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nopjust tried to install 20.04.1 LTS on a ryzen workstation... installer crashed10:05
nopwas trying to manually partition a ssd and hdd10:06
nopa 1tb NVME ssd with 650 mb EFI partition, 32 gb swap, rest / (ext4)10:09
nopwe have a pretty intrusive firewall, could that be the reason?10:11
gnrpnop: What does it mean, the installer crahsed? What happened?10:13
gnrpdid you try again already?10:13
nopi'm just trying again10:15
nopthe GUI installer literally said that it crashed10:15
nopi'm just trying again with 1. safe graphics 2. not formatting / mounting the hdd 3. no 3rd party drivers10:15
gnrpthe firewall should not cause the installer to crash10:16
nopnow it worked10:16
gnrpand a 1tb nvme ssd should not make any trouble either10:16
gnrpok, good^^10:16
nopi had specified a mount point of /mnt/d for the hdd10:16
gnrpthe usual "have you tried turning it off and on again" works apparently^^10:16
nopis that a problem? because the usual mountpoints are all in root10:16
nopgnrp: that shouldn't be acceptable on linux tho10:17
gnrpif it is not root, why should that be a problem?10:17
nopidk maybe it fails to create the directory10:17
gnrpnop: Why not acceptable? We are talking about systems with millions of lines of code. Stuff crashes all the time10:17
nopon a production linux system nothing should be crashing10:18
gnrpI don't know if the installer does it. If not, your system will probably refuse to boot and you have to create the mount point10:18
nope.g. a server10:18
nopthe mount is not necessary its just a scratch disk10:18
* gnrp tries to remember a server he had that never crashed. Nope, empty list...10:18
gnrpnop: Doesn't matter if it is necessary, it depends on how it is entered in fstab. If it is marked as auto and the mount fails, the boot will fail10:19
nopoh ok10:19
gnrpthe system does not know whether it is necessary, it just sees it fails10:19
gnrpif you want to make that user-controlled, don't specify a mountpoint and you can do it via thunar. Then it will be mounted in /media/$username, though10:20
nopfor the very latest nvidia driver i still need to download the installer from nvidia right?10:20
nopna, i will enter it in fstab later10:20
gnrpnop: There are the nvidia driver packages, if you enabled using the non-free repositories10:22
gnrpthe package nvidia-current is what you arel ooking for10:23
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