locknetHey guys, is there a way to fix a "grub_calloc not found" error without running a live iso?02:10
locknetMostly because this server is running in a VPS02:10
sarnoldlocknet: there's some instructions for aws on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/KnowledgeBase/GRUB2SecureBootBypass#Cloud_instances_.28e.g._AWS_EC2.2902:12
locknetyeah, but I do not have AWS :(02:15
sarnoldthere's links there for google compute environment and azure on detaching and attaching volumes for a rescue instance02:16
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shubjerocoreycb: I think there is an issue with python3-cinderclient in the bionic train repo. https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/GDqpMwQkjF/16:32
oerheksline 20 worries me; 138 not upgraded?16:34
shubjerocoreycb: Looks like removing python-cinderclient before installing python3-cinderclient works16:35
shubjerooerheks: 138 not upgraded because when I added the train repo and did an apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade it failed on python3-cinderclient16:35
shubjeroim re-running dist-upgrade again16:35
shubjeronow that I resolved python3-cinderclient16:35
tewardcoreycb: looks like python{,3}-cinderclient has a conflict in that both are attempting to write to the same tabcompletions file16:49
tewardcoreycb: so either a "conflicts" on one or the other (so they aren't coinstallable) or a separate -common for the tabcompletion to be installed as a dependency for one or the other might solve it16:50
tewardcc shubjero16:50
shubjeroteward: yep, and first thing i tried was to remove the tabcompletion file and then re-run the apt install python3-cinderclient but it still didnt like that. My solution was to first uninstall python-cinderclient16:50
tewardshubjero: that's normal because dpkg has independent ways to track if two packages touch the same file16:51
tewardwhether the file exists or not16:51
shubjeroAnyways I'm doing a stein to train upgrade in my lab and making notes for when I do this in prod. Yes, im one of the few who still has an .deb install of openstack in production :)16:51
tewardhence why i said eitehr "Conflicts" between the two python packages or a separate -common pulled in as a dep for both python packages to do the tabcomplete or smth.  (Something I'll leave in coreycb or oerheks's hands :P)16:51
coreycbshubjero: tahnks for the msg, did you happen to open a bug yet?16:52
shubjeroSwitching away is too much work and personally I've done around a dozen openstack upgrades without much headache thanks to the ubuntu teams hard work :)16:52
shubjerocoreycb: no, i havent16:52
shubjerocoreycb: I can take a few minutes to open a bug if you would like16:53
coreycbshubjero: let's use https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-cinderclient/+bug/184151616:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1841516 in python-cinderclient (Ubuntu) "dpkg installation fails due to file conflict between python-cinderclient and python3-cinderclient" [Critical,Incomplete]16:53
shubjeroOh nice, already reported16:54
coreycbshubjero: thanks. I'll get it on our radar and triage it.16:54
shubjerocoreycb: I marked the bug as it affects me, thanks again!16:55
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shubjerocoreycb: Does neutron require any db sync/upgrade commands? I don't see any mentions in documentation of 'neutron-db-manage' like in previous upgrades.17:44
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coreycbshubjero: I would think so, yes17:45
coreycbshubjero: I'd recommend checking the upstream docs though, there won't be anything different in distro17:47
jayjo_I am trying to virtualize my pfsense deployment alongside ubuntu in order to also run some other services on the same hardware. I have experience with qemu + kvm for running VM's in ubuntu, but I haven't done anything like forwarding NICs before. I'm willing to put in more research if there's a better way to do it. Is there a recommendation for virtualizing alongside another Ubuntu VM?23:17
jayjo_I don't have experience with Proxmox, but it comes up a lot in "KVM vs ..." searches.23:26

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