PloppzHi! I'm on Arch Linux , not Ubuntu Studio, but I'm trying to get Studio Controls to work, and I guess I could get help with that in this channel? When I try to "Fix Real Time Permissions" I get this message https://i.imgur.com/BdXOx5P.png and I honestly have no idea exactly what it's looking at that I have changed? I might have very well done some08:29
Ploppzchanges but I can't exactly enumerate everything I have done - I made some changes to make Jack work through Cadence.08:29
PloppzSo I'm just wondering what could it be that it's complaining about08:29
Eickmeyer[m]Ploppz: Cadence and Studio Controls are 100% incompatible with each other, down to the settings. They conflict. Running Cadence at all will mess-up Studio Controls. There's really no way to help you fix it. Also, that error is normal if either 1) the current user isn't part of the audio group, or 2) /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf is missing. Also, because Arch's package is unofficial, we cannot support it.14:59
ajanHi all, I would like to ask if it's a relatively straightforward upgrade to the 20.10 development release now or should I expect some extensive headaches and several days of fixing things. I ask this because of the new release being based on KDE.15:22
PloppzThanks Eickmeyer ! Creating that file (with appropriate contents) fixed it!15:41
PloppzDoes Studio Controls support PulseAudio-Jack bridge like Cadence does? (I'm switching from Cadence to Studio Controls)15:42
Ploppzdumb question after inspecting the UI, sorry!15:45
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Eickmeyer[m]ajan: Upgrades to 20.10 are and will be completely unsupported due to the change in desktop environment.17:35
Eickmeyer[m]backup/clean install is the only supported method for upgrading to 20.10.17:36
Eickmeyer[m]ploppz: Studio Controls should have made that file for you. If it didn't, then there's an error in the packaging and it needs to be reported to the AUR packager.17:39
PloppzThanks I will do18:08
PloppzWhen I press "Start or Restart Jack" nothing happens. How can I see logs to figure out what went wrong?19:42
Ploppzthe only thing I could find is Cadence-Logs but a certain someone said that cadence is not compatible with studio controls so I'm not so sure...19:54
OvenWerksPloppz: in the system tab set debug to Extra and find the log file in ~/.log/autojack.log20:01
PloppzI rebooted, and now it says "Jack status: unknown". OvenWerks I tried that, but when I "Start or Restart Jack" nothing happens, and nothing shows up in the logs20:03
Ploppzoh wait, there is a defunct process now https://bpa.st/3ABA20:03
PloppzHere are the logs I had before btw https://bpa.st/XCMA . So due to these logs, I installed `libffado`. And after that I just got this weird behaviour20:05
PloppzWhat is "FireWire Module select"? I have never dealt with FireWire before. I feel like this is the reason nothing works?20:13
PloppzBecause after I installed `libffado` nothing works at all, and before that, it complained about missing ffado libraries....20:14
PloppzCan I ask Cadence questions here? I'm giving up on Studio Controls and I guess I should go back to Cadence. But the reason I'm doing this switch at all is a weird behaviour from Cadence that does not let me run it with 96kHz sample rate (my motherboard does NOT work with lower frequency). Earlier it was all fine then suddenly.. I select 96kHz sample rate in cadence but when it starts it just ignores that and always20:18
Ploppzstarts with 48kHz20:18
OvenWerksif you have ever used cadence before controls will not work right.  Uninstalling cadence does not remove everything20:40
OvenWerksyou can't switch back and forth... in fact if cadence is installed studio-controls shoud refuse to install. The package is broken otherwise20:41
OvenWerksyou can ask cadence questions about cadence but I have found trouble shooting cadence very difficult.... which is why ubuntustudio gave up on it. too hard to support20:42
OvenWerksmaybe ask on #kxstudio20:43
PloppzHm, I see. I was not planning to switch back and forth initially, just to go to Studio Controls. But only the fact that Cadence is _installed_ is bad? "Uninstalling cadence does not remove everything" so what do I have to do?20:45
OvenWerksso a few problems right off. The arch studio-controls package is broken, cadence has made system changes that will make studio-controls not work, unless you actually have a firewire interface, that should be turned off. Most FW devices work quite well as alsa devices these days.20:46
OvenWerksto find out what extra files Cadence creates in your home directory maybe ask in #kxstudio.20:46
OvenWerksor maybe just use cadence as is20:47
OvenWerkscadence is not a bad program and has worked well for lots of people20:48
Ploppzfor FireWire module I could not select "none". Only either Alsa or ffado driver. Anyway hmm I will inquire more in kxstudio, thanks!22:04
OvenWerksPloppz: alsa is the selection you want.22:56

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