Joseph1557Hi, i have problems installing 20.04 version on my laptop01:46
Joseph1557the instalation crash at 90%... i use secureboot and nvidia drivers01:47
JOSEPH1557I just trying install again with new iso and formated usb... will update with the result02:21
JOSEPH1557got the same error02:29
Joseph1557without internet it install but never boot02:49
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IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> what model of laptop?02:57
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lordievaderGood morning07:44
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bittin-M1Getting my KDE swag i ordered during aKademy today :)09:13
DualityWhy can't i install gdb-arm-none-eabi on kubuntu 20.04? it's not listed to be found with apt09:15
Dualitythis confuses me why09:15
DualityI do not want to install that by hand09:15
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BluesKajHi all12:19
IrcsomeBot<Swift110> Hello bluesKaj12:25
BluesKajhi @Swift11012:25
IrcsomeBot<Swift110> How are you?12:26
BluesKajdoing ok here, how about you?12:27
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PeriusDoes kubuntu have amd gpu drivers out of the box?15:50
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dani_hi guys, is there a possibility to enter the bios from kubuntu? In Windows there is such a function. I messed up my bios and cant use the keyboard in grub18:58
dani_but I dont really want to pull out the battery to clear the cmos, dont want to lose changes i made (most of them)18:58
diogenes_dani_, how you messed up BIOS?19:00
dani_because i have usb keyboard, and usb is not loaded19:01
dani_before os boot19:01
dani_i disabled it ...19:01
diogenes_that is not 'messed up', that is just enabling/disabling options.19:02
dani_ok but the issue is there, dont have the adapter for ps219:04
tomreyndani_: that's more of a hardware question, but disconnecting the bios battery for some seconds should help19:28
tomreynthat's if the default is that usb support would be enabled (probably so)19:29
dani_yes, but i dont want to do that, dont want to lose whole changes i made, must buy a ps2 adapter for usb keyboard19:31
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Guest4662I've got a freshly installed Kubuntu 20 LTS and upon right clicking inside Dolphin it "is not responding" and eventually killed. I've only seen this (yet) for Dolphin instances that where launched from Steam (Browse local files...). Dolphin instances launched from desktop/terminal do not show this behaviour - even inside the steam folder.19:53
Guest4662Is this a known bug and where can I find (crash)logs?19:53
tomreynyou probably mean Kubuntu 20*.04* LTS19:54
Guest4662yes exactly it's 20.04.1 LTS19:54
tomreynmight be apparmor related. your system logs will have further details.19:57
Guest4662where exactly would I find those?19:57
tomreynyou could run    journalctl -b19:58
tomreyngnome also have a graphical log viewer for it, chances are kde does, too.19:59
Guest4662no "journalctl -b | tail" did not output anything recently in the last 5 mins and I just triggered the bug20:01
tomreynyou'd want   journalctl -f   then20:02
Guest4662yes that's better. doesn't change that there is nothing printed to it though.20:03
tomreynhmm, maybe steam prevents it from logging there.20:13

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