arktvrvsohh i see what you mean00:00
arktvrvsno wait, I dont.00:00
arktvrvs "that works but when theres output..." so does it work or doesnt it?00:01
kiwiirc2 different things man00:04
kiwiircjust read what i said00:04
arktvrvswell thats a good question00:05
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jayjois proxmox just an interface for kvm+qemu?01:15
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xbfrogi'm trying to findout how lyrics can be displayed in lollypop music player. i see where there is a setting to allow genius to download lyrics but i see no way to display them. is there a plugin that i need? or am i missing something?01:46
k44does ubuntu use .deb or .rpm or both?01:48
xbfrogdont know about rpm but it can use deb01:48
k44is there a distro that support both  .deb and .rpm?01:48
xbfrogsomeone else will have to answer that i'm new to ubuntu01:49
xbfroghere is what i found:01:51
xbfrogDistributions like Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Enterprise Linux, openSUSE, Fedora and CentOS are based on rpm, while the Debian family, including Ubuntu, Linux Mint, elementary OS are based on deb. And there are many other distributions that have their own package formats.01:51
xbfrogand its goodbye rpm and deb. hellow snaps01:52
xbfrogdoesnt seem they do both01:52
rfmk44, there is the "alien" package in ubuntu that can convert an rpm to a deb, but I've heard it can't convert all packages, and often there are incompatibilies that keep the package from working01:53
xbfrogprobably because os's have their own packaging sysems01:53
rfmk44, similar to installing a deb that was built for one ubuntu release on a different ubuntu release, sometimes library different versions, etc.01:54
xbfrogmaking them incompatible in some or most instances01:54
xbfrogthats why most helpers say update before you install a new app01:54
xbfrogthats also why its advised unless you know what your doing to stay with the distro's repository01:56
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xbfrogthose apps are tested to work with your version01:56
xbfrogeven ppa's that are suppose to work with your system may have issues or even viruses01:57
xbfrogor malicious code01:57
xbfrogyou have to know and trust from where your downloading01:57
xbfrogissues meaning they might be poorly written01:59
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monkwitdafunkhello ubuntu02:41
monkwitdafunki have 18.04 and 20.04, im planning on installing 18.04 desktop and 20.04 server02:42
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HelpGrubHELP after i installed Ubuntu 18.04.4 my BIOS disappeared, i already have the bootable USB with windows 8 but i dont have BIOS to run it. Every F1 to F12 comand just opens Grub, and i dont kneow what else to do. I just want to go back from Ubuntu to my windows 803:54
derpadminthe bios did not dissapear if you can reach the grub screen, but for some odd reason, F2 does not enter the bios as it should03:57
tuxakadjsebI think that your computer want to boot with a wrong hard drive.03:58
tuxakadjsebYou can try 'Esc' ou 'F2'.03:58
HelpGrubve tried all F1 to F12, ive tried with Esc button ive tried with delete and back space i restart and try with each key ive found in blogs and youtube tutorials, theres no bios03:59
tuxakadjsebIn Grub, your keyboard works ?04:14
monkwitdafunkyour dealing with UEFI firmware. i myself have intel firmware04:16
monkwitdafunki hear the best is ami04:16
HelpGrubsorry for the caps04:17
monkwitdafunkim not too fluent with uefi firmware bui solved my problem by resetting the volatile memory04:18
monkwitdafunkim not sure if thats the best way to go by it04:19
HelpGrubi dont really know what that means04:19
oerheksyou have asked in multiple channels, what have you tried sofar?04:19
ledeniHelpGrub just shutdown your system and boot it  with pressing F204:42
monkwitdafunkledeni: no man! HelpGrub has unified extensible firmware, which isnt the old bios from pre windows 804:44
monkwitdafunkthe users firmware probably was shipped to auto ecure boot after install04:45
monkwitdafunkHelpGrub: do you just have one storage device?04:45
HelpGrublike an external usb?04:46
monkwitdafunkit depends on how the firmware wants to see it as im guessing. ive only seen intel uefi with intel NUC04:47
HelpGrubive tried all F comands esc and delete and back space, ive tried with and without the disk drive plugged in, ive tried from terminal to change grub setup and tried with and without the bootable usb connected04:47
monkwitdafunkubuntu was one of the first distros to support eufi04:48
HelpGrubsorry, whats uefi?04:49
monkwitdafunki think we should accept to use secure boot <<< uefi allows secure boot04:49
monkwitdafunki gtg04:50
HelpGrubthanks, every help has been appreciated04:51
HelpGrubmy screen is back, i changed the ram from one slot to another05:03
ubottuPlease don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.05:03
HelpGrubim asking it in ubuntu in linux and in hardware i didnt knew they were the same05:04
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c0nfusedHi, I have two networks and, both with gateways. I want to configure netplan so that it first checks the 192 network and then goes to the 172 network if it can't find the host in the 192 network. Is this possible? I've been trying a few configurations without success.07:30
slyonc0nfused: you should be able to define 2 routes with different metrics, which should prioritize one network over the other (if available) https://netplan.io/reference/#routing07:33
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marcoagpintoguys?! I have used "Software update" and now there are two new icons in the vertical bar: filesystem root blah blah and efi07:41
marcoagpintois it a bug?07:41
marcoagpintoahhhh... after another reboot the icons vanished07:49
marcoagpintoall good07:49
c0nfusedslyon do you have an example I could follow?07:49
c0nfusedhaving trouble getting the syntax right07:49
slyonc0nfused: it depends a bit on your setup (i.e. current netplan YAML)... It could look similar to this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/GkjYS8pNTw/ or similar to the 2nd example here: https://netplan.io/reference/#examples07:56
slyonlower metric routes have higher priority07:56
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sven^hey. I just upgraded to ubuntu 20.04 and suddenly SUPER + 1-9 are shortcuts to start the applications from the quick launcher bar. Where can I remove that?08:52
lotuspsychjesven^: systemsettings/hotkey or dconf-editor for tweaking09:04
sven^lotuspsychje: thanks. I missed dconf-editor. Why are there (at least) 3 ways to edit hotkeys?09:12
lotuspsychjesven^: what do you mean 3 ways?09:13
sven^well, you just told me 2. In addition to that there is gnome-tweaks09:13
sven^so there are 3 ways to edit key bindings and they don't overlap much. For most bindings I need to check all 3 places and search which one provides the shortcut I want to change09:14
lotuspsychjesven^: oh, but dconf-editor is just a global tweak method of the system, not only for hotkeys right09:15
sven^yeh, but hotkeys introduced by a new version seem to be only editable in dconf-editor and not the 2 other places where ubuntu/gnome keeps its hotkeys.09:18
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sven^I don't quite get the reasoning behind all this. I get that there are different applications doing different stuff, but if the ubuntu team doesn't manage to keep it simple for the user it stops making sense09:21
lotuspsychjesven^: every ubuntu release things change, thats called evolution09:25
sven^that's not what I am arguing about. I am arguing about 3+ places where the user has to look to edit all keybindings.09:26
lotuspsychjesven^: and as user of the community, you have also the power to file a bug/wishlist if you want to change something09:26
sven^I tried that in the past09:27
breezykermo(please ignore)09:39
olleis it ok to delete something from /boot if upgrade fails due to missing space?09:54
napsterI know this is not specific to ubuntu, but is the following the gith way to statically link zmq on Ubuntu?  $  g++ zmq-test.cpp -static -lzmq09:59
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asdfghfocal is giving me strange problems with chrome, if i activate Vulkan i can see the pages but the browser is slow, very slow11:47
asdfghi do not know what happened11:48
asdfghto this browser11:48
lotuspsychjeasdfgh: chrome is not really supported on the ubuntu repos, you might wanna contact the chrome maintainers/forums11:49
lotuspsychjeasdfgh: alternate you can try chromium snap11:50
asdfghlotuspsychje, yes i will try chromiumn but i think same problem i have to check again but i think i already did the test11:52
asdfghbasically the problem is when i suspend the pc...11:52
asdfghthen when i see the pages there are many lags11:52
lotuspsychjeasdfgh: are you on nvidia graphics?11:54
asdfghtomreyn, hi, that's my sources.list https://bpa.st/JTXQ11:54
asdfghlotuspsychje, yes11:54
lotuspsychjeasdfgh: can you check if its bug #189443211:55
ubottubug 1894432 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu) "[nvidia] Corrupted screen on Chrome when returning from sleep" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/189443211:55
asdfghStatus changed to 'Confirmed' because the bug affects multiple users.11:56
asdfghyes that bug!11:56
lotuspsychjeasdfgh: so daniel suspects its a chromium bug on #311:56
asdfghi can confirm the problem is on both11:57
lotuspsychjeasdfgh: affect yourself on the bug please11:58
asdfghlotuspsychje, ?11:59
asdfghlotuspsychje, however yes it is the bug i have12:02
BluesKajHi all12:19
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lotuspsychjeasdfgh: affect the bug means, you have the same issue, and you press 'yes this bug affect me' in the left upper corner in launchpad12:52
asdfghlotuspsychje, i think i must be logged but i am not registered12:54
lotuspsychjeasdfgh: correct, you need a launchpad account12:54
lotuspsychjewelcome bewees13:06
beweeshow can I find out if this systemd patch is already in ubuntu's systemd package? https://github.com/ddstreet/systemd/commit/4c64965257637c055a9f12e5d1f820bbc72fcf1913:07
beweesor maybe I can upgrade to systemd 246 already even though I use ubuntu LTS 20.04?13:11
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jonnjdoes this help? apt-cache show systemd|grep Version13:27
jonnjsometimes there can be problems using a package that doesn't come from the distro maintainer.13:28
jonnjthe commit for the issue says Jan 9, systemd 245-rc113:31
jonnjso i would expect that it is already in 24513:32
jonnjand 20.4 came out i think april so i expect it is already patched13:32
beweesjonnj: yep, compared both versions already too and I expected it to be in the original repo master branch 245 but i still got the same error pattern (link local is configured even though I disabled it for an interface specifically)13:34
beweeseither something else causes this or ubuntus 245 version doesnt contain the patch hmm13:35
reversedeltafor what it's worth, I have a fresh install of 20.04 and it's systemd 245.4-4ubuntu3.2.  no issues here.13:35
beweesreversedelta: LinkLocalAddressing=no doesnt have an effect for me+13:36
Cheetztesting if my login worked14:10
CheetzHi, I have problems with audio. I use a USB sound card on Ubuntu 20.04 and when I stream music on youtube, the sound often disappears, this happens every 3 minutes or so. Pausing the video and pressing backspace in a terminal window to cause a terminal bell sound and then unpausing the video temporarily restores audio. What can this problem be?14:13
CheetzThe browser I am using is firefox14:13
funnybunny2Does Ubuntu come with a program for capturing video of a window?14:13
funnybunny2Especially as a gif would be nice14:13
funnybunny2But just looking for something easy I can quickly upload to imgur or something14:14
Habbiefunnybunny2, apt-cache search capture | grep screen14:14
Cheetzfunnybunny2, https://github.com/dergachev/screengif14:14
Habbiefunnybunny2, yields a bunch of results on my Debian; presumably, also on your Ubuntu14:14
CheetzCheck out OBS14:15
CheetzOBS lets you record a specific window with a GUI, and then you can take its output video and convert it to a gif with a script that I linked above14:16
beweesjohnjay: nvm, it seems the issue was caused by dhcpcd, not systemd-networkd14:26
CheetzAnyone know how to fix issues with audio disappearing on youtube in firefox? It just goes silent every few minutes while the video keeps playing. I have to open a terminal and trigger a terminal bell to play a sound. Then I hear the speakers crack and I can unpause the youtube video with sound. This only fixes audio temporarily14:33
Timbodoes anyone know where to suggest/ask if a package can be backported to an older release?14:33
Timbospecifically gcc-10 to xenial https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-toolchain-r/+archive/ubuntu/test?field.series_filter=xenial14:34
transhumanistcan anyone tell me what the current state of mouting rw EXT4 partitions on windows?15:30
johnjaytranshumanist: there's a couple free programs and i used one iirc last week15:32
johnjayread only15:32
transhumanistyeah readonly isnt helpful unfortunately15:32
johnjay20.04 here15:32
johnjayi have a 3rd hard drive for data. it also used to transfer files between my other two drives which are win and lin15:33
transhumanistI thought that there was going to be a way of doing this in the next few months (looking back to an article I read a few months ago15:33
johnjayCan WSL maybe do it?15:33
transhumanistI will check , but by default seem read only , good point though15:33
EtuaHello, I added sshfs entry to my fstab and when I try to cd into my mountpoint I get IO error so I suppose that mounting failed. Where can I find a proper log file to check what went wrong?15:41
EtuaI tried https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/SSHFS#fstab_mounting_issues method and it turns out that even when I can SSH with the same settings I provided to in fstab it fallsback to password authentication and even then my password is not recognised so I cannot log into my server16:21
EtuaYou can see that activity here https://framabin.org/p/?ded114be48a2f479#nIeea2n78aJU5/RrOPVpTY3OVGgk2Pq4H7usVRSFdDw=16:21
transhumanistthanks for the help johnjay16:23
fredlHmm, I resized my (KVM) root partition and now I try to resize2fs it but it says The filesystem is already 52428544 (4k) blocks long.  Nothing to do!16:37
pavlosEtua: paste the sshfs line from fstab16:38
fredlOh I mean on the KVM vm16:38
Etuapavlos: sshfs#gserious@ /media/omnia2 fuse.sshfs delay_connect,_netdev,user,IdentityFile=/root/.ssh/id_rsa,idmap=user,allow_other,default_permissions,port=8798,uid=0,gid=0,rw,ssh_command=ssh\040-vv,sshfs_debug,debug 0 016:39
pavlosEtua: you connect as user gserious but provide identifyfile for root ?16:45
Etuapavlos: Here is how I understand it, I connect to user gserious at but use RSA key that is stored in root's directory as fstab mounts by default belong to root anyway(?). I can successfully perform 'sudo ssh gserious@ -p 8798' so I thought that translating it to fstab entry should be no problem.16:49
pavlosEtua: my line: user@u18s:/home/user/pub /mnt/pub fuse.sshfs _netdev,defaults,identityfile=/home/user/.ssh/id_rsa 0 0          username=user, u18s is ubuntu18server16:50
Etuapavlos: I think that it is similar to mine, why do you have 'username=...'? I tries adding it in-between other options like identityfile or after 0 0 and in both places I get an error about unrecognised option.16:57
pavlosEtua: oh, that was my explanation hence the many spaces, I should have put #16:58
pavlosEtua: my line: user@u18s:/home/user/pub /mnt/pub fuse.sshfs _netdev,defaults,identityfile=/home/user/.ssh/id_rsa 0 016:59
Etuapavlos: Thank you for the explentation, then I don't understand what may be wrong. I don't get an explicit message eg. that RSA has been rejected, just debug1: Authentications that can continue: publickey,password17:02
Etuadebug2: we did not send a packet, disable method17:02
Etuadebug1: Next authentication method: password17:02
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wedrOhhhh! We finally have an update on the Ubuntu 20.04.1 point release to push to the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.   https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/1891680/comments/2517:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1891680 in grub2 (Ubuntu Bionic) "grub-pc needs to detect when debconf points to invalid drive and stop in preinst, before unpacking files, and also treat this as a failure in postinst" [Critical,Confirmed]17:28
wedrCan't wait to see it be pushed out this week17:28
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Spr1ngI'm running 20.04 in WSL, does anyone know if it's possible to make links in the terminal 'clickable'?17:51
ubottuWindows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide17:51
gildartsSpr1ng: Also, see the Window Terminal Preview. They have initial support for special cases and general support is on the road map.17:58
Spr1ngah perfect thx17:58
nvsi use a vpn the mate network manger, everything uses my vpn but now the mate weatherapp and the mater clock use my regular internet what to do?18:17
nvsalso sometimes when my vpn mate networkmanger disconnecty my regular internet doesnt disconnect what to do?18:18
nvs:D thx18:18
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goddardhow can i figure out why a certain library was installed18:57
goddardany way to see which programs depend on it?18:57
rfmgoddard, apt-cache rdepends <package name>19:00
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jayjohow can a workstation double as an always-on server? I know I can just keep the machine on. But what if I logged in remotely and did a 'reboot', it would be stuck at the login screen. Can I enable the machine to run always, but only require logins for the interactive desktop session?20:44
reversedeltait already is an always-on server, as long as your services are managed by systemd.20:46
reversedeltathe computer boots, systemd starts your stuff.  what exactly are you looking to do?20:46
jayjoExactly that. Everything is using systemd, for example docker containers. I just wanted to make sure cronjobs and other services were always available20:50
matsamanjayjo: just make sure your remote login stuff works from a just-booted state, that is a thing20:50
reversedeltaI haven't worked with Docker, but if systemd can start it, you should be good.  I'd test if it I were you.  Enable SSHd in case you need to intervene.20:52
matsamana lot of things, like VNC, should really be done over SSH anyway, for security, at least if you're doing it across the internet (and not just within your own local network)20:54
reversedeltaof course.  tunnel everything if you can.  use Mozilla's SSHd_config recommendations to secure the one port that should be open to the world.  Disable SSH over IPv4 if you have the luxury, as that will cut down on automated port scans, too.20:56
tomreynjayjo: you may need to ensure it won't switch to a low power state from which you cannot wake it up remotely. but if it's not running on battery but wall plug it probably won't anyway.20:56
tomreynstable internet access and either dyndns or static ip addressing would also be relevant.20:57
reversedeltaof course, always check your sleep/suspend settings.  that gets me every time.20:59
farhanIs there a location that ubuntu stores its printer PPD files that I can publicly download?21:15
tomreynfarhan: it's not the exact same thing, but there is http://www.openprinting.org/download/PPD/21:22
farhanthat does not contain my printer :(21:25
matsamanfarhan: which printer?21:26
SayonaHi, anyone from here use WSL ubuntu 20?21:51
matsamanthink there's a whole channel for it: /msg alis list *-wsl*21:52
ubottuWindows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide21:52
oerhekssupport mostly in UK office hours, i guess21:52
matsamanbut I can think of worse places to talk about it than here, too21:52
reversedeltaSayona: I do it at work, but I have the real thing at home.21:55
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