DarkTrickbrainwash, interestingly enough, I could not start them via systemd00:18
DarkTrickbrainwash, ah, so startup would only disable ./config/autostart/tracker*00:19
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brainwashDarkTrick: exactly09:08
brainwashDarkTrick: therefore, it's not a bug in Xfce (unless you want Xfce to have an interface to configure systemd user services)09:10
DarkTrickbrainwash, then it's not an Xfce bug, but an xubuntu bug, where would I report an xubuntu bug? Or could it be a ubuntu bug saying that tracker* is configured as `autostart` AND service, where it should really be only either one?09:42
brainwashDarkTrick: are you certain it is autostarted?09:43
brainwashit could be some application (Nautilus) starting it09:43
DarkTrickbrainwash, I did not thoroughly analyze it, but they are getting started during bootup - even before logging in. I would guess nautilus is not yet present at that time (except there is some hidden feature of nautilus I'm not seeing)09:49
DarkTrickAlso, if I change /usr/lib/systemd/user/tracker*.service to /usr/lib/systemd/user/tracker*.service.disabled they don't get started anymore09:50
brainwashyou'll have to find out why they are enabled/activated by default09:54
brainwashcould be packaging or an upstream decision -> GNOME09:55
DarkTrickby "they" you mean the services or the "autostarts"?09:55
DarkTrickbrainwash, ↑09:56
brainwashDarkTrick: tracker and its miners10:02
brainwashyou apparently don't want them to run10:04
DarkTrickbrainwash, well.. I think they are enabled because they are part of the system, I guess? 10:04
DarkTrickSo having them autostarted by default is not the problem I see10:04
brainwashah okay10:05
DarkTrick(sorry, miscommunication :/ )10:05
DarkTrickThe problem is, that they are not easily disable-able10:05
brainwashyou can disable them via systemctl10:06
DarkTrickbecause they apparently get autostarted from two different positions: ~/.config/autostart and through systemd10:06
DarkTrickregarding xubuntu the problem arises, when using "session and startup", because the user *thinks* they have disabled it, while it is still started by systemd10:06
DarkTrickso the system is not clear towards the user10:07
brainwashisn't this true for pulseaudio too?10:08
brainwashit has an autostart launcher I think10:08
brainwashanother example is xfsettingsd which has an autostart entry, but Xfce starts it anyway as part of the session10:10
brainwashthe entry is meant as fallback10:10
brainwashmaybe that's the case for tracker too10:11
DarkTrickbrainwash, this sounds to me, that the system is even more flawed in this area10:12
DarkTrickIf the user can turn something off, that gets started anyway, that's the system lying to the user10:13
DarkTrickThe question would then be: who is is charge (project) and what is to change...10:14
brainwashthe system isn't lying10:22
brainwashI don't know how to solve this10:23
brainwashthat info text is gone in Xfce 4.1610:24
brainwashmy idea was to add a hint to explain that autostart can be done through other ways also10:27
DarkTrickbrainwash, thank you for your input. I guess I'll go with a "config problem" for now. As it seems this also happens on ubuntu, I will move the bug there and see what happens.10:30
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