jrwrengroovy beta in a week. release in probably a month. weird to have another LTS when most folks I hear about are still deploying 16.04 ;)14:39
cmaloneyI'm still on 14.04 on my main desktop14:42
cmaloneythough everything else is 18.0414:42
cmaloneyNot a fan of 20.04's reliance on snapd14:42
jrwrenfor desktop: popos14:50
jrwreneverything ubuntu should be.14:50
jrwrenwithout the snapd14:50
cmaloneyI think I need to look into PopOS15:13
_stink_jrwren: any good links to learn about why pop os over ubuntu?15:24
_stink_and yeah i'm still on 16.0415:24
_stink_ah looks like a few extra packages and stock GNOME15:27
jrwrenother than? https://pop.system76.com15:36
jrwrenpopos is 99% ubuntu.15:36
jrwrenit fixes that 1% of ubuntu that really sucks IMO15:36
jrwrenI really like a KB centric window manager by default: https://blog.system76.com/post/616861064165031936/whats-new-with-popos-2004-lts15:52
jrwrenbut not some crazy one that is hard to use. It is the same one that is easy to use with a mouse.15:53
jrwrenhly shit i should have done this months ago.16:41
jrwreni just setup navidrome16:41
cmaloneyThis looks nice17:04
jrwrenbest one i've used so far, and I've used a few.17:05
greg-gthis is for cmaloney https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHKQC-k3hXU19:09
cmaloneygreg-g: Thanks for this20:32
greg-gyou're very welcome20:33

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