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provokedprawnhi guys05:48
provokedprawni tried for about 30mins trying to get VNC to work on ubuntu studio05:48
provokedprawnno luck. installed tighvnc , remmina, allowed openssh in ufw but still cannot connect. what could be the issue?05:49
Eickmeyer[m]provokedprawn: Try asking in #ubuntu for that type of question.05:51
PloppzHmm someone said, regarding my issues with Studio Control, that the cause seems to be the existence of /usr/lib/jack/jack_firewire.so. They thought it was part of the Cadence package and that I could get rid of it by uninstalling Cadence. But (recall I'm using Arch Linux) I use pacman -Qo /usr/lib/jack/jack_firewire.so which tells me which package that owns that file. It's actually the `jack2` package. And as such I08:08
Ploppzwould like to ask you: Is this thus something specific to the way Arch Linux packages jack2, which maybe makes it incompatible with Studio Controls?08:08
n4dirnot much help, but for your info: i got jack_firewire.so too, though  /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/jack/08:13
EickmeyerPloppz: We _cannot_ support an Arch Linux package here. This is for Ubuntu Studio only. We also _cannot_ support Cadence or Studio Controls if Cadence has been installed. I hate to do this, but you're 100% on your own with this.21:05
PloppzUnderstood. I'm going back to cadence but the latest question was just to potentially help arch Linux toward compatibility with studio controls22:24
PloppzBut I'll take the discussion over to arch linux22:25
Eickmeyer[m]ploppz: We are OK with issue reports on https://github.com/ovenwerks/studio-controls.23:01
Eickmeyer[m]But that's not an Ubuntu Studio-specific thing since, while OvenWerks is part of the Ubuntu Studio team, it's an upstream project.23:02

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