Ares23i need help06:22
lubot<L31FY> @Ares23 [<Ares23> i need help], You need to describe the problem or nobody can help06:24
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lubiHi everyone, I'm new to lubuntu and lxqt desktop...13:17
lubiI'm trying for a while to simply add a different keyboard layout... I probably touched something I shouldn't (prob the Input Methods app) and I can't just can't, no matter how much I try, to add a new kyboard layout13:18
lubiI tried "Keyboard and Mouse" and Keyboard Layout inside there. added the other layout, chose the shortcut keys to activate it... it jsut doesn't work13:18
lubii tried to delete and add again the layouts, no luck. lubuntu 20.04 btw. another peculiar thing is that the windows key is not always opening and closing the "start menu"...13:19
lubi... Any ideas?13:24
lubihi... it's me again, i got logged out. so again im using lubuntu lxqt 20.04 and I have a problem switching between keyboard layouts and using the super (windows) key13:44
lubiI can add other layouts through "Keyboard and Mouse">"Keyboard Layout". But it won't change the layout when I alt+shift/super+space. I tried resetting the settings to default.13:46
lubiI tried looking for solution online but none-worked and mostly weren't lxqt specific13:47
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