ira@sarnold issue fixed.  Please blacklist and install block intel_qat.00:11
sarnoldira: wooot! could you file a bug with ubuntu-bug linux and describe the issue there? :)00:12
iraThose machines have no internet access... :)00:12
sarnoldoh dang filingby hand is annoying :)00:13
irayeah it also lacks all machine details I'm sure too.00:13
sarnolddoes that redirect you to a wiki page? if so, what is it? that'll save me some time trying to find the wiki page :)00:14
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1897188 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ceph Full Disk Encryption will cause timeouts." [Undecided,New]00:24
iraI had to make an ubuntu one account X_x.00:26
iraI have done as I instructed and ceph installs.  I suspect your local ceph team will be happy if you catch this before they do :)00:27
irableh.  I've done as I instructed, and now ceph installs.  :)00:31
sarnoldira: excellent, thanks00:47
sarnoldira: do the qat devices show up in lspci? or lscpu? heh00:48
sarnoldI know so little about them..00:48
iramy lspci is there just hidden.00:48
sarnoldoh so it is00:49
sarnoldthanks for pointing that out, I've never hit the 'hide this comment' button before and wondered what it would do00:49
iraI also blacklist qat_c62x ;00:51
iraThat's per a note from juniper... it may not be needed.00:51
iraProbably should try with that on tomorrow.  It's late here.  And I need to re-think the config of that cluster anyways.00:52
iralater.  I'll file if it's needed in the bug.00:53
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ira@sarnold it is just intel_qat.  If I can be of further assistance yell.16:17
* enyc meows19:21

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