jrwrengood morning14:45
cmaloneygood morling14:49
jrwrenare we having fun yet?14:53
cmaloneyI think so14:54
_stink_letme check15:18
greg-gnot quite15:58
greg-gmy joke on mastodon didn't get very good traction yesterday. It came to me while making lunch:15:59
greg-gFree range chicken in New Hampshire:15:59
greg-g"Live Free and Die"15:59
greg-git'd be a good name for a chicken farm. As would "Live Free and Dye" for a tie-dye shirt store16:00
jrwrenyou moving to NH?16:01
_stink_i like it greg-g16:03
_stink_but if you  heard some of the jokes i make you might not be flattered16:03
greg-gjrwren: heh, nope, if I had to move to the NE, it'd be Vermont.16:03
greg-g_stink_: I... thanks :)16:03
greg-gjrwren: all of the mom's FB groups carrie is from northern CA are all full of people fleeing and moving to Vermont or somewhere else without fires :/16:04
greg-gcovid (aka working from home) and major fire season == tons of people wanting to move16:05
jrwrenabout time.16:07
greg-gluckily the house down the street, in a much less desirable location, just sold for $300k more than what we spent on ours. It was just recently renovated after years of renting it out. Nothing really special. A 2bed 1 bath plus a studio ADU. We don't have the ADU, but I plan to build an office/shed in the back.16:12
greg-gso maybe we should finish up our shit and just move now, only a year after buying....16:13
jrwrenbest do it now before teh whole RE market goes south in cali.16:13
jrwrenonce people realize they can buy a palace for the same price in the midwest, on a lake, why would anyone live in cali?16:14
jrwrenassuming their FAANG employer will pay them the same salary.16:14
greg-gthey won't16:19
greg-gwe don't16:19
greg-gwe have 3 levels of pay for the US: SF/NYC, Portland/Seattle/Denver/some other cities, Everywhere-else16:19
greg-g100%, ~90%, and ~82%, respectively16:20
jrwrenoh, so not HUGE16:20
greg-gbut, moving to eg: Nevada would instantly save me 10% in state taxes, so.....16:20
jrwrenusing those adjustments, a FAANG base salary of 200 still translates to a nice 164k midwest16:21
jrwrenhaha... I know a guy who spent a few years ain Cali... then a few years in Neveda and is now back in AA16:21
greg-gyeah, I could survive in MI :)16:21
jrwrenwell, Ann Arbor.16:21
greg-gThat'd be our move if we did it: exburb of A216:21
jrwrenthe rest of MI is a lot cheaper.16:21
greg-gCarrie's parents live in Chelsea, sister in south ypsi, so A2 would be ideal16:22
jrwrenboth beautiful places.16:22
jrwrensouth ypsi, or ypsi township?16:23
greg-guh, probably township16:23
greg-gsome little developed neighborhood with cookie-cutter homes built probably 20 years ago16:23
jrwrenactually... looks like Troy housing prices are about on par with Ann Arbor now. Crazy.16:23
jrwrenyeah, one of the teachers at our elementary school lives in that neighborhood, or a close one. :)16:24
greg-gI think this one: https://goo.gl/maps/mCRxNThWR13WvqSw916:24
jrwrenI get my maple syrup from a farm on south edge of Chelsea... better than anything from vermont :P16:25
greg-ghah, nice16:25
greg-gyeah, her parents live in a "cabin" of sorts on a private gravel road with 2-5 acre lots. Too bad it's all sandy soil.16:25
greg-gI mean, that's the only real downside. That and the high voltage power lines16:26
jrwrenyou can grow that soil into something great in a few yrs time :)16:26
greg-gtrue true, truck in some poop!16:26
jrwrenget some chickens and let them poop :)16:27
greg-gheh, it does have an HOA of sorts, would have to figure out the rules.16:27
jrwrenah, bumme.16:28
jrwrenwait... ypsi or the chelsea place?16:28
greg-gthere's a "road committee" or something. You pay for maintenance. Not actually sure about other rules honestly.16:28
jrwrenah, cool.16:28
greg-gwest of downtown chelsea, about 3/4 of the way to where that road (A2-Ypsi) hits 94 again16:28
jrwrenyeah, one of my daughters friends lives on a place like that just north of ypsi right along the huron.16:28
greg-ger, A2-Dexter, not A2-Ypsi road16:29
jrwrenwest or east?16:30
jrwreni see waht you mean... looking at map... Cavanaugh Lake Rd?16:30
jrwrenright along the rail tracks?16:30
greg-gactually no, off of 12 (I forgot it was 12). Between 12 and the railroad tracks.16:32
greg-gI can find my way around, I just forget the names :)16:33
greg-gnear that river thing on the map, but it's not much of a river more of a swamp16:33
jrwrenmuch highway noise there?16:38
jrwrenmy dream is to get rich and buy a farm in the area :)16:40
jrwrenbut... it is just a sillly dream16:41
greg-gI remember there bit some yeah16:45
greg-gtheir house is on the highest point in that neighborhood, so they get it the worst.16:45
greg-g(they aren't rich, far from it, but they were able to retire at least. He worked shipping at a chemical supply place, she was an instructor at WCC)16:45
jrwrenoh yeah, I didn't mean to imply they were rich. I'm saying I want to be a rich hobbyiest farmer ;)16:46
greg-goh, I was actually replying to my point about them being on the top of the hill ;)16:47
jrwreni'm at the top of a hill in a subdivision.16:49
jrwrenIt is kinda annoying, I can hear too much stuff from the neighborhood.16:49
Scary_GuyThere's a salon around here called "Curl up and Dye." Always thought that was cute.18:03
jrwrenso I just switched from comcast business to ATT fiber gigabit. I get 770/289 says speedtest on a fast workstation behind my router/server.  my wifi laptop still 94/94 because wifi and it is old and slow :slightly_smiling_face:19:00
Scary_GuyYeah but I hate both those companies.19:02
greg-gI was so sad that I had to move from Petaluma before they got Sonic fiber :( Sonic.net is good people.19:04
greg-gnow I'm on Spectrum, :(19:04
jrwrenI mean... ATT owns HBO. lul19:08
Scary_GuyI can do without that too.  Even more reason to pirate GoT :P20:41
_stink_+ .5 only21:02

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