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guivercxubuntu groovy daily; I've had a number (3) of boxes boot with sound muted; this isn't intentional is it?04:18
guivercxfce4-pulseaudio-plugin appears to be set to boot to OFF in live session, and I'm missing it I think is my issue (4th box same)05:18
brainwashguiverc: can you test with stock ubuntu or some other ubuntu flavour?10:04
guivercbrainwash, I updated my lubuntu & had no issues (but it uses calamares).  Yeah I'd also thought about main ubuntu as it's impacting MATE (where it was noticed first), main gets the attention of Canonical devs where flavors may not...  may not tonight though10:15
guivercbrainwash, I'm assuming you're asking about QA-test install issue, not my ^10:16
brainwashI'm asking about the muted sound10:17
brainwashI don't think that xubuntu/xfce affect the initial sounds settings10:19
brainwashit's pulseaudio/alsa/kernel10:19
guivercthat'll be tomorrow then (if I can)..  I assumed lp 1897173 10:19
ubot93Launchpad bug 1897173 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "20.10 Installer crashes with partitions being written but unable to inform kernel of the change" [Undecided, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/189717310:19
guivercbrainwash, preliminary comment, ubuntu daily starts ultra-quiet (very low volume)... it's late now so quieter house so maybe the very low was what I considered 'muted' earlier on xubuntu13:30
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