lynorianis working now00:03
lubot<kc2bez> Yup, it should be. I could see some new ones there.00:03
lubot<kc2bez> I restarted the service.00:03
lubot<RikMills> anyone looking at fixing the fcitx-qt5 ppc63el symbols in proposed?13:09
ItzSwirlznot me soz but i'll take a quick look13:35
ItzSwirlzyeah uh no thx13:40
lubot<teward001> @kc2bez [I think @teward001 restarted the phab service last time that went wonky.], this still broke?16:01
lubot<teward001> @kc2bez [I restarted the service.], ah OK yeah just restarting the service is usually good enough16:01
lubot<kc2bez> Yup, seemed to fix it.16:01
wxli just accepted a bunch of accounts on phab. keep an eye out for spam18:15
Eickmeyer[m]^ This is why we can't have nice things.18:21
lubot<teward001> *goes and makes wxl do things*18:23
lubot<teward001> wxl: pretty sure the three new phabricator accounts are spammers lol18:31
lubot<teward001> :P18:31
wxlwell since you can't count (there's a lot more than three)…18:32
wxlas a rule i do not accept account requests with unverified emails18:33
wxlthere were a couple of those that were quickly whisked away18:33
lubot<teward001> i mean the three new ones ;)18:34
lubot<teward001> but yes18:34
lubot<teward001> i don't observe the queues :)18:34
lubot<teward001> i leave those to you18:34
lubot<teward001> wxl: you have a broken task to fix on Phab18:37
wxlyou can fix it18:37
lubot<teward001> aaaaaactually no I can't18:37
lubot<teward001> phone won't let me close out that task you originally made18:37
lubot<teward001> for the SRU for 19.10 tasks18:37
lubot<teward001> there we go18:38
lubot<teward001> @kc2bez if https://phab.lubuntu.me/T133 still needs handled it needs to go to a new task spot, since T130 (the parent) is dead now18:38
wxltold you you could :)18:38
lubot<teward001> *smacks wxl for not doing maintenance regularly anyways*18:39
lubot<kc2bez> @teward001 [@kc2bez if https://phab.lubuntu.me/T133 still needs handled it needs to go to a …], 19.10 is dead, long live 19.10 :P19:17
lubot<teward001> 19.10 is dead, long live 20.04 :P19:32
lubot<teward001> @kc2bez on that note, someone was trying to install Disco19:32
lubot<teward001> (from lubuntu.net - found it on the reddit)19:32
lubot<kc2bez> Yeah they don't update.19:33
lubot<teward001> yup19:35

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