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-SwissBot:#ubuntu-news- ::Planet:: Podcast Ubuntu Portugal: Ep 109 – Quem não tem cão, caça com Pi @ https://podcastubuntuportugal.org/e109/22:03
wxlLubuntu Members has its latest cardholder, Leó Kolbeinsson aka leok. I think ya'll are mentioning Ubuntu Members but I'm not sure you're getting updates on members from other flavors (e.g. Kubuntu). We don't deal a lot with them, but there ya go.22:52
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krytarikwxl: Have you got an announcement we can link to?  That's usually how we get aware of any new member stuff.22:55
wxlwell i guess we can make some somewhere. where do Ubuntu Members end up? the fridge?22:56
krytarikThey usually get mailed to any list after selection.22:57
krytarikWhich also usually includes the ubuntu-news-team one.22:58
wxli was meaning the announcement link you are requesting22:59
krytarikYes, me too.23:00
wxlso posting to the ubuntu-news-team would suffice?23:01
wxllike that would be the link in and of itself?23:01
krytarikFor example, we also get news from LoCo directly to there occasionally - so that's perfectly fine for membership stuff too.23:02

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