tewardRikMills: might have told me you synced it already for Groovy01:29
tewardso I don't do work/stuff I don't have to in the process01:30
tewardAsciiWolf: yep i'll be handling it tomorrow.  Currently crashing hard since I got up extra early last night.01:30
RikMillsteward: I left a script to try it while I slept, so did not know07:12
AsciiWolfRikMills, thanks for the quick sync! :-)09:52
AsciiWolfteward, I have updated the torbrowser-launcher SRU ticket with a comment describing what should be included in the SRU and why ;-)10:20
tewardAsciiWolf: yep all's good.  except now we need 4 SRUs13:57
tewards/SRUs/SRU tickets/13:57
teward4 separate issues13:57
tewardrbasak: RikMills: an extra set of eyes would be good btw since scope creep on the SRU13:57
teward(it went from one patch to two now four)13:58
tewardi also require my morning coffee and breakfast so13:59
RikMillsteward: not sure if I can spend much time since 20.10 beta is looming13:59
tewardno worries14:00
tewardsince we're now in SRU mode I assume that if we have to push this until post-beta we can despite it'd be nice to fix14:00
teward(I have my own torbrowser-installer script I use anyways locally)14:00
* RikMills nods14:01
teward*goes to play his playlist of russian folk music because reasons)14:01
rbasakteward, AsciiWolf: happy to look, and if teward and I both endorse it then it can just jump straight through the SRU queue. But at the rate I'm going today, I don't think it'll be earlier than Monday, sorry.14:05
tewardrbasak: i'm in no urgent rush.  the main reason is that we have two new things, one which adds a new dependency on gnupg and requires gpg (NOT gpg2) binaries to exist.  and the libstdc apparmor rule revisions.  two things that weren't within the original scope14:06
tewardwhich is why i would *like* a second set of eyes before I push any upload :)14:06
tewardwhile I trust AsciiWolf to some extent to know what patches are needed, i still would like another set of eyes ;)14:06
teward... aaaand my keurig isn't brewing coffee today bleh.  Guess i need to clean it again.14:07
AsciiWolfteward, two tickets are already filled (for the new key and the version comparison issue)14:53
AsciiWolfshould I fill the remaining two ones?14:53
AsciiWolfteward, rbasak I have filled the remaining two tickets and added links to all the 4 tickets in the torbrowser-launcher SRU ticket15:46
tewardi'll dig when i get a minute15:57
tewardi assume you provided justification in each of the bugs as to why each nitpicked bit is needed?15:57
AsciiWolfteward, I did :) at least I hope...16:14

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