tomreynmaybe try !kernelparm  "exp_hw_support=1" as well00:00
tomreynmaybe try !kernelparm  "amdgpu.exp_hw_support=1" as well00:01
tomreynthe latter00:01
tomreynin your dmesg you can see how your problems are all amdgpu driver (and thus kernel version) related, occur before wayland even loads.00:02
dw1i had no problem for a long time, then i installed oibaf drivers and i guess that broke things00:04
dw1even after i ppa-purged it00:04
dw1but i rebooted after installing them and they were working without a crash00:04
tomreynsometimes you only run into problems on the next but one reboot, or after switching between different OSes00:05
tomreynbecause one of them doesn't shut things down properly00:05
dw1Fonts crashed though and i had to hard boot00:06
dw1then it started happening00:06
retran 00:08
dw1welp dkms doesnt support 5.800:08
oerheksnext groovy gives 5.8 ..00:09
dw1i dont really want to mix versions by modifying apt sources or anything like some recommend, or upgrading to 20.1000:19
dw1so ill try the amdgpu-pro driver again and then maybe another open source one00:19
dw1the pro has problems.. i want to use an open source one00:20
dw1but i understand oebif ppa is development versions00:21
YazilliclickAnybody able to help me with ethernet connection not working on fresh 20.04 install?00:22
pavlosare you connected with ethernet cable (wired) ?00:50
YazilliclickAnd the connection was fine in WIn 10 just before I did this install01:02
pavlosdoes the command, ip addr show         gives you01:04
pavlosan inet address01:04
YazilliclickHave IP manually set in that but not working, though says connected01:06
pavlosnot working means you cannot ping google.com ?01:07
YazilliclickCan't ping anything and if I switch to DHCP I get popup message "Activation of network connection failed"01:08
YazilliclickThe USB in the output of that command is my phone i have tethered right now so I have a connection01:09
dw1ahh the oem kernel in default repo worked instead of mainline01:24
dw1no crash on boot and using the latest mesa driver, no proprietary package ┗(-_-)┛01:24
lamiastellahi do you know how I could fix this error? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/R824MVXyrz/ E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)  Errors were encountered while processing:   /tmp/apt-dpkg-install-khqbUA/01-libnvidia-common-450-server_450.51.06-0ubuntu0.20.04.2_all.deb01:25
dw1though i used 1028 not 1008 as mentioned01:25
pavlosYazilliclick: can you check in win10 if Fast boot is enabled? can you turn it off (in System, power settings, ...)01:34
pavlosYazilliclick: other option, reboot your router and set up your network as dhcp01:35
YazilliclickI installed over  top of win 10, but checked bios and fast boot is disabled.01:37
YazilliclickAlso router is setup for DHCP, I was just trying manually set01:37
YazilliclickAlso rebooted router01:38
pavlosyour pastebin shows inet
YazilliclickYeah that was when I had it manually set01:40
YazilliclickThere's one when set to DHCP01:41
YazilliclickAlso when set to DHCP I get popup message of "Activation of network connection failed"01:41
pavlossudo systemctl restart NetworkManager01:43
YazilliclickNo change01:45
pavlosnmcli device show eno101:45
pavlossuggestion, settings>network, settings, remove connection profile, and then let the system rebuild upon reboot01:51
nano11bravosudo reboot now01:51
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YazilliclickSame thing01:59
pavlospaste /etc/netplan/01-network-manager-all.yaml02:01
pavlossystemctl status network-manager.service02:03
pavlosthe netplan is ok02:03
Bashing-ompavlos: Yazilliclick: "failed for connection 'Wired connection 2' " ... what then is connection 1 ?02:07
pavlosmaybe create a new connection, set it to dhcp and point to the eno1 interface02:08
pavlosno idea why it is not getting dhcp02:09
YazilliclickBashing-om that'd be my phone that's usb tethered02:09
pavlosthe phone is usb0 device02:10
YazilliclickYeah but it has a name of Wired connection 102:11
lamiastellacould someone help me? I'm really stuck :( E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)  Errors were encountered while processing:   /tmp/apt-dpkg-install-khqbUA/01-libnvidia-common-450-server_450.51.06-0ubuntu0.20.04.2_all.deb02:11
pavlosin the network settings, is somewhere to un/check prefer to use this connection for all ?02:12
guiverclamiastella, the error should be further up the messages; the 'returned error code' is a summary from the calling routine, not the routine that spat out the error message02:13
Yazilliclickpavlos Not that I see but I mean I've had this as the only connection and same problem02:13
YazilliclickOnly tethered phone because it wasn't working02:14
pavlosYazilliclick: wired 1 is tethered phone and wired 2 should be net cable to the router02:15
lotuspsychjelamiastella guiverc i saw a few bugs passby yesterday regarding 450, not sure if related but bug #189672302:15
ubottubug 1896723 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-450 (Ubuntu) "package nvidia-dkms-450 450.66-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 failed to install/upgrade: installed nvidia-dkms-450 package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 10" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/189672302:15
lamiastellalotuspsychje: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1277348/01-libnvidia-common-450-server-450-51-06-0ubuntu0-20-04-2-all-deb-e-sub-process could you please have a look?02:16
Yazilliclickpavlos Yeah that's how they're named righ tnow02:16
lotuspsychjelamiastella: do you have a server? and wich nvidia chipset are you on?02:18
guiverclamiastella, I see a number of "Package libcuda1 is not installed" errors in the askubu post, they need to be dealt with.. I'd have responded on askubu earlier if I was familiar with cuda, but I've no experience with it sorry02:18
pavlosYazilliclick: what if you delete wired 2 profile, create a new profile, set it to dhcp and pick the mac addr of eno102:19
YazilliclickHave done that, same thing.  Believe that'd also be basically the same as when you had me delete it and reboot to recreate it.02:19
lamiastellalotuspsychje:  this is my own gaming laptop (I use for deep learning), I have GeForce 2070 RTX mobile GPU.02:20
pavlosif you reboot your system and run a live iso, would it get an ip from your router?02:20
pavlosYazilliclick: if you reboot your system and run a live iso, would it get an ip from your router?02:20
lotuspsychjelamiastella: your apt says dependency issues, did you add external ppa's to your system?02:21
lamiastellaI might have in the past. I cannot remember now. Is there a way to fix this dependency issue? lotuspsychje02:21
lotuspsychjelamiastella: first please purge your external ppa's off your system to revert ubuntu to vanilla sources, check your sources.lisy02:22
lotuspsychje!ppapurge | lamiastella02:22
ubottulamiastella: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html02:22
guiverclamiastella, the package i mentioned is NOT available in official repos, why I left it https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=all&searchon=names&keywords=libcude102:22
lotuspsychjelamiastella: after the sources back to vanilla, we can see to install a proper nvidia driver for your card02:22
guiverc(left it, meaning when I read i when originally posted on askubu before you came here)02:22
lamiastellaok http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html sounds a little scary. I don't know which one to use lotuspsychje02:22
lotuspsychjelamiastella: you are the owner of your system, you 'should' recall what you add and whatnot02:23
lotuspsychjelamiastella: a clean sources.list for ubuntu, would contain sources with only ubuntu official repos02:24
lamiastellasorry lotuspsychje I am not one of the people with best memory. Since I also have two other machines.02:24
lotuspsychjelamiastella: pasterbin your sources.list and volunteers can give you hand, take a look for you02:25
lamiastellaok lotuspsychje https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Y8FMHPfvNh/02:26
Yazilliclickpavlos Booted from live usb, wired connection works here02:27
lotuspsychjelamiastella: that looks sane, what about your sources.list.d please?02:27
pavlosYazilliclick: that tells me your installation is hosed. Any chance you can reinstall?02:28
YazilliclickYeah just wish I knew how it got hosed so don't repeat02:28
pavlosYazilliclick: doubt it you did something wrong ... do a 20.04 re-install02:29
lamiastellathanks for checking https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/SrXMScYjzz/ here is it lotus02:30
lamiastellahttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/SrXMScYjzz/ lotuspsychje02:30
YazilliclickAlrighty thanks for all the help pavlos02:30
nano11bravoYazilliclick, why are you usb tethering your phone for testing or for internet access.02:30
pavlosYazilliclick: no worries02:30
nano11bravothe dev nightly should help02:31
lotuspsychjelamiastella: ok tnx, lets remove the nvidia/cuda ppa02:31
Yazilliclicknano11bravo Because I didn't want to type all this on phone for help and not be able to copy and paste results02:31
nano11bravo*smh* are you trying to boot ubuntu on your mobile?02:32
Yazilliclickuh no02:32
lotuspsychjelamiastella: aka; http://developer.download.nvidia.com/compute/cuda/repos/ubuntu2004/x86_6402:32
Yazilliclickphone was usb tethered for internet access02:33
YazilliclickAnyways rebooting for reinstall now02:33
nano11bravohey Bashing-om... long time no see.02:36
Bashing-omnano11bravo: Hey I been here for all to see :P02:37
nano11bravoI know, you are such a trusty unicorn.02:39
lamiastellahow do you want me to remove nvidia/cuda ppa? should I use sudo apt-get autoremove --purge cuda  ? or what other command do you suggest to use? lotuspsychje02:42
jayjo_is there a way to add more disk space to a qemu kvm machine? i'm trying to boot tails, and it says it has only 1GB of space but needs at least 8GB02:46
arktvrvsmake a bigger disk file02:46
Yazilliclickpavlos Reinstall seems to have done the trick, fingers crossed it keeps working :)02:56
lamiastella how do you want me to remove nvidia/cuda ppa? should I use sudo apt-get autoremove --purge cuda  ? or what other command do you suggest to use? lotuspsychje are you here?02:58
pavlosYazilliclick: great03:05
lotuspsychjelamiastella: no, you need to purge the ppa03:05
lotuspsychjelamiastella: follow the instructions on !ppapurge03:05
lamiastellalotuspsychje: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/tzxH6TcctR/03:07
lamiastellawhat is the command I should use for purging the ppa lotuspsychje03:07
lotuspsychje!ppapurge | lamiastella03:08
pavlosyou can install ppa-purge (sudo apt install ppa-purge), then remove a ppa with sudo ppa-purge ppa-url03:11
lamiastellalibnvidia-gl-450-server: Depends: libnvidia-common-450-server but it is not installed03:11
lamiastellalibnvidia-gl-450-server:i386: Depends: libnvidia-common-450-server but it is not installed03:11
lamiastellapavlos: didn't work https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/mh7ncv9t2B/03:12
lamiastellaalso what is the ppa url I am supposed to removed with ppa-purge? pavlos03:13
pavloslamiastella: can you use synaptic to fix broken? the ppa-url is what shows in the software & Updates. You can also use, sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:PPA_Name/ppa03:15
lamiastellasorry I am not in the same level as you or lotuspsychje hence I am here to get help pavlos I don't know what is the URL I should use right now. Do you know?03:16
lotuspsychjelamiastella: follow the advice pavlos gave ; )03:17
pavloslamiastella: let's try gui, settings, Software&updates, second tab03:17
pavloslotuspsychje: sorry I jumped in03:18
lotuspsychjepavlos: im a group volunteer, i like the opensource way of fixing things togheter ; )03:18
lamiastellahow do I share photos here? pavlos03:18
pavloslamiastella: no need, I look at my screen, 20.0403:19
pavloslamiastella: but your can take a screenshot and upload to imgur.com03:19
lamiastellaok but I need to show what is select in the second tab pavlos03:19
pavloslamiastella: second tab should read Other Software03:20
lamiastellaok here it is pavlos https://imgur.com/a/fnbm6Kk03:20
lamiastellawhat do I do with it now? How do I know which one I need to remove? lotuspsychje pavlos03:22
pavloslamiastella: you uncheck the nvidia lines (cuda and ML)03:22
pavloslamiastella: do you need to remove just the cuda? then uncheck that03:22
pavloslamiastella: and then it needs a sudo apt update to re-sync03:23
lamiastellaI don't know what I don't need or need! I came here from https://askubuntu.com/questions/1277348/01-libnvidia-common-450-server-450-51-06-0ubuntu0-20-04-2-all-deb-e-sub-process question03:23
pavloslamiastella: let me read that ....03:24
lamiastellapavlos:  still getting the same error after update https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/3DqpY4WCv5/03:25
pavloslamiastella: so you unclicked cuda and ML, did an update but still complains. sudo apt install -f does not fix broken?03:26
pavloslamiastella: it seems you need to remove 4 pkgs in one line, "sudo dpkg --remove libnvidia-common-450-server libnvidia-common-450-server:i386 libnvidia-gl-450-server libnvidia-gl-450-server:i386"03:29
lamiastellapavlos: yes03:30
pavloslamiastella: am trying to get your system to a clean state03:30
lamiastelladarn it. it doesn't work :( pavlos https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/tXJvxMpVmF/03:31
pavloslamiastella: add the the long list of dpkg    libnvidia-gl-450-server03:32
lamiastellawhat do you mean pavlos by "add the ..."?03:33
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pavloslamiastella: no, I mis-read the error. When there are conflicts, we try to delete all pkgs in one line with "dpkg --remove a b c d e" and dpkg seems smart to do it03:34
pavloslamiastella: it complains on libnvidia-ifr1-450-server:amd6403:35
pavloslamiastella: so add that lib to the end of the long dpkg line. I hope I make sense.03:36
lamiastellano I am not sure which "long dpkg line" you are talking about pavlos03:36
pavloslamiastella: "sudo dpkg --remove libnvidia-common-450-server libnvidia-common-450-server:i386 libnvidia-gl-450-server libnvidia-gl-450-server:i386"03:37
pavloslamiastella: make it, "sudo dpkg --remove libnvidia-common-450-server libnvidia-common-450-server:i386 libnvidia-gl-450-server libnvidia-gl-450-server:i386 libnvidia-ifr1-450-server:amd64"03:37
lamiastellathank you. I did and that didn't help unfortunately https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/GpBGDgYtNZ/ pavlos dpkg: error processing package libnvidia-ifr1-450-server:amd64 (--remove):03:38
pavloslamiastella: can you paste, dpkg -l | grep libnvidia03:40
pavloslamiastella: we may have to remove all these pkgs03:40
pavloslamiastella: there may be about 14 of them03:41
lamiastellahttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/QcshnkP97y/ pavlos03:42
lamiastellaI get back to you in a moment03:42
lamiastellaso it didn't work https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/yMDrnWqpn3/ pavlos03:46
pavloslamiastella: you added those in one long line but still errors03:48
pavloslamiastella: let's get a list of everything with nvidia ... dpkg -l | grep nvidia03:50
pavloslamiastella: it will include xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-number03:51
lamiastellasure thanks pavlos https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/gCJfqSTWWZ/03:51
pavloslamiastella: to remove all those 40 pkgs ... sudo dpkg --purge $(dpkg -l | grep nvidia | awk '{print $2}')03:54
pavloslamiastella: (it takes the second field $2 and tell dpkg to purge it)03:55
pavloslamiastella: dpkg -l | grep nvidia should be empty03:56
lamiastellathanks pavlos https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/cFCn6sVH5G/ nice !! only one couldn't be purged pi  libnvidia-compute-450-server:amd64         450.51.06-0ubuntu0.20.04.2            amd64        NVIDIA libcompute package03:57
pavloslamiastella: use the same cmd to remove anything with libnvidia ... sudo dpkg --purge $(dpkg -l | grep libnvidia | awk '{print $2}')03:58
pavloslamiastella: dpkg -l | grep nvidia should be empty and dpkg -l | grep libnvidia should be empty04:00
pavloslamiastella: sudo apt autoremove should remove all those04:04
pavloslamiastella: switch back to nouveau ... sudo apt install xserver-xorg-video-nouveau04:04
pavloslamiastella: reboot04:05
pavloslamiastella: now, your system should use the nouveau driver and then you can decide to re-install the nvidia drivers your want (cuda, ML)04:06
lamiastellapavlos: unfortunately doesn't work https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/PXTjgjpxkD/04:10
lamiastellaI need to install CUDA 10.2 and appropriate NVIDIA driver (not sure how to download them though so I wouldn't break the system again)04:10
pavloslamiastella: so now it conflicts with libcuda* pkgs04:12
lamiastellaalso, I documented that here since it is very hairy https://askubuntu.com/questions/1277366/errors-were-encountered-while-processing-libnvidia-compute-450-serveramd6404:13
pavloslamiastella: use the same method to get rid of anything libcuda04:14
lamiastellaI removed all cuda still doesn't work https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/WscJdmfZhK/ pavlos04:16
pavloslamiastella: this libcuinj64-10.1:amd64 seems to be the issue04:17
pavloslamiastella: cleaning up nvidia is a pain ...04:18
pavloslamiastella: you got rid of anything cuda*, anything libnvidia*, anything nvidia* ... is should be almost clean04:21
lamiastellayou are very smart pavlos good job worked04:21
pavloslamiastella: sudo apt update is clean?04:22
lamiastellanow I need to install CUDA 10.2 and the appropriate driver.  could you please confirm if "sudo ubuntu-drivers install" is the correct command for installing the correct NVIDIA driver pavlos ?04:22
lamiastellayes it is clean04:23
nano11bravonvidia hardware isn't always friendly with #free-software04:23
pavloslamiastella: I believe that is the correct method, sudo ubuntu-drivers install. Can you take a snapshot of your system so it you mess up, you can revert to a clean state?04:24
lamiastellausing $ sudo apt install timeshift ? pavlos?04:25
pavloslamiastella: yes04:26
pavloslamiastella: and when you config the gui, you can tell it to create a snapshot now04:27
lamiastellapavlos:  I am not sure if it did created the snapshot I did next--next--next etc https://imgur.com/a/UmjdEKQ04:29
lamiastellanvm figured04:30
pavloslamiastella: first button upper left, create.04:30
lamiastellathanks pavlos https://imgur.com/a/AxXrS6304:30
lamiastellahow can I force https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-install-cuda-on-ubuntu-20-04-focal-fossa-linux to install CUDA 10.2?  pavlos04:32
pavloslamiastella: that article looks ok, 4 months ago04:33
lamiastellaok so it would automatically install 10.2 I guess04:34
pavloslamiastella: I think the cuda repo is more uptodate than ubuntu, go to developer.nvidia.com I think04:34
lamiastellawhat is your cuda version?04:35
pavloslamiastella: I use to have 10 but my project ended so I purged them all :)04:35
pavloslamiastella: step 5 shows Cuda compilation tools, release 10.2, V10.2.8904:36
lamiastellaoh btw https://askubuntu.com/a/1277367/165324 thanks pavlos04:41
pavloslamiastella: you also removed anything nvidia*04:47
lamiastellathank you I edited it https://askubuntu.com/a/1277367/165324 pavlos04:54
pavloslamiastella: looks good04:56
lamiastellado you know why in vim when I click on 'arrow keys' in types C? https://imgur.com/a/g4hpEK905:00
amanda-is it possible to upgrade from 20.04 to 20.10 (yes i know testing not stable blah blah)? if so, can someone point me to the doc?05:08
pavloslamiastella: in vim, :set nocompatible ... to make it permanent, echo "set nocompatible" >> ~/.vimrc05:20
Slamztried Ubuntu on rasberry pi and apt-get install xubuntu-desktop, selected gdm and it installed GNOME too and became completely unusable hot mess. nice.05:34
MaikSlamz: you at least need a fan and heatsinks. And use desktopify for installing a DE.05:36
SlamzI only have heatsinks and no intention of installing fan, you mean it overheated?05:37
Maiki run Ubuntu (Gnome) on a Pi 4 and the temp stays around 39 to 45 °C with fan and heatsinks05:37
Slamzit rebooted just fine05:37
SlamzI have 3B+05:38
Maikah, with a 3B+ i have no experience.05:40
Slamzdoes 4 really need fan to work properly?05:41
Maikto prevent overheating yes05:41
Maikand if you want to run buntu on it with a DE. With raspbian it's just ok.05:42
Slamzi'm thinking about going back to raspbian, maybe do fedora and centos detours05:43
Maikgood luck then :)05:44
Slamzthanks! wow freebsd has fully working raspi build too, intereesting :)05:46
Slamzbut seriously that was such an letdown. but it wasn't all useless play, at least I learned my original 2.5A powersource was inadequate, ubuntu showed that voltage warning all the time05:47
Maikthat's someting for offtopic since this channel is for support with Ubuntu and it's official flavors only :)05:47
Maikfreebsd and stuff i meant05:47
SlamzI know05:49
lamiastellathanks pavlos it is fixed05:58
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AckTwiceHi, dual booter here, I have a problem with my SDHC card reader, can I ask about that in here?06:09
Maik!ask | AckTwice06:10
ubottuAckTwice: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:10
AckTwicejust making sure lol didn't want to get yelled at06:10
AckTwicebut here goes06:10
AckTwiceI'll start with my OS info06:12
Maikif it's a large output please use https://paste.ubuntu.com/06:13
AckTwiceOS:Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS x86_64 - Host: 80EC Lenovo Z50-75 - Kernel: 5.0.0-36-lowlatency -- So basically I'm trying to read an SD Drive(to mount an image onto). When I insert the sd card into my computer nothing shows up in Naut, nothing shows up in `gnome-disks`, and dmesg spams the message "mmc0: error -5 whilst initialising SD card" a few times06:16
mceierAckTwice: does lspci show O2 Micro ?06:16
AckTwiceThe card's filesystem should be NTFS if that matters06:16
mceierif so try adding sdhci.debug_quirks2=0x80000000 to kernel arguments (I have lenovo and O2 micro and this is workaround required to make it work)06:17
AckTwice@mceier idk what that is but grep doesn't show it06:17
mceierwhat controller is it then ? lspci should show "SD Host Controller"06:18
AckTwicethere's no such line in there06:19
AckTwicethis might be the problem lol06:19
mceierweird ;)06:19
AckTwicelspci output: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/KWPGbbgK9Y/06:20
lamiastellais there a way to create a screencast of what I type in Google not the whole screen in Ubuntu?06:22
lamiastella(I have firefox)06:22
mceierAckTwice: what does 'zgrep CONFIG_MMC_SDHCI /proc/config.gz' show ?06:23
mceierAckTwice: maybe you need to load the module06:23
mceierhmm, but that would be weird - you wouldn't have the error in the dmesg06:24
AckTwicelsmod has these lines: rtsx_usb_sdmmc         28672  0rtsx_usb               24576  2 rtsx_usb_sdmmc,rtsx_usb_ms06:24
AckTwicebad paste06:24
mceierso it's usb06:24
AckTwice@mceier no such file or dir06:26
mceierI don't have realtek card reader so I can't help you with it06:27
AckTwiceI think the problem might be I don't have sdhci installed so I'll try that06:31
lamiastellawhich setting in ~/.vimrc is causing problem that I should remove herE? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/yX69r2s4fy/06:31
mceierAckTwice: the drivers you showed suggest it's USB card reader from Realtek; lsusb should show it, instead of lspci06:31
AckTwiceRealtek Semiconductor Corp. RTS5129 Card Reader Controller does this look like it?06:33
mceierAckTwice: maybe this will help you: https://github.com/asymingt/rts5139 it's old, but maybe works06:34
mgedminlamiastella: it's not "set filetype indent on", it's just "filetype indent on", like you already have near the end, so just remove the bad line 306:38
mgedminlamiastella: also line 10, it's not "set colorscheme wombad256mod", it's just "colorscheme wombat256mod"06:38
mgedminlamiastella: also you're welcome in #vim if you have any more vim questions!06:38
AckTwice@mceier checking it out thanks06:39
janisozauron launchpad, how can I learn the git revision using a recipe on a git project? `ls -la` shows there's no .git directory and neither git-build-recipe nor dpkg-buildpackage mention anything about getting your repo/revision06:44
lamiastellacould you please have a look at my question? https://askubuntu.com/questions/1277390/torch-cuda-is-available-false-after-a-fresh-installation-of-drivers-and-cuda even after fresh installation of cuda and nvidia-driver, still I get error for nvidia-smi :(06:45
IndustrialHi. How do I change the default browser from the console?07:10
kalekalesudo update-alternatives --config <browser>07:11
kalekalewait no07:11
kalekalesudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser07:11
IndustrialThere is only one alternative in link group x-www-browser (providing /usr/bin/x-www-browser): /usr/bin/firefox07:12
kalekaleand then find the browser's path, and then export BROWSER=<path>07:12
IndustrialI want chromium :D07:12
IndustrialI see07:12
mgedminIndustrial: do you have the chromium-browser apt package installed?07:15
mgedminthe chromium snap doesn't know anything about debian's alternatives system07:16
mgedminthe apt package is an empty-ish thing that installs the snap and also sets up alternatives07:16
Industrialmgedmin: ah!, thanks :-)07:17
Industrialmgedmin: worked07:21
nvshi #ubuntu, I use a vpn with my ubuntu mate-gui networkmanager, when I connect to the vpn all my connections run through the vpn, but mate-weather app and mate-clock which are in the task bar, still use the regular internet connection instead of using the vpn? how can this be fixed?07:23
AckTwicemy memory is bad but i think it was @mceier ? If I could give you a hug rn my person07:24
AckTwicethat repo? 10/10 worked amazing. Messed up my grub output a bit but idc  it works ty so much for that find07:25
mceierAckTwice: cool ;)07:26
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nvsi am using the gui-style networkmanager in my taskbar, but sometimes the vpn gets disconected leaving my clear internet connection exposed, how to prevent fix? i am using mate on an ubuntu btw08:50
eeoshi everybody! 20.04.1 LTS 64 bit does not recognise the correct modes for an external monitor (HDMI) ThinkVision 32u10 ....09:31
OnkelBladeHi all. I have two monitors - the original laptop's one, and an external monitor. The res of the former is 3200x1080, while the external one has 1920x1080. I need to scale them independigly my KDE doesn't allow it09:35
OnkelBladeI'm gonna try configuring it using xrandr, but I'm not sure how it's gonna play with KDE's settings. Should I somehow disable KDE's capabitilies?09:36
OnkelBladein scaling I mean09:36
sylvainnnn4Hello all, i don't know if i'am in a good place, but i need some help.... I'm trying to install dualboot unbuntu in my windows, i have flash usb , ( it works on  another computer) i fixed my boot , that launch usb , but when i do "try ubuntu" i have a black screen, and no logo unbutu,, i tried "nosetmod" but doesnt work.... Someone have a issue09:46
sylvainnnn4idea ? thanks a lot  !09:46
sylvainnnn4ps  : my computer is a lenovo ideapad 70009:47
wyounglenovo :/09:50
sylvainnnn4yes i know... is not better choice of lmy life09:50
dynetrekkHi, I'd like to use python3.7 specifically on ubuntu18.04 specifically. But when I `apt install python3.7-venv` I get prompted to install python3-venv which seems strictly unnecessary, as it drags in python3.6. How to fix?09:58
kalekalesudo apt install python3.7 python3-venv python3.7-venv10:04
kalekalepython3.7 -m venv py37-venv10:04
kalekale. py37-venv/bin/activate10:04
dynetrekkkalekale sure but then I've got python3.6 installed, which I don't want, as it drags in quite a bit of dependencies10:07
kalekalei dont know how wise would if be to do this, but just purge python3.6 and then install 3.710:09
dynetrekkkalekale it's for a docker image so I want to run just python3.7 inside, basically10:09
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scroat0 08-17 * * 1-5    #  Will this cronjob run 8:00AM-5:00PM Mon-Fri.   Correct?12:18
BluesKajHi all12:30
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asdfghi have chromium and i am noticing that its gliching12:52
asdfghvideo images are rendered very bad12:53
asdfghit is a page from amazon12:54
asdfghwhen i scroll i see those errors...12:54
kalekaleasdfgh is it the same with firefox?12:56
asdfghkalekale, no12:56
asdfghfirefox works good12:56
asdfghi found this: https://www.linuxslaves.com/2018/09/ways-to-fix-google-chrome-screen-flickering-ubuntu-linux.html maybe it could work but i do not understand the reason12:57
asdfghi tried the installation with snap and from google.com directly12:57
leftyfbasdfgh: try https://www.lifewire.com/hardware-acceleration-in-chrome-412512212:57
asdfghsame problem12:57
asdfghleftyfb, i am trying12:59
asdfghit happen after i suspend the pc13:00
asdfghi try to suspend again and check13:01
leftyfbasdfgh: that sort of information is useful. Reboot. If it goes away, then it's unlikely a hardware acceleration issue13:01
asdfghsame problem leftyfb13:02
leftyfbasdfgh: after rebooting and not suspending?13:02
asdfghleftyfb, the problem is the suspending13:03
asdfghusing ubuntu 20.0413:03
asdfghi really do not understand the problem :o13:03
leftyfbasdfgh: I know it's not helpful, but suspending is horrible on ever OS. There isn't a single OS on the planet where suspend works flawlessly every time. I never use it.13:04
asdfghleftyfb, i never had problem with suspend, never ever.... i am using ubuntu from 14.0413:05
asdfghnever had this kind pof problem13:05
asdfghbut it is for chrome only13:05
asdfghchanged the driver to xorg same..13:06
asdfghhmm really not usable13:06
asdfghsame vulkan13:08
asdfghi try13:08
kalekalepurge it and reinstall?13:08
asdfghkalekale, i did two installs one from google and one from snap13:09
asdfghsame problem13:09
asdfghyes i purged before13:09
asdfghnow i have enabled vulkan in chrome://flags13:09
kalekaleeither try building for source or just use another browser for the time13:10
asdfghtry to suspend again and see what happen13:10
asdfghkalekale, yes i was using firefox13:10
asdfghwait wait...vulkan fixed the issue!!13:10
asdfghi do not see it now13:11
asdfghhmmm what is vulkan?13:16
asdfghit seems cool to speed up rendering13:18
asdfghbut idk i try to use it13:18
asdfghnow i test restarting the pc too13:18
asdfghguys pardon for the stupid quesiton but chromium and chrome is the same thing?13:19
asdfghshould i usme or chromium ?13:19
xtaochromium is open source, chrome is closed source. google take chromium, add lots of proprietary stuff, and release it as chrome13:20
xtaodifferent branding, google specific APIs, more telemetry tracking etc13:20
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fredlHi folks, is it possible to configure systemd-resolved such that it contacts a certain DNS *only for a certain TLD* ?14:02
leftyfbfredl: you want a local DNS server configured for that TLD and a forwarding nameserver for everything else. That is not something you do client side14:03
fredlleftyfb - it's about resolving services in a remote google cloud environment14:04
fredlWhich is accessible through a VPN tunnel only14:05
leftyfbfredl: I understand the premise14:05
fredlWe can't easily copy the contents of their GCP DNS to the local server14:05
leftyfbfredl: you don't need to. bind9 allows you to specify a forwarder for a domain ... though not sure about TLD14:06
fredlSo remove systemd-resolved altogether?14:07
leftyfbfredl: by .tld, do you mean like .google or something? Because I don't know that that is even possible14:07
leftyfbfredl: again, your client has nothing to do with this14:07
fredlaaah okay I see what you're saying14:08
fredlWhich gives me an idea, I know my company uses powerdns and I'm quite certain that pdns can do it14:08
fredlBut the pdns server cannot reach the IP of the google cloud dns14:09
leftyfbfredl: either way, this really isn't an Ubuntu support issue. At best it would be in #ubuntu-server14:10
Habbiesystemd-networkd can do per-link DNS settings btw14:10
Habbieand resolved honours those14:10
fredlWell it is though.14:11
fredlSince I was asking how systemd-resolved can do it14:11
fredlper link DNS settings? oooh14:11
fredlThat's helpful, thanks Habbie14:11
Habbiesee man systemd.network - it has a section that looks very much like the resolved.conf man page but also supports 'routing domains'14:12
rapidwaveCan we upgrade from one LTS directly to another?14:40
genii..so long as the LTS you want to upgrade to has reached at least it's first point release14:41
genii( so in this case gone from 20.04 to 20.04.1 )14:41
LorneCHi All.  I'm on 20.04 - and seems like my browsers keep crashing far too often (chrome, chromium, firefox).  Also, noticed after the upgrade- sometimes waking up screen saver takes 30+secs14:41
LorneCI've tried updating everything... but browsers still crash several times per day14:42
LorneCcan someone help me diagnose the prob?14:43
xtaospeaking of upgrades. is it quite possible to upgrade to the half yearly releases all the time as long as you do it before the go EOL, or is it more recommended to stick with LTS to LTS? i mostly know what i'm doing and want to use later versions of things if possible so i assume that's probably fine right14:59
Habbiextao, certainly if you mostly know what you are doing, that is very possible15:00
xtaocurrently on 20.04.1 and plan on going to 20.10 if that's not going to be a problem15:00
Habbiextao, of course there are other distributions that offer later versions of things at much shorter intervals15:00
xtaoyeah. not going with the rolling release things like arch. there's a balance to be had15:00
xtaothis is just my personal laptop so it's not a huge deal if things go wrong as long as they are easily fixable15:01
reversedeltai hear you.  i used to use gentoo, but as bleeding-edge as they are, they don't support anything but Firefox ESR releases.  back to Ubuntu and happy.15:02
leibniz[m]Why do I need sudo access in ~/mydir?15:04
leftyfbleibniz[m]: normally you don't. Please give more details15:05
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leibniz[m]leftyfb: I've created a folder in home : `~/my_dir/`. But I can't copy or move or delete stuff into it.15:07
leftyfbleibniz[m]: how did you create the directory exactly?15:08
LorneCHi... Im on 20.04... only using web browsers...(Firefox, Chrome) - but they seem to crash every hour !! constantly!  How do i diagnose the problem?15:08
leftyfbleibniz[m]: please pastebin the output of:  getent passwd $USER ; mkdir ~/mynewdir ; ls -l ~/mynewdir15:09
leftyfbLorneC: try running one of them from a terminal. Wait till it crashes and see what errors show up in the terminal.15:10
LorneCleftyfb: ok... will do15:11
leibniz[m]leftyfb:  username:x:1000:1000:User Name,,,:/home/username:/bin/bash15:14
LorneCleftyfb:  OK - did that..I have a couple errors... can you remind me how to paste them somewhere?15:15
leibniz[m]mkdir ~/mynewdir ; ls -l ~/mynewdir15:15
leibniz[m]total 015:15
leftyfb!paste | leibniz[m]15:15
ubottuleibniz[m]: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:15
leftyfbsorry, the last command should be:  ls -ld ~/mynewdir15:15
LorneCleftyfb : https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/4dXhjXKrCS/15:16
leibniz[m]leftyfb: ls: cannot access '/home/username/mynewdir': No such file or directory15:16
leibniz[m]sorry, drwxrwxr-x 2 name name 4096 Sep 24 18:47 /home/username/mynewdir15:17
leftyfbleibniz[m]: please PASTEBIN the output of:  getent passwd $USER ; mkdir ~/mynewdir ; ls -ld ~/mynewdir   # do not type things in manually or edit the output15:18
amosbirdis it possible to add CAP_SYS_NICE to running process?15:18
leibniz[m]https://pastebin.com/X0p8m3EL leftyfb:15:21
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LorneCSeems complex : https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/4dXhjXKrCS/  Can anyone decipher these errors?15:26
leftyfbleibniz[m]: and can you access the contents in ~/mynewdir? Can you save or create a file in it?15:26
Kingsywhat happened to the 'libreadline6' package in 18.04 ?15:27
Kingsyand in 20.0415:27
leftyfbKingsy: pretty sure it's now libreadline-dev15:28
leibniz[m]leftyfb: strage. yes I can. Maybe I created the problematic dir using GUI? How can I fix the permission?15:28
leftyfbLorneC: do you have some details on the OS and machine you're running? kernel version. hardware? arch?15:28
Kingsyleftyfb: but how, there was libreadline6 libreadline6-dev previously.15:28
Kingsythere both just under the same package now?15:28
leftyfbleibniz[m]: sudo chown -R leibniz ~/my_dir/15:29
LorneCsure.  20.02.1 LTS Intel® Core™ i5-4690K CPU @ 3.50GHz × 4 : Intel® HD Graphics 4600 (HSW GT2): 64 bit GNOME 3.36.315:30
leibniz[m]leftyfb: Missing operand after ~/mydir/15:30
leibniz[m]leftyfb: sorry15:31
leftyfbLorneC: there is no Ubuntu 20.02.115:31
LorneCUbuntu 20.04.1 LTS15:32
leibniz[m]leftyfb: thanks it worked15:32
leibniz[m]Was it GUI?15:32
leftyfbleibniz[m]: using the GUI (nautilus?) would not have been the problem.15:33
Kingsyin ubuntu 20 isnt pip3 symlinked to pip by default?15:47
Kingsy/bin/sh: 1: pip: not found15:47
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LorneC...sorry my browser still crashes - kicking me out of here periodically15:59
analogicalI have installed mono have to I use it to run a windows app?16:16
arktvrvsmono will not run ordinary windows programs, only .NET programs16:18
analogicalI know and I want to run a .net program16:18
arktvrvsso mono program.exe16:18
analogicalI get an Unhandled Exception error16:19
analogicalthe version is Mono JIT compiler version (Debian Wed Feb 26 23:23:50 UTC 2020)16:20
arktvrvsthat doesnt tell much. have you tried googling the error?16:20
oerhekssounds like a debian Question to me.16:22
akem_Is there a way to unload/reload all possible kernel modules?16:36
akem_Because some of them need to be remove in a particular order IIRC cause they are used by others, so it's complicated to list them all manually, i was wondering if there is a simple way to do something like that.16:37
Kingsyhmm so both pip and python should be pip3 and python3.. why arent they symlinked? is that considered bad?16:40
lamiastellaI I don't know how to fix this NVIDIA-SMI has failed because it couldn't communicate with the NVIDIA driver. Make sure that the latest NVIDIA driver is installed and running. https://askubuntu.com/questions/1277390/torch-cuda-is-available-false-after-a-fresh-installation-of-drivers-and-cuda16:51
WereCatfSince apparently both 20.04.2 and 20.10 will be using kernel 5.8, where should I request for Ubuntu-devs to backport the rtl8125-driver from 5.9?17:18
jpdsWereCatf: You're probably going to have to wait for https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack17:19
WereCatfjpds: I don't see anything relevant wrt. my question there.17:21
jpdsWereCatf: Unlikely that they'll backport an entire module to an old release, you'll have to wait for a newer kernel to be made available17:21
WereCatfjpds: It's not an entire module, it's just changes to the r8169 to support rtl812517:22
jpdsProbably needs a newer kernel17:22
jpds-> HWE kernel17:22
WereCatfSo, wait until Ubuntu 21.04. Great.17:23
rjwiiiActually, the next LTS version will be 22.04 ... :(17:25
lotuspsychjeWereCatf: did you file a bug?17:26
WereCatflotuspsychje: Bug for what?17:27
lotuspsychjeWereCatf: to your chipset not supported by default17:27
WereCatflotuspsychje: Well, it's not a bug. The support for it was only added in kernel 5.9.17:28
lotuspsychjeWereCatf: if some hardware is not working by default on a kernel version its bug on that kernel17:30
lotuspsychjeor at least deserves a report on launchpad17:30
jbskihello everyone, long time *nix user, but new to ubuntu. Im using 20.04 with the compiz/unity default wm. I want a way to remember what application goes in which workspace, and how many workspaces I have. I've googled around and seen some answers but they're a couple of years old and they dont apply anymore. can someone please point me in the right17:51
jbskidirection? thanks.17:51
fredlSo a 16.04 server that has been dist-upgraded to 18.04 doesn't automatically get converted to using netplan, correct?17:52
lotuspsychjejbski: unity had that workspace switcher icon on 16.04, is that what you want back?17:55
lotuspsychjefredl: come join in #ubuntu-server for likeminded server experts17:55
analogicalI have wine installed how do I use wine to rune a windows app?17:58
jbskilotuspsychje: this is my first time using ubuntu or unity, im coming from freebsd/fluxbox so Im not sure how the old workspace switcher worked. what I want is to say for example. firefox always goes in workspace 2, and whenever I open firefox have it open automatically in that workspace17:58
samuelehi everybody17:58
jbskiI use 8 workspaces and am pretty particular about what goes where, and dont want to configure it every time i reboot17:59
samueleI'm using the following command: xrandr --output HDMI-1 --brightness 0.5 to turn down the screen brigthness on a samsung screen that's connected via hdmi to my laptop. However, after a few seconds (30ish), the brightness gets set back to 100% on its own. what could be causing this?17:59
lotuspsychjejbski: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRBXaE1PNzvHYgNsH7uP90HpbNY21kYkj8Dpg&usqp=CAU18:00
asdfghwhy do i get repository "http://it.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu focal Release" does not have a release file ?18:21
Habbieasdfgh, can you please try: curl http://it.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/focal/Release18:22
samueleI'm using the following command: xrandr --output HDMI-1 --brightness 0.5 to turn down the screen brigthness on a samsung screen that's connected via hdmi to my laptop. However, after a few seconds (30ish), the brightness gets set back to 100% on its own. what could be causing this?18:23
asdfghHabbie, is ok18:23
Habbieasdfgh, and Release.gpg?18:24
asdfghi can reach it too18:24
Habbiethen i don't know, sorry18:24
Habbiedid you try the update a few times?18:25
elias_aHas anyone else noticed that after latest updates Tor browser does not start on 20.04?18:27
tomreyn!info tor-browser focal18:33
ubottuPackage tor-browser does not exist in focal18:34
crunch31good evening everyone18:34
crunch31i got some serious issues with my ubuntu server, which does not have any ethernet connection after recent kernel upgrade by apt18:35
crunch31already tried lots of stuff after googling for hours. need some expert help please18:35
leftyfbcrunch31: step#1 revert to the previous kernel18:35
elias_a!info torbrowser-launcher18:36
ubottutorbrowser-launcher (source: torbrowser-launcher): helps download and run the Tor Browser Bundle. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.2-9 (focal), package size 44 kB, installed size 180 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)18:36
crunch31@leftyfb sorry for my missing knowledge, but I'm a n00b in this. how can i revert back to the old kernel without any hassle?18:36
elias_atomreyn: It exists and has worked until yesterday.18:36
asdfghHabbie, yeah maybe temp error18:37
asdfghproblem with connection18:37
leftyfbcrunch31: https://karlcode.owtelse.com/blog/2017/03/13/reverting-to-a-previous-kernel/18:37
crunch31thanks man, i'll take a look18:37
crunch31but anyways, how can this even happen after upgrading the lts version? i even tried installing a new pci network card, which also isnt working18:38
crunch31lshw shows any network card UNCLAIMED18:38
leftyfbcrunch31: you don't have the modules package installed for the new kernel. We'll get to that once you get booted to your previous kernel and have network access18:39
tomreynelias_a: what's the ubuntu package name then?18:40
tomreynoh you mean the launcher18:40
crunch31alright thanks, i'll get back to you when successfull booted18:40
elias_atomreyn: torbrowser-launcher18:40
tomreyn"In component universe", and i think it has open bugs18:41
elias_atomreyn: Tor browser stopped working after after updates yesterday.18:42
elias_atomreyn: What would not have open bugs. :P18:42
tomreyna couple critical bugs there18:42
tomreynnot just any bugs, but mostly critical18:42
crunch31alright, I booted the previous kernel but network still not working. maybe it's due to the recently installed pci network card. before i used the onboard ethernet18:43
leftyfbcrunch31: try removing the pci card18:43
elias_atomreyn: This clarifies! Thank you!18:43
crunch31but lshw now outputs DISABLED on the network card instead od UNCLAIMED18:43
crunch31well ok. i'd prefer to use the pci card instead of onboard, but i'll remove it for now18:44
crunch31i guess performance issues18:44
crunch31card removed, boot in progress18:45
leftyfbcrunch31: make sure to boot the previous kernel18:46
crunch31network is alive :)18:46
crunch31with prev kernel18:46
crunch314.15 now18:46
leftyfbcrunch31: ok, what version of ubuntu is this?18:46
crunch3118.04 LTS18:46
leftyfbcrunch31: sudo apt install linux-image-generic-hwe-18.0418:46
leftyfbhold on18:46
leftyfbcrunch31: yeah, I THINK that package should pull in the latest kernel and it's modules package18:48
tomreynasdfgh: if you quoted the error message verbatim then you have the word "Release" in your sources.list. and you should not18:48
g105bSince upgrading my system, none of the services are starting at boot. I've never encountered this before, I wonder if anyone can help point me in the right direction?18:48
tomreyng105b: what did you upgrade from and to, and how?18:49
crunch31next reboot to latest kernel?18:49
leftyfbcrunch31: lets check first ...18:49
g105btomreyn: I did an apt full-upgrade18:49
leftyfbcrunch31: apt-cache policy linux-image-generic-hwe-18.0418:49
leftyfbwhich one is "Installed"?18:50
tomreynleftyfb: i think you want the non "-image" one18:50
g105btomreyn: there were broken packages but I fixed them all, everything "seemed" to work fine, but then I rebooted and nothing started automatically.18:50
leftyfbtomreyn: 1 step at a time :)18:50
leftyfbtomreyn: oh, wait, really?18:50
tomreyng105b: but it boots up, and you can work on it, got a shell?18:51
leftyfbtomreyn: is there a difference? I always install the -image one18:51
leftyfbcrunch31: apt-cache policy linux-modules-5.4.0-48-generic18:51
tomreynleftyfb: the one without -image depends on the one with -image, but others, too. and you get automatic removal of old images18:51
leftyfbtomreyn: didn't know that18:51
crunch31installed 5.4.0-48.52~18.04.118:52
leftyfbcrunch31: ok, perfect. Lets reboot first to see if things work. Then we'll install linux-generic-hwe-18.04 to maybe help keep track of things better later18:52
crunch31but now boot to the latest kernel?18:52
tomreynleftyfb: it *may* also pick the signed/unsigned kernel image based on whether secureboot is on18:53
leftyfbcrunch31: yes, which should be 5.418:53
tomreyn(not sure)18:53
crunch31grubs says 4.15.0-11718:53
crunch31now booted to -11518:53
leftyfbcrunch31: try rebooting18:53
tomreyng105b: still around?18:54
g105btomreyn: I@m here18:54
tomreyn<tomreyn> g105b: but it boots up, and you can work on it, got a shell?18:54
crunch31looks good. network is up18:54
g105btomreyn: sorry I missed your message. It's a digitalocean server. SSH didn't start, so I had to go into the virtual console, `service ssh start` did the trick.18:55
leftyfbcrunch31: which kernel are you running?18:55
tomreyng105b: so it's all solved now?18:55
g105btomreyn: No, I have started SSH but there are many services not running, and even SSH doesn't come back after a reboot. I need to learn why this is so I can continue to fix things.18:56
tomreyng105b: i guess sigitalocean can be special, since their images aren't default ubuntu images18:56
tomreyn*digital ocean18:56
g105btomreyn: I don't think it's a Digital Ocean problem.18:56
tomreyng105b: you can inspect the logs using    journalctl -b18:56
tomreynq to quit18:56
leftyfbcrunch31: ok, now install linux-generic-hwe-18.04 just to be sure things keep clean18:57
tomreyng105bor to just share your kernel log:  dmsg | nc termbin.com 999918:58
leftyfbcrunch31: you're good to go18:58
tomreyng105b: this assumes you have a working network connection, can resolve hostnames.18:58
g105btomreyn: those assumptions are correct, but I don't have dmsg18:59
tomreyng105b: whoopy, typo: dmesg | nc termbin.com 999918:59
crunch31wow, amazing. leftyfb you ROCK !18:59
crunch31appreciate your help :)18:59
crunch31no more reboot or anything required?19:00
g105btomreyn: https://termbin.com/s6qb - looks like there's some issues mounting a directory.19:00
EnissayI want to get the version number when there is a match, and empty if none. The following returns the whole input string when no match. Could someone help fix it please:19:00
Enissayversion=$(echo "${INPUT}" | perl -p -e "s/.*version=(\S+).*/\1/g")19:00
EriC^^Enissay: perhaps try #perl ?19:00
leftyfbcrunch31: nope, you're all se19:00
tomreyng105b: you're referring to this?    [    3.942125] FAT-fs (vda15): Volume was not properly unmounted. Some data may be corrupt. Please run fsck.19:00
g105btomreyn: yeah19:01
crunch31perfect. finally running again. thanks again :)19:01
Enissayg105b: Sed should be the same, I am only using Perl to treat input string as whole rather than 1 line at a time19:02
EnissaySo if you can suggest a fix with sed, i am fine19:03
tomreyng105b: it's a FAT file system, should not be critical, unless the VM is UEFI booting, which is uncommon19:03
EnissayEriC^^: ^19:03
tomreyng105b: other than that i don't immediately see major problems in dmesg. maybe share journalctl, too:   journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999919:03
g105btomreyn: thanks for your support so far. here's the output of journalctl -b : https://termbin.com/dwxlu19:04
tomreyng105b: nevertheless, you should fsck vda1519:04
g105btomreyn: I see a lot of "Transaction is destructive" in the paste I sent you.19:05
tomreyng105b: hm, yes, there are more mount problems, maybe those caused some dependencies to fail19:06
tomreyng105b: "var-kurento.mount: Mount on symlink /var/kurento not allowed." and the like is what i meant19:06
tomreyng105b: i'm not familiar with the "Requested transaction contradicts existing jobs: Transaction is destructive." message19:09
g105btomreyn: hm, me neither, but it seems to be the thing that's stopping the services. Looks like it's going to be a long night for me :/19:10
tomreyng105b: the sshd server did come up within 4 minutes of booting, though, and a root user did immediately connect to it19:10
g105btomreyn: I manually started it from the virtual console.19:11
tomreynand this triggers an ssh login?19:11
EriC^^Enissay: whats a sample $INPUT ?19:12
tomreyng105b: i see that's indeed your ip address19:12
g105btomreyn: after rebooting, I couldn't log in to SSH. I assume this is because all of the services, including ssh, were stopped. I managed to start ssh by using Digital Ocean's virtual console (like having a screen and keyboard attached).19:13
g105btomreyn: My IP is currently
arktvrvsbrb virusing19:14
tomreyng105b: so i think the main symptom is    systemd-udevd[1575]: Process '/bin/mount -o ro /dev/sda /mnt/.do-first-mount-Mmw7yRgLn' failed with exit code 32.19:14
EnissayEriC^^: https://regex101.com/r/NnqxLz/119:14
g105btomreyn: I have to go AFK for a few minutes, but thanks for your help so far. I will be back later. Honestly, I would like to hire you to help me for an hour or two. Not sure if that's acceptable.19:14
tomreyng105b: sorry, i don't do this. but you can try asking in #ubuntu-offtopic or ##linux19:15
EnissayEriC^^: input1="  new\nmessage version=1.23  " ==> output=1.23  &&  input2="  new\nmessage version=  " ==> output=<blank>19:16
g105btomreyn: ok thanks anyway, you've been really helpful. I will be back here in a few minutes but I have family responsibilities.19:16
EriC^^Enissay: this is an ugly hack, but here you go | grep -o "version.*" | sed 's/^version=//'19:16
lamiastellaERROR: Cannot uninstall 'llvmlite'. It is a distutils installed project and thus we cannot accurately determine which files belong to it which would lead to only a partial uninstall. --> hOW TO FIX?19:17
tomreyng105b: cool, i might be gone then, but there are plenty others around. just repeat the issue, and point to the two urls you posted so far.19:17
EriC^^Enissay: probably grep -o "version=.*" would be better in case version is somewhere earlier in the message19:17
arktvrvslamia, probably best leave it alone19:17
EnissayExtra step, smart19:18
EriC^^Enissay: maybe try #regexp there's probably a cleaner way19:18
Enissayregex isnt my issue, bash is xD19:19
EnissayI'll check though. Thank <3 EriC^^19:20
lamiastellaarktvrvs: unfortunately, in that case, it doesn't install the package I am intending to install. Please see the complete log of installation here  https://pastebin.com/raw/YRjCx2r119:20
EriC^^Enissay: alright, no problem19:20
arktvrvslooks like may be a python question19:21
snuffy880Hi... Hope someone can advise... I think I did a bad thing... I accidentally formatted /dev/mapper/cryptswap, thinking it was an SD card I had inserted. Nothing has happened yet, but I think if I reboot it might fail? Should I be making a file backup before rebooting or is this an easy fix?19:24
kalekalesnuffy880 its a swap memory, it wont give you much trouble19:27
kalekalesnuffy880 run sudo fdisk -l to see what happens19:28
snuffy880@kalekale thanks... i formatted it with NTFS so guess I need to put it back to whatever file format it should have?19:28
zleapI am trying to run openra under debian using snap, I have managed to install it, but the instructions do not say how to run it, can someone help please https://snapcraft.io/install/openra/debian#install19:29
kalekaleit was a swap memory19:29
kalekaleonce dump the output of sudo fdisk -l on paste.ubuntu.com19:29
snuffy880@kalekale https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/YckB2qxmVZ/  thanks.19:32
kalekalesnuffy880 its fine, nothing is out of the ordinary19:33
snuffy880@kalekale oh, it's definitely formatted to NTFS i'm looking at the GUI disk tool. That will need to be put back to some kind of swap disk format though right?19:34
=== mkv is now known as m4v
kalekaleyes, 82 Linux swap / Solaris19:35
snuffy880@kalekale, ok, I'll look at how to do that. Guess we'll see when i reboot! thanks for your advice.19:36
kalekaleor maybe you dont need to, since your /dev/sda3 is a swap19:36
leibniz[m]`/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.28' not found` What is this error? It has suddenly appeared and caused one of my apps to not run20:10
oerheksrun ldd --version to see what libc version you're on?20:12
oerheksand tell us what you are doing?20:12
leibniz[m]oerheks: `ldd (Ubuntu GLIBC 2.27-3ubuntu1.2) 2.27`... Here is the app https://github.com/getlantern/lantern-binaries/blob/master/lantern-installer-64-bit.deb20:14
leibniz[m]It was working fine...I don't know why it doesn't work anymore.20:14
rapidwaveDoes apt full-upgrade do release upgrade too?20:14
oerheks2.27 vs 2.28 .. must be a long tim ago https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/glibc/20:17
tomreynrapidwave: only if you edited sources.list to point to apt sources for a newer release.20:18
tomreynand you shouldn't20:18
leibniz[m]oerheks: You mean the app has raised its dependency version?  Why was it working fine? I wansn't updaing20:20
oerheksi think you should contact them? https://github.com/getlantern/lantern-binaries seems active but we cannot do anything about binairy blobs20:22
leibniz[m]oerheks: Thing is, I installed it using apt. Could the app update itself without apt knowing, and in a way that raises its libc dependency?20:25
oerheksunlikely you installed through apt., more likely with dpkg -i ..deb20:26
leibniz[m]oerheks: yes20:26
oerheksthat gives no update.20:26
leibniz[m]sudo apt install ./lantern.deb20:26
oerheksif that app updates itself, oh boy20:26
leibniz[m]oerheks: Even when I use sudo apt, the app can update itself?20:26
leibniz[m]oh boy indeed20:26
oerheksnobody knows, it is a binairy blob, we don't have a clue.20:27
leibniz[m]oerheks: From a point of package management, if I install a deb file using apt, can it update itself?20:28
leibniz[m]shouldn't it need sudo?20:28
oerheksagain, it can, as you gave permission with install.20:29
oerheksso, contact them for a fix?20:29
leibniz[m]oerheks: That one time `sudo` gives an app all time permission?20:29
leibniz[m]I thought apt package manager freezes its stuff unless the user asks for upgrade..what would be difference of it from a install.sh20:30
oerheksif the app has an internal updater.. whatever.. i stop here.20:30
leibniz[m]oerheks: thanks20:32
jayjo_I have 3 monitors connected to a workstation, but one of them is HDMI to a TV which is usually turned on and utilizing other input channels. Is there a way to manually toggle an output on & off? I would like to keep the other two displays working normally20:37
wolframHello, I am using Ubuntu 18.04 Mate. No matter in what application I am, unless it uses a non-Gnome 2 based widget toolkit, when I choose 'Open file' I am given a standard system Open file dialog. The matter is that in previous versions of Ubuntu there was an edit line for me to past a path that I alreday had in clipboard.20:42
wolframWow, that is nice tomreyn20:44
wolframDo you know how I cam make it display by default?20:44
tomreynhmm, no, i wouldn't20:44
wolframIs that one of the changes around Gnome to make it feel more "modern" or something? Along the lines of removing scrollbars etc.?20:45
KOLANICHHi everybody20:45
wolframHELLO KOLANICH20:45
KOLANICHIs here anyone who maintainz firefox package?20:46
tomreynthis doesn't seem like an ubuntu support question, do you have one?20:47
coXZist@wolfram i have never used any linux distro with a GUI..sorry20:47
WaltS48The Thunderbird package is a bit outdated.20:47
wolframcoXZist: Interesting. Years ago my graphics card was malfunctioning and I could not start X so I know that this can be done. Good for you I guess.20:48
wolframcoXZist: RAM usage below 300 MB I suppose?20:48
KOLANICHtomreyn: you are right. I have posted a bug report to Debian, but it seems to be ignored.20:48
oerheksfor firefox and thunderbird, snaps are more up2date https://snapcraft.io/firefox https://snapcraft.io/thunderbird20:49
WaltS48Why are other distros packages up to date?20:50
oerheksfunny statement, are they?20:50
tomreynKOLANICH: this is not #debian and it's still not an ubuntu support question, though. this channel is about ubuntu support. there are others.20:51
coXZistwolfram: Most of the time yeah.. Its UB 18.04 Server LTS, Just for DHCP, DNS, DDNS, a couple logical vlans.. so rarely goes above 1GB RAM usage20:51
WaltS48oerheks: I'll let you peruse the security updates here. https://lwn.net/Alerts/20:52
wolframtomreyn: Ctrl-L appears not to work in GIMP 2.8.22 so probably it can be overridden on a per-application basis :/ Thanks for the tip though :)20:53
WaltS48Anyway back to testing the TB 82.0b1 release candidate.20:53
tomreynwolfram: i think it's specific to the gtk version used, but not certain there.20:54
oerheksoh you are testing beta?20:54
oerheksgood luck!20:54
WaltS48Thanks! It looks and works great as far as I've tested it to this point. Still some broken chat features. PDF Viewer works well.20:56
WaltS48Network calendar auto-discovery is neat when you know how to use it.20:57
tomreyn!discuss | WaltS4820:58
ubottuWaltS48: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!20:58
WaltS48My support question is when will Thunderbird package be updated from 68.10.0 to 68.12.0. It's only been out for a month.21:00
WaltS48The life span of a Firefox and Thunderbird is 4 to 6 weeks. TB 78 in knocking on the door.21:01
tomreynwhich ubuntu release are you referring to?21:02
oerhekssnap version is out 31 aug21:03
WaltS48Wonderful if I and others want a snap. I want a repo update for 18.04.5 LTS.21:04
oerheksget used to it; the fastest way for mozilla developers to publish for many distros21:05
WaltS48oerheks: My mistake. I thought Ubuntu had a maintainer. So the tarball Thunderbird creates doesn't work on all distros?21:08
pjsSilly question - Is there a general "fonts" package? For typical fonts like Arial, etc.? I'm not even sure if those are freely available21:08
oerheksthere is the ESR ppa https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/ubuntu/ppa?field.series_filter=bionic21:09
oerheksbut i would rely on snap21:09
oerheksmaintaining happens with the Debian too..21:09
tomreynpjs: common microsoft windows fonts can be installed using package ttf-mscorefonts-installer21:11
pjstomreyn: thank you!21:11
tomreynpjs: ubuntu comes with free fonts which look similar21:11
pjstomreyn: Right, usually my issue is sharing documents with Windows users and it looks off21:12
tomreynyes that's the use case where you might want the original ones21:12
* pjs nods21:14
WaltS48Again, wonderful if I wanted to add a ppa. Looks like Debian updated their repo on Aug 31st. https://lwn.net/Articles/830109/ or the 29th? https://lwn.net/Articles/830110/21:15
TJ-20.04, sshd appears to ignore a "Match user xxxx" when placed in an /etc/ssh/sshd_config.d/*.conf files but uses it when directly in /etc/ssh/ssd_config (testing using 'sshd -T -C user=xxxx' )21:25
TJ-This is whilst trying to create an internal-sftp chroot jail. Commands in the same file, but outside the 'Match', are read21:27
TJ-ahh Bug #188599021:30
ubottubug 1885990 in openssh (Ubuntu) "server: Match has no effect in include file (upstream 3122)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/188599021:30
kristian_on_linuokay, so ubuntu just logged out without warning, a few minutes after boot ... what gives?21:36
arktvrvslogged out or locked the screen?21:37
kristian_on_linuhi arktvrvs ... ah, just locked the screen I guess21:44
ajayahmedHi. I have a vps from scaleway with 50gb boot drive and 50gb additional drive. What software can I use to merge 30gb of the boot drive and 50gb of the additional drive to make it look like a 70GB space?22:01
oerhekscontrol panel of that VPS perhaps?22:02
arktvrvsi dont think any software can make 50+30=7022:02
ajayahmedAh I found it, overlayfs22:06
leftyfbajayahmed: you could just use bind mounts if that's how you're going to gain the space from both drives22:13
leftyfbajayahmed: overlayfs is not meant for your use case22:14
leftyfbajayahmed: the proper way is with LVM22:14
Aljonehey all im having an issue , when i do php -v the result is PHP 7.1.33-17+ubuntu16.04.1+deb.sury.org+23:07
Aljonebut when im trying to run my website it say23:07
AljoneMagento supports PHP 7.1.3 or later. Please read Magento System Requirements.23:07
Aljonenow i wonder if this is some kind of an server setup done wrong23:07
oerheksthat PPA might give a newer php 7,.2/7.3 .. sure you want 16.04 for a magento install?23:10
Aljonewhen i run phpinfo i get PHP Version 7.0.33-0ubuntu0.16.04.1523:10
Aljonehow come php -v gives me 7.1.33 and the actual phpinfo gives me 7.0.33 i dont get it23:11
oerheks!info php xenial23:11
ubottuphp (source: php-defaults (35ubuntu6.1)): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (default). In component main, is optional. Version 1:7.0+35ubuntu6.1 (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 11 kB23:11
oerheksyou have the standard still installed..23:12
leftyfbAljone: what version of Ubuntu are you running?23:12
Aljoneleftleg: how do i check that?23:12
AljoneDescription:    Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS23:12
leftyfbAljone: I don't see php 7.1 available on ubuntu 16.0423:13
Aljonebut its installed on my system23:13
oerhekstime for a proper update: sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade # and reboot to 16.04.7 ??23:14
leftyfbAljone: what sort of system is this?23:14
Aljonei got this system from a client , i can reinstall the entire system unless its simple command23:14
Aljoneoerheks: will those commands update the entire system so i can have 7.1?23:15
Aljonecan you guys guide me what i need to do please?23:15
oerhekssurely i would update fully before doing some install, avoid dependencie problems and such23:16
leftyfbAljone: if you aren't familiar with the non-standard setup of the system you have an reinstalling from scratch is an option, I would go with that. Preferably upgrading to a later LTS like 18.04 or 20.0423:16
Aljoneis there any quick fix i can do ? the website is down and im stuck23:16
=== WalterWhitesCoo1 is now known as WalterWhitesCook
leftyfba quick fix could be done by whoever built the system and knows how it's setup. Anything else will take you time to learn the basics of server administration and specifically how the system was built and why.23:18
Aljonethe guy is no longer part of the company23:18
Aljoneits actually very simple system with apache and redis23:18
Aljoneall i need now to make my php 7.1.33 which is already installed to run23:19
leftyfband non-standard php installs23:19
Aljonei still do not get why you say php 7.1 cant be installed if i installed it already23:19
Aljonephp -v23:19
AljonePHP 7.1.33-17+ubuntu16.04.1+deb.sury.org+1 (cli) (built: Aug  7 2020 14:46:52) ( NTS )23:19
=== Budgii is now known as Vegetable
leftyfbAljone: I didn't say it can't be installed. I said it's not an officially supported version available to the default repositories23:20
Aljoneok, thats good then cuz ive installed it23:21
Aljonethe question now is how do i make it run23:21
oerheksmaybe some help,.. but update first. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/42619312/switch-php-versions-on-commandline-ubuntu-16-0423:21
leftyfbAljone: You should start by looking at your php.ini and find out where and how the multiple versions of php are installed on your system (use which, or type -a or dpkg)23:21
oerheksreally, i would not trust a abandoned machine.23:21
Aljoneinside /etc/php i have those folderrs 5.6/ 7.0/ 7.1/23:22
Aljoneinside each there is php.ini23:22
leftyfbAljone: beyond that, none of us are being paid by your company to administer or troubleshoot the custom configuration of your system.23:22
Aljoneleftyfb: i know i just need a lil guidance here23:23
leftyfbAljone: I gave you guidance23:23
Aljonebut u said php.ini , i have 323:24
leftyfbAljone: you could also use the link oerheks posted to eventually fix your issue, but use a2query to figure out which version of php your system it using23:26
leonardusI have an Ubuntu server and when I go to the IP in a web browser, it gives a default Apache page. but when I `ps aux | grep apache` (or httpd), there are no results23:32
leonardusother than: root         818  0.0  0.0   8160   672 pts/0    S+   23:31   0:00 grep --color=auto apache23:32
leonardusI ran `service apache2 stop` too and that did nothing23:33
leonardusanyone know what's going on here?23:33
dreamscryptleonardus: So apache works, but you're unable to see its service running?23:35
dreamscryptAre you running these commands on the actual server?23:36
dreamscryptYou may get further assistance in #ubuntu-server23:37
oerheks service apache2 status && apachectl status23:37
oerheksor, what guide do you follow?23:38
dreamscryptleonardus: Does ps -e list apache?23:39
leonardusI just deleted the server and made a new one, installed php7.4-fpm instead of php so that it wouldn't install apache so not a problem anymore23:39
Aljonedamn, i removed the php7.0 and now the script show as text on the website i wanna cry23:40
AljoneModule php7.1 already enabled < but still nothing23:44
kiwiirci set xterm*scrollTtyOutput false in Xresources and that works but when there's output, what im looking at still scrolls up. is there an xterm setting to make output not change what you're looking at and build up the buffer below it?23:56
arktvrvsdid you xrdb -merge?23:57
arktvrvsor restart x23:57
craigbass76I'm trying to drag my two monitors around in the display settings, and I can't get them near each other. Any ideas?23:58
kiwiircarktvrvs how that relevant?23:59
arktvrvsive always had to do it for .Xdefaults to take effect.23:59
arktvrvsthats how its relevant23:59

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