DarkTrickMaik, I felt this is not a support question in it sense, because I don't have a specific problem00:38
lotuspsychjegood morning02:09
akem_Good morning.03:50
marcoagpintoWhen will 2022 arrive for a new LTS?05:47
marcoagpintoit seems to be ages away05:47
Maikwhat's the rush?05:48
marcoagpintoI am so eager05:48
Maikgo Rolling Rhino or any other rolling distro :P05:49
marcoagpintoBuaaaaaaaaaaa... I only have one glass left of cola :(05:53
marcoagpintocola ends fast05:53
marcoagpintoI have a closed bottle but it is for tomorrow05:54
Maikstill have some stock, zero and cola/fanta mix06:00
marcoagpintoI want so badly to win the Euromillions tomorrow, 130 000 000 EUR, retire and fund open-source projects06:01
marcoagpintoopen-source is my everything06:01
Maik11 bottles zero, 4 bottles mix and one orange (fanta)06:01
Maiknot that i drink zero, it's for the kids06:02
marcoagpintoI try to drink zero06:02
marcoagpintobut yesterday I drank a bottle of zero and a can of normal06:02
Maiki want to cut on cola and energy drinks, get back to water, healthier foos and do some exercise06:03
marcoagpintoI am trying to exercice twice a week06:05
marcoagpintobut on the weekend job at the supermarket I already exercise a lot06:05
Maiki do too at my job, 5 days a week, sometimes 6 and working between 8 to 10 hours06:08
marcoagpintoI work 8 h + 8 h06:08
marcoagpintosaturday + sunday06:08
Maikbakery ;)06:09
Maiknightshifts only by the way06:09
JohnGavrHello to Ubuntu friends14:52
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