AsciiWolfrbasak, hi, I will have to update my torbrowser-launcher SRU... there is a new (simple) patch needed since Tor Browser 10.0 release: https://salsa.debian.org/pkg-privacy-team/torbrowser-launcher/-/commit/fa3115fbf6c2d298b12c1ccee8f679c13682c92c11:54
AsciiWolfI have already tested the patch and it works fine11:55
rbasakAsciiWolf: sounds good, thanks11:55
AsciiWolfthe patch is in Debian Experimental... should I wait until it gets pushed to Debian Testing/Unstable or can I update the SRU now?11:56
rbasakAsciiWolf: could you create a new bug to track the version number situation being broken please11:56
rbasakWe need the fix in Groovy before we SRU it11:56
rbasakThe bug can track the status of that11:56
rbasakIf appropriate, we can sync into Groovy from Debian experimental11:56
rbasakWe're in feature freeze in Ubuntu, so we can do that sync only if there are no feature changes11:57
rbasakOtherwise we can fix the bug by cherry-picking the fix into Groovy too11:57
AsciiWolfalready did: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/torbrowser-launcher/+bug/1896752 :)11:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1896752 in torbrowser-launcher (Ubuntu) "Version checking error in torbrowser-launcher since Tor Browser 10.0 was released" [Undecided,New]11:59
rbasakGreat! :)11:59
teward*was told to look here*12:12
tewardrbasak: worst case I can manually nitpick the patch in and get that in as a bug, if we need to12:12
tewardtorbrowser's one of the essential tools for cybersecurity people to dissect email spam links,etc so :)12:13
teward(I'm subbed to both bugs now)12:13
tewardalso thanks AsciiWolf for tolerating my pickyness - after enough years of having rbasak and the rest of the SRU team tell me "none" is not a valid justification, I get picky over it :012:13
teward(assuming sync isn't an option)12:13
tewardlooks like my IRC client sent stuff out of order >.>12:14
teward*kicks his IRC client*12:14
rbasakteward: thank you for looking at torbrowser-launcher. Shall I leave it to you then please, to arrange with AsciiWolf as needed to get an SRU upload when ready?12:33
rbasakteward: I also have bug 1888749 on my list that I think you sponsored the first time, if you don't mind looking again please?12:33
ubottubug 1888749 in sup-mail (Ubuntu Focal) "sup-mail broken and unusable after Bionic to Focal upgrade" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/188874912:33
tewardrbasak: yeah, I can handle getting the SRU upload handled/ready when it's ready.12:36
tewardso long as you keep the bugs updated with status AsciiWolf (I don't check IRC as much as I should anymore >.>)12:36
tewardrbasak: sup-mail is already uploaded but in NEW it seems12:37
tewardwhich means you and AAs need to go poking12:37
tewardunless something happened that I missed?12:37
tewardor are you asking me to review and give SRU my blessing on it?12:37
ItzSwirlzHey guys, any MOTU's available to help me get reviews/sponsors?12:38
tewardrbasak: yeah, this is AA/SRU territory now: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sup-mail/+bug/1888749/comments/812:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1888749 in sup-mail (Ubuntu Focal) "sup-mail broken and unusable after Bionic to Focal upgrade" [Medium,In progress]12:39
tewardbeen uploaded there since July, but y'all slacking ;)12:39
ItzSwirlz:clap: :clap:12:39
tewardrbasak: also looks like there was a *second* upload of the same package/version as well later12:39
rbasakteward: ah. I didn't realise it was in NEW. Thanks!12:40
tewardrbasak: my two cents: reject the one that Lucas uploaded and accept mine from July if there's no other functional changes12:40
rbasakI will check it over from an SRU perpsective and then see if I can find an AA.12:40
tewardrbasak: but yes it's in NEW so up to you guys to handle it12:41
tewardItzSwirlz: you realize we all have about a trillion tasks to handle yes?12:41
tewardsince we're approaching major freeze points :12:41
ItzSwirlzteward: No need to be toxic here and I TOTALLY understand that (past knowing you)12:41
tewardand no that's not me being toxic12:41
tewardthat's me making a statement12:41
ItzSwirlzBut 1) we have already passed about half of our freeze points12:41
ItzSwirlz(I'm the one being toxic maybe)12:41
teward> Hey guys, any MOTU's available to help me get reviews/sponsors?12:41
tewardyou need specifics12:41
ItzSwirlz2) My patches have been waiting since uhhh lets see12:41
tewardnot just ask "is anyone available to help with XYZ"12:42
ItzSwirlzOh yeah theres a queue for that12:42
tewardrbasak: ^ your turn12:42
ItzSwirlzTeward I understand but however I'mt rying here to make things easy12:42
ItzSwirlzAnd at the end of the day if I do want those sponsors for my application it relies on them12:42
ItzSwirlzI hope you understand my point.12:43
ItzSwirlzSo am I, approaching our freeze opints12:43
ItzSwirlzAnd if you think they are all Focal, I have one groovy so /shrug12:43
ItzSwirlzteward: Understood?12:45
ItzSwirlzYou do your job and I'll do mine.12:45
tewardDetected: hostile-client. Response: Not willing to assist.   Your hostility in this matter ain't helping you.12:45
teward*goes to fix a few hundred other things on his radar today including a broken email server for a client*12:46
ItzSwirlzHos.. tility? huh?12:46
ItzSwirlzGo check the IRC logs12:46
ItzSwirlzThat aside, anybody else around?12:51
ItzSwirlz58 people online, I'd assume about 10 of those are MOTUs, let's not with the dead silence12:54
ItzSwirlzSeriously guys?12:57
ItzSwirlz(dead silence)13:20
ItzSwirlzI continue to wait since 9/15.13:29
AsciiWolfteward, sure, I will keep updating the SRU ticket :)14:14
AsciiWolfI am waiting for the second torbrowser-launcher patch to be added in Groovy, will update the Focal SRU afterwards :)14:15
ItzSwirlzI think you can status track in groovy14:16
ItzSwirlzWhile nothings happening, is anyone here able to assist me on my Cinnamon DE SRUs?14:33
ItzSwirlzIt has been an hour, nor esponse15:35
tewardAsciiWolf: if we want to expedite it I can nitpick the patch (from Experimental) into the package and put it into Groovy16:04
teward(I'm in the midst of poking some things at the moment though)16:05
tewardthat's relatively trivial16:05
AsciiWolfteward, that would be great, thanks! :-)17:05
AsciiWolfI will update the Focal SRU right after it is patched in Groovy :)17:08
tewardAsciiWolf: chances are both SRUs will get updated by me *before* the patch lands in Groovy :P  Because the SRU will be both of them (and I can write the debdiffs too, to include both patches)17:11
tewardAsciiWolf: chances are both SRUs will get updated by me *before* the patch lands in Groovy :P  Because the SRU will be both of them (and I can write the debdiffs too, to include both patches - in some SRU cases we can batch fixes together, like this one)17:11
tewardbut i have a few things to do first17:11
tewardblah i keep forgetting this ain't slack or such17:11
AsciiWolfteward, yay! :)17:32
AsciiWolfthanks! :)17:33
tewardyep, i'm in the middle of things right now so can't address it yet17:33
tewardAsciiWolf: is the key issue also an issue in Groovy?17:33
tewardi'll address both.17:34
AsciiWolfbut Focal needs one more patch, see: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/torbrowser-launcher/+bug/189608517:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1896085 in torbrowser-launcher (Ubuntu) "[SRU] Backport patch to update Tor Browser Developers public key into Ubuntu 20.04" [Undecided,New]17:34
AsciiWolfteward, feel free to use my SRU bug ticket if you want :)17:44
tewardoh i intend to :P17:58
tewardAsciiWolf: i know i'm subbed to both bugs ;)17:58
tewardGroovy needs 1 patch, Focal needs 217:58
tewardi think17:58
tewardhas Groovy gotten the updated key patch yet though?17:59
tewardrbasak: to sync you in on it, i looked at torbrowser-launcher in Debian, the only changes between Unstable and Experimental are bugfix packages and a no-change rebuild for buster-backports18:00
tewardwhich is what they're using experimental for18:00
AsciiWolfyup, the updated patch should already be in Groovy :)18:00
tewardso i'll have to do something more along the lines of a merge for Groovy18:00
tewardAsciiWolf: if I don't get to it today I'll get to it tomorrow18:00
AsciiWolfI picked the key for my focal sru debdiff from latest source package from groovy ;)18:00
AsciiWolfteward, ok :)18:00
AsciiWolfthanks again for working on it!18:01
tewardAsciiWolf: are https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/torbrowser-launcher/+bug/1896085 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/torbrowser-launcher/+bug/1896752 the only two bugs I need to address for this upload/SRU?18:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1896085 in torbrowser-launcher (Ubuntu Groovy) "[SRU] Backport patch to update Tor Browser Developers public key into Ubuntu 20.04" [Undecided,In progress]18:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1896752 in torbrowser-launcher (Ubuntu Groovy) "Version checking error in torbrowser-launcher since Tor Browser 10.0 was released" [Undecided,In progress]18:04
AsciiWolfteward, yes :)18:46
AsciiWolfif you want, there is one more thing18:46
AsciiWolfbut that is optional and up to you...18:46
AsciiWolfhowever, it would be nice if it was fixed in Focal :)18:46
AsciiWolfteward, https://salsa.debian.org/pkg-privacy-team/torbrowser-launcher/-/commit/f83349ae954a888a7913ac64c98dbb53a284932f , https://salsa.debian.org/pkg-privacy-team/torbrowser-launcher/-/commit/68908ebd6567fad56642c57d2fb1f75dad6efe4a18:48
AsciiWolfthese two gpg fixes :)18:48
AsciiWolfthey are also already in Groovy18:49
AsciiWolfby the way, the version fix is now in unstable: https://salsa.debian.org/pkg-privacy-team/torbrowser-launcher/-/commits/debian/sid/ :)18:50
AsciiWolf*version comparison fix18:50
AsciiWolfand I see that they also added an apparmor fix: https://salsa.debian.org/pkg-privacy-team/torbrowser-launcher/-/commit/87859bce5779f89b37c4e4be334f7e1670b0a9f3#8d7b992e6498241fd42bd62f09b292c2af70ed1d18:51
AsciiWolfbut as far as I know, this fix is needed only on systems with older libstdc++ such as older stable Debian or (probably) Ubuntu 18.04... it should work fine without this fix on Focal18:53
AsciiWolftl; dr: if you want, you can add patch for https://salsa.debian.org/pkg-privacy-team/torbrowser-launcher/-/commit/f83349ae954a888a7913ac64c98dbb53a284932f and https://salsa.debian.org/pkg-privacy-team/torbrowser-launcher/-/commit/68908ebd6567fad56642c57d2fb1f75dad6efe4a19:05
AsciiWolfif not, just add the version checking fix patch and new devel key patch and it should be fine :)19:06
AsciiWolffor Groovy, just add the version checking patch or sync (as a Freeze Exception, if possible) the latest 0.3.2-14 package from Unstable :)19:07
AsciiWolfteward, oops, I see that the libstdc++ version appears to be the same in Ubuntu Focal/Groovy as in Debian Stable :(19:15
AsciiWolfso, ignore what I said, you probably need to backport the AppArmor patch as well :( in both Focal and Groovy19:15
AsciiWolfso, to sum this up:19:21
AsciiWolffor Groovy, you will need to backport: https://salsa.debian.org/pkg-privacy-team/torbrowser-launcher/-/commit/fa3115fbf6c2d298b12c1ccee8f679c13682c92c#4683e32f16f357bd7bdda440e5d9123dde283449 and https://salsa.debian.org/pkg-privacy-team/torbrowser-launcher/-/commit/87859bce5779f89b37c4e4be334f7e1670b0a9f3#8d7b992e6498241fd42bd62f09b292c2af70ed1d19:22
AsciiWolffor Focal, you will need to backport the same two patches + the new developer key patch that is already in my SRU19:24
AsciiWolf+ optionally, for Focal, you can (but don't have to, it's up to you) also backport the gpg fix: https://salsa.debian.org/pkg-privacy-team/torbrowser-launcher/-/commit/f83349ae954a888a7913ac64c98dbb53a284932f , https://salsa.debian.org/pkg-privacy-team/torbrowser-launcher/-/commit/68908ebd6567fad56642c57d2fb1f75dad6efe4a19:26
AsciiWolfthat's all :) sorry for spamming this chat19:26
tewardprobably easier to sync it since it's just bugfixes in the packaging19:28
tewardfor Groovy19:28
tewardAsciiWolf: for Groovy though it may take up to a day to be picked up.  `Debian version 0.3.2-14 has not been picked up by LP yet. Please try again later.`19:31
tewardLP has to see it first and it's not published yet on tracker.debian.org so...19:31
tewardprobably tomorrow for Groovy19:32
AsciiWolfok :)19:32
tewardthen i'll backport the patches for SRU19:32
RikMillsit should get picked up in a few hrs19:32
RikMills6 - 8hrs is usually the max I see19:33
tewardi'll check again before going to sleep19:34
tewardand if not tonight then when I wake up tomorrow since tomorrow is a day off ;P19:34
AsciiWolfgotta go offline, see ya tomorrow!19:34
RikMillssome of the debian servers were down earlier, so a delay is possible19:35
tewardRikMills: indeed, that makes sense20:05
AsciiWolfteward, regarding the gpg fix for torbrowser-launcher Focal SRU, I just found out that Linux Mint does not have the gpg2 alias in default install, so I will be really happy if you include the gpg fix in the Focal SRU as well :)20:48

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