 got stuck?11:19
ubottubug 1896723 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-450 (Ubuntu) "package nvidia-dkms-450 450.66-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 failed to install/upgrade: installed nvidia-dkms-450 package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 10" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/189672311:19
lotuspsychjeSakara: or were you sure, you had 440 enabled before updating?11:19
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BluesKajHi all12:39
Lutinis it possible to bypass the proxy like http_proxy when it cannot connect to it ?12:41
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lotuspsychjeLutin: perhaps a question for ##networking ?12:45
Lutinlotuspsychje not really because you set it in ubuntu as ENV :)12:50
lotuspsychjeLutin: if its an ubuntu issue, sure you can ask here12:50
Lutinlotuspsychje I just did ?12:51
bostongeek36so i have two issues one is that the screen keeps rotating by itself back and forth13:20
bostongeek36its annoying13:20
bostongeek36im not using gnome so i don't have the applet to lock the screen13:21
bostongeek36is there some command i can use to do that?13:21
fayti1703retran: i386-netboot image can use that wifi adapter just fine (incl. before it starts pulling packages)13:24
bostongeek36ok i fixed that myself13:26
bostongeek36the one thats really causing issues is i have no sound. when i go into pulseaudio control dummy load is the only thing listed13:27
bostongeek36i have a intel audio13:27
bostongeek36there seems to be an issue with the device13:27
bostongeek36when i try to install the driver for it i get an error saying theres no such device but my computer does see it if i use aplay -l13:28
bostongeek36and its listed as default13:28
bostongeek36ive been tearing my hair out trying to figure it out13:28
bostongeek36it is a known problem in ubuntu but was supposedly fixed13:29
bostongeek36not for me13:29
bostongeek36it worked in 18.0413:29
bostongeek36so i may have to go back to that13:29
bostongeek36also if i use HDA jack retasks it only sees the hdmi port not the sound chip13:31
BluesKajbostongeek36, sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel, also if you upgraded your kernel lately check alsamixer for automute enabled, if so disable it13:32
BluesKajyou may have to reboot13:32
bostongeek36alsamixer is only showing spdif13:32
bostongeek36which im not even sure i have on this laptop13:33
bostongeek36BluesKaj sudo modprobe sda-hda-intel showed nothing13:34
BluesKajgood that means the driver loaded13:34
bostongeek36something is borked. i may just go back to 18.0413:35
BluesKajtry a reboot13:35
bostongeek36BluesKaj ive had this problem since upgrading ive done multiple reboots and shutdowns13:35
BluesKajdoesn't matter bostongeek36, this is an old bug that's never been fixed, loading the driver with modprobe should fix it13:36
bostongeek36yeah ive seen that13:37
bostongeek36odd that it worked in 18.04 though13:37
bostongeek36well it wasn't pure 18.04 so maybe the people that made it fixed the issue13:37
bostongeek36i shall return!13:38
rneeseok so budgie is part of oficial ubuntu13:38
rneesewe did a install on arm but have 1 issue13:38
rneeseit wont leyt us login13:38
rneesewe get the lightdm login screen but when we input the passwd it says incorrect13:39
rneesebut I know 1000% its correct13:39
lotuspsychjerneese: did you try password from a tty?13:42
pwnrzAnyone here know how to use Inspircd with Ubuntu?13:43
rneeseyes and it works fine13:44
lotuspsychjerneese: did you try a lightdm restart?13:46
rneeseyes we even rebooted to test13:47
rneesewe are running a new build now13:49
rneeseto retest the install13:49
pwnrzSo whenever I do ./inspircd start, it says there is no config file, I tried running it in superuser mode, but that didn't work either13:50
lotuspsychjerneese: maybe you can grab the lightdm.log from a tty to see what goes wrong?13:57
xbfrogcan anyone tell me if you can get to http://www.mediase.com its a tree cam website. i'm looking for a manual. i get: ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED this site cannot be reached14:03
xbfrogbut i can go to anyother website14:04
BluesKajxbfrog, doesn't work here either14:05
BluesKajon FF14:06
xbfrogheh, thanks :)14:06
xbfrogthey say it does but apparently not14:06
rneeseok I will once the tbuild is done and i can retest14:06
rneesewe wiped it and are reloadign14:06
fayti1703xbfrog: looks like it went down in 2016. it's archived, though. `archive.org`.14:09
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rneeseok fresh install and now it says failed to start session14:54
rneese[+13.50s] DEBUG: Seat seat0: Failed to find session configuration budgie-desktop14:59
rneese[+13.50s] DEBUG: Seat seat0: Can't find session 'budgie-desktop'14:59
rneesewe run the install script14:59
rneesenothing fails14:59
rneeseuntil you try to login14:59
sachchanagarikdocker search ubuntu15:10
sachchanagarikGot permission denied while trying to connect to the Docker daemon socket at unix:///var/run/docker.sock: Get http://%2Fvar%2Frun%2Fdocker.sock/v1.40/images/search?limit=25&term=ubuntu: dial unix /var/run/docker.sock: connect: permission denied15:10
sachchanagariknew in Ubuntu15:10
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Texassachchanagarik: Try 'sudo docker search ubuntu'15:13
=== strobelight_ is now known as strobelight
sachchanagarikthnx texas15:23
sachchanagarikthnx @Texas15:24
Texassachchanagarik: Usually any time you get a permission error, you can solve it by using sudo. Just make sure the command you're running is safe :)15:26
Texassudo means to run it as root15:26
sachchanagarikTexas: thank you for the info15:28
TexasYou're welcome15:28
elias_aIt can be remembered and understood like this: Super User DO :)15:29
TexasI think that's actually what it stands for, but don't quote me on that.15:30
BluesKajsudo is with root permissions, not as root15:34
TexasReally the same idea15:35
TexasIt runs it with your home folder15:35
TexasUnless you tell it otherwise15:35
BluesKajone can become root with sudo su15:37
TexasOr sudo -s15:37
TexasWhich again, runs commands with your homefolder15:38
BluesKajI'm old school i guess15:38
TexasBut this argument is sort of not needed15:38
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BluesKajdebian permissions used to piss me off, was glad when ubuntu showed up15:40
TexasUbuntu is pretty much a simpler version of debian. The GUI is better too.15:40
sachchanagarikIs there any way to remove sudo command  every time when i give docker command15:47
Texassachchanagarik: Automatically run it with sudo?15:47
TexasYou could probably write a bash script for it15:48
rneesebbiab[+3227.66s] DEBUG: Greeter requests default session15:49
rneese[+3227.66s] DEBUG: Seat seat0: Failed to find session configuration budgie-desktop15:49
rneese[+3227.66s] DEBUG: Seat seat0: Can't find session 'budgie-desktop'15:49
rneeseso it looks like budgie has issues15:49
Texasrneese: What are you trying to do?15:49
rneesewe use the budgie install script on a arm64 board15:49
rneeseand it installed we rebooted and tried to login15:50
rneesebut it fails to start session15:50
sachchanagarikyou know i am trying to learn how to use docker and every time it is asking me permission so now every time I need use sudo command which is not given by instructor so aI am confused15:50
oerheks"the budgie install script " .. url?15:50
oerheksseat0 looks like a multi seat thingy?15:50
Texassachchanagarik: Instead of using 'docker search' use 'sudo docker search'15:50
rneeseits in the ubuntu pkgs apt install ubuntu-budgie-desktop15:51
rneeseit says its officialy supported by ubuntu15:52
sachchanagarikTexas: ya i did that now for every other code such as 'docker images' I have to use sudo. Is there any way/method to remove that15:52
rneeseand its in the ubuntu pkgs15:53
oerheksrneese, indeed it is, you got my attention by the script thingy, so i wondered.15:53
Texassachchanagarik: Not really except for writing a bash script that runs docker with sudo automatically15:53
TexasTbh, it's probably easier to just use sudo each time15:53
sachchanagarikTexas: thanks for your help15:53
rneeseso we did the install no issue until login15:54
TexasYou're welcome15:54
rneesewe are looking to put it on arm boards as it is supported if we can get it working15:55
rneeseso now I dont get whats going on15:59
rneesewe followed the install15:59
rneesemight be xorg running the wrong video15:59
lotuspsychjerneese: maybe the #ubuntu-arm or #ubuntu-budgie guys know more of it?16:00
Greenfrogi'm trying to pair a logitech m720 to ubuntu 20.04 and ubuntu doesnt see the mouse when paring mode is active. what can i do?16:09
Greenfrogi bought 2 m720's for 2 laptops running ubuntu 20.04 one connected fine, this one wont connect16:12
Greenfrogor at least not seen by ubuntu bluetooth16:12
compdocare those good mice?16:12
Greenfrogshould be just bought them16:13
Greenfrogboth new16:13
lotuspsychjeGreenfrog: did you try to pai with blueman yet?16:13
Greenfrogum, is blueman a default installed app?16:14
rneeselooks like the meta install pkg is broken16:14
rneeseit sinstalls a few wallpapers but never installs budgie16:15
Greenfrogi open bluetooth app and it connects to another bt mouse but cant find the m72016:15
lotuspsychje!info blueman | Greenfrog16:17
ubottuGreenfrog: blueman (source: blueman): Graphical bluetooth manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.1.2-1 (focal), package size 639 kB, installed size 3003 kB16:17
Greenfrogokdj@greenfrog:~$ !info blueman | greenfrog16:19
Greenfrogbash: !info: event not found16:19
lotuspsychjeGreenfrog: sudo apt install blueman16:19
Greenfrogok done16:20
lotuspsychjeGreenfrog: reboot and try again pairing with blueman this time16:20
Greenfrogok b bak16:21
Greenfroginstalled blueman rebooted no change in bluetooth connection16:26
Greenfrogdo i need to specifically start blueman?16:27
lotuspsychjeGreenfrog: ok, could you pastebin your dmesg please16:27
Greenfrogneed something to drink, be right back16:31
SaeidHello, my hostname changed to dhcppc1, and even when I change it with hostnamectl set-hostname, hostname, changing the files /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname and even removing ~/.Xauthority, after reboot it will again change to dhcppc1, please help me about this16:31
lotuspsychjeGreenfrog: do you have any other BT devices branched currently?16:34
Greenfrogone, another bt mouse16:35
Greenfrogi did disconnect that mouse and used the finger pad to connect and no change16:35
pavlosSaeid: try settings>about. Is the device name correct? (I assume you're on 20.0416:36
Greenfrogit doesnt show up in the device list16:36
lotuspsychjeGreenfrog: please while you test BT, leave a journactl -f open in realtime, maybe we can catch usefull errors16:37
lotuspsychjeGreenfrog: is your BT device adapter internal, or internal with wifi?16:37
lotuspsychjeGreenfrog: they both support the same BT technology adapter and mouse?16:38
Greenfrognot sure what you mean16:39
lotuspsychjeGreenfrog: can you disable and re enable BT and see what errors you get in journal?16:39
GreenfrogSep 23 09:40:19 greenfrog gnome-control-c[3604]: Failed to register object: An object is already exported for the interface org.bluez.Agent1 at /org/gnome/bluetooth/settings16:40
GreenfrogSep 23 09:40:56 greenfrog gnome-shell[1385]: Window manager warning: Invalid WM_TRANSIENT_FOR window 0x2a00008 specified for 0x2a0002916:42
FrancimanDoes anybody have an ubuntu-oem from Dell?16:44
FrancimanI have noticed that the update manager shows some particular firmware updates16:44
lotuspsychjeGreenfrog: not sure whats going there16:44
Francimanbut I can't find the source of those updates16:44
lotuspsychjeGreenfrog: maybe other volunteers might have ideas, freel free to re-ask16:45
Greenfrogok thanks for your help :)16:45
Greenfrogi'm using ubuntu 20.04 trying to connect a logitech m720 bt mouse. ubuntu doesnt recognize the mouse when its in pairing mode16:47
pavlosFranciman: can you paste ... sudo apt update | nc termbin.com 999916:47
oerheksUbuntu offers firmware downloads and updates, fwupdate16:47
oerheks!info fwupdate16:47
ubottufwupdate (source: fwupdate): Transitional package for fwupd. In component universe, is optional. Version 12-7 (focal), package size 3 kB, installed size 13 kB (Only available for amd64; i386; armhf; arm64)16:47
Greenfroghow do i get ubuntu to recognize a bluetooth mouse in pairing mode?16:49
oerheksGreenfrog, you wrote the other one worked?16:49
Francimanpavlos, https://termbin.com/cg1v16:50
Francimanops it's italian16:51
Francimanbut ok perfect16:51
Francimanso uhm16:52
pavlosFranciman: getting updates from line 17, a repo with DELL16:52
FrancimanI wanted to update to Focal Fossa16:53
Francimanbut now I'm not sure whether it's worth, since I shall lose firmware16:53
pavlosyou could try 20.04 in live mode to check if h/w works16:53
Greenfrogyes, here is something intresting about that16:54
Francimanwhat I'm scared of is that if there are some updates for the firmware16:54
FrancimanI won't get them16:54
Greenfrogthe mouse that works on the other computer brought it here to connect the second channel to this laptop and still bluetooth in ubuntu doesnt see the mouse16:54
oerheksFranciman, fwupdate is legit; https://fwupd.org/16:55
Francimanin fact16:56
Francimanthese updates I made were from gnome-software16:56
Francimanso it's fwupdate that provided them?16:56
Francimanthank you!16:56
oerhekshave fun!16:56
Greenfrogso it seems there is something amiss with this laptop's bluetooth16:57
Maiksearch the web for logitech m720 bt mouse on ubuntu 20.04 or your laptop brand/type maybe something shows up :)16:58
Greenfrogi'll do it again16:59
oerheksGreenfrog, make sure you use a usb 2 port, not usb 3 ( = blue)17:00
Greenfrognot sure what you mean, its a bt mouse17:00
Greenfrognormally i never change that setting17:01
pavlosGreenfrog: can you paste this, hciconfig -a17:02
Greenfrogthats alot to paste what are you looking for, or would you like me to pastebil17:03
pavlosGreenfrog: is there hci0:17:04
Greenfrogtype: primary bus: usb17:05
iseneI would like colors retained when I pipe to less (like it naturally does in Termux on my phone). But `less -r` or `less -R` or export LESS='-r' does not achieve this on my system. Is there some shadow exports or some setting that I can look at to debug this?17:05
pavlosGreenfrog: there should be about 20 lines for hci0:17:05
j`eyisene: the program youre piping has to emit the colours too17:06
Greenfrognope only one17:06
j`eygrep for example has --colour=always17:06
Greenfrognext is TU: 64:117:06
isenej`ey: In Termux, `ls | less` give colors, but not on my Ubuntu 20.04 (or earlier for that matter - it has never yielded colors)17:07
Greenfrogok mouse works on roommates computer just not this one17:07
j`eyisene: what about ls on its own?17:07
pavlosGreenfrog: https://superuser.com/questions/1520483/connecting-logitech-m720-mouse-with-bluetooth-linux-and-windows17:07
j`eyisene: try ls --color=always | less -R17:08
isenej`ey: Now that does indeed work. Maybe ls in Termux is set to ls --color=always ?17:10
j`eyisene: try `alias`17:11
isenej`ey: Bingo; ls='ls --color=yes'17:13
isenej`ey: Thanks for helping me not attack the cactus17:13
j`eyisene: np!17:13
Greenfrogusing hcitool lescan does not work on this laptop set sccan parameters failed: input/output error17:14
Greenfrogis there another bluetooth command i can use in terminal to see what bluetooth is available?17:16
Greenfrogok going to logitech17:22
Coco_kid594join #gentoo17:43
Greenfrogok, found a stupid easy answer for the mouse bluetooth issue17:44
Greenfrogthis laptop is bluetooth 2.1 and the mouse is 4.0 using the inclosed tongle in the mouse battery compartment connected instantly17:45
Greenfrogproblem solved :)17:46
Greenfrogweeeeeee, its working fine now :)17:48
Greenfrogi speak of myself: what a maroon :P17:51
bnyspnkerHi all, i have a problem launching an old codebase which should be started with ./startup &19:17
bnyspnker"sudo: unable to execute ./startup: No such file or directory"19:17
leftyfbbnyspnker: chmod +x startup.sh19:17
bnyspnkereven though the startup file is in the same directory as i do that command19:17
bnyspnkeri tried that19:17
bnyspnkerit is not .sh though, simply startup19:18
bnyspnker(an old MUD codebase)19:18
leftyfbbnyspnker: you'll need to seek support from whoever manages said codebase. This really isn't an ubuntu support issue.19:18
bnyspnkerYeah they stopped development for that like 20 years ago :)19:19
bnyspnkerNo it is not, just wanted to check if perhaps someone knew by chance19:19
eeoshi everybody! 20.04.1 does not recognise the correct mode for external monitor .... How do I force the correct mode?19:23
ioriabnyspnker, probably a 32 bit binary ; run 'file startup' or whatever it is19:25
bnyspnkerioria it is an C application, just compiled it19:26
ioriabnyspnker, run 'file startup'19:26
bnyspnker"startup: C shell script, ASCII text executable19:26
ioriabnyspnker,  an ascii file canoot be a 'compiled' thing19:27
bnyspnkerno i meant that i compiled all the .c files first19:27
ioriabnyspnker,  meaning it's not compiled (or linked)19:27
ioriabnyspnker, you compiled nothing19:28
bnyspnkerok, well my knowledge is not that great so that is why i came here asking for help. If you dont want you can simply ignore me that is ok19:29
ioriabnyspnker, not the pace, sy19:29
bnyspnkerNo worries, is there any good place to ask for a thing like this perhaps?19:30
leftyfbbnyspnker: try ##linux maybe?19:30
ioriabnyspnker, ##linux19:30
bnyspnkerok i will, tnx!19:30
Siecjein sudoers how to do I allow a user to run a script as root19:32
pavlosSiecje: https://serverfault.com/questions/75620/ubuntu-let-a-user-run-a-script-with-root-permissions19:48
oerhekshe found out in ##linux it was a csh thingy19:50
Siecjepavlos: Thanks19:55
eeoshi everybody! 20.04.1 does not recognize the correct xorg mode for external monitor .... How do I force the correct modes? Monitor ThinkvisionP32u1019:55
oerhekseeos, how do you connect that monitor?20:00
oerheksand what is the output of 'xrandr´20:00
bostongeek36any i3 users here?20:19
Habbiebostongeek36, if you have a specific question about i3, best to just ask it20:27
Habbie-                dq:addAnswer(pdns.A, newCAFromRaw(redirect):toString())20:27
Habbie+                dq:addAnswer(pdns.A, string.format(string.byte(redirect, 1,4)))20:27
Habbie-                dq:addAnswer(pdns.AAAA, newCAFromRaw(redirect):toString())20:27
Habbie+                dq:addAnswer(pdns.AAAA, nstring.format('%x:%x:%x:%x:%x:%x:%x:%x', struct.unpack('>HHHHHHHH', redirect)))20:27
Habbieit's not pretty but it works :D20:27
Habbiewrong channel for those pastes20:29
KOLANICHhi everyb0dy20:39
rjwiii hid teh deck! Neeeeeeet Spliiiiiiit!20:51
oerheksclouds come and go ..20:53
janisozauron launchpad, how can I learn the git revision using a recipe on a git project? `ls -la` shows there's no git and neither git-build-recipe nor dpkg-buildpackage mention anything about it.20:54
janisozaur"no git" was meant to read "no `.git` directory"20:55
wb235hi since upgrading to 20.04, audio volume is really low in mpv and some other video players but is louder in VLC. anyone know why one video player would suddenly have low max audio while others don't? i've had audio issues in general, having to run pulseaudio -k on computer startup for audio to work at all21:01
Digital_WarriorAnyone have a few min for a question?21:02
Digital_WarriorWhen booting I am getting a systemd-networkd.service: start request repeated to quickly.21:02
Digital_Warriorjournalctl shows21:02
Digital_Warriorsystemd-networkd.service: Failed to execute command: Permission deniied21:02
Digital_Warriorsystemd-netowrkd.service: Failed at step EXEC spawning /lib/systemd/systemd-networkd:21:02
Digital_WarriorPermission Denied21:02
Digital_Warriorthe file is owned by root:root with permissions set to -rwxr-xr-x21:02
Digital_WarriorRunning 20.04 server21:03
bostongeek36wb235: you can use pulseaudio volume control to change the volume of each app independantly21:07
bostongeek36or your going deaf21:07
bostongeek36a man goes to a doctor he says doc im getting this weird buzzing i don't know where its coming from21:07
bostongeek36the doc says first of all your going blind its your cell phone21:08
wb235i should be able to change the volume in the media app itself though.. if i was going deaf it wouldn't be obviously louder in VLC vs barely audible in mpv21:08
bostongeek36pavc will do that21:08
wb235will do what?21:08
wb235are you suggesting some apps are failing to interact with pulseaudio correctly in 20.04 so i need to adjust it directly and not the media app's volume controls?21:10
jaybeersI'm wanting to set up a local package cache since I have multiple VMs all pulling the same packages for their dist-upgrades; been looking at "apt-cacher-ng", "apt-proxy", and "approx".  They all seem like they kinda do the same thing; is there one that's generally preferred?21:16
Habbiejaybeers, 10 years ago i used apt-cacher-ng and it worked well for me; i know that's not the best information but it's what i have21:18
jaybeersyeah, I used apt-cacher (not -ng) waaaay back in the day and it worked OK (it worked fine, just that the first download would always fail because it didn't have the package yet.21:21
jaybeersno big deal though, just do it again in five minutes21:22
rfmjaybeers, I've used apt-cacher-ng for years now.  Looking at approx it looks like it requires editing sources.list to change all the lines to point to the proxy, as opposed to apt-cacher-ng where one leaves sources.list alone and put a proxy spec in the options21:24
rfmjaybeers, advantage of the proxy spec is it's really easy to turn off if needed (like the proxy machine is down)21:25
jaybeersright on21:25
jaybeersyeah, or if you control your own DNS you can just point the proxy hostname to a different host21:29
jaybeersok, sounds like apt-cacher-ng it is :)  Thanks for the input!21:29
DiogoConstantinoHi all21:35
oerheksclouds come and go ..22:55
rfmI've looked at them from both sides now22:55
=== court_jester is now known as easter_egg
dw1my comp stalls out for 80s on boot, then boots normal, and there's a wayland crash log https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/pqr6ySbJ9W/23:47
dw1only thing changed is i tried to run gnome-font-viewer and it froze everything then i powered off23:47
dw1well i ran the Fonts app and it froze everything.. couldnt scroll or click on anything23:48
dw1i think thats gnome-font-viewer23:48
dw1i did install oibaf PPA amd drivers.. but rebooted after that and no crash23:49
dw1and i tried removing them and it still crashes23:49
dw1dmesg https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/6jNcBdys8H/23:50
tomreyndw1: try a newer kernel. linux-oem shoould provide one, or !mainline23:58
tomreynalso update the mainboard firmware, it's from may, but you have current hardware23:58
tomreynif none of this helps, try disablingsecure boot just to see whether ti helps23:59

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