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* lopta has a cunning plan02:34
manu1511does xubuntu 20.04 still support legacy bios?09:55
manu1511i don't have uefi09:55
manu1511legacy bios with dual boot windows 709:55
xtaoit does09:56
manu1511cool thanks you, i'll try!09:57
xtaoas i just installed 20.04.1 on a laptop with only legacy bios. it has MBR partition table09:57
xtao64 bit only though i believe. they don't do 32 any longer09:58
manu1511i hope it also offers dual boot option at installation09:58
xtaonever tried to dual boot so not sure about that. but i would be surprised if it didn't deal with it09:58
manu1511ty alot xtao09:59
ballHello Guest1817:50
Guest18Im on windows 7 and booted into xubuntu 20.04 live, I now want to install it alongside windows 7 which is mbr. But I don't see an option in the installer for it17:51
Guest18Do I've to partition the disk manually?17:52
ballI recommend being very careful about dual-booting.17:52
ballAny reason you can't run Xubuntu in a VM?17:52
Guest18I'm not the admin17:52
diogenes_Guest18, did you create free space from windows?17:53
ballIf you're not the admin, you probably don't want to be messing with the partitions.17:53
Guest18diogenes_ I created free space from live with hearted17:53
Maik*offtopic* why do people keep using outdated, EOL (End Of Life) and vulnerable operating system like XP or Windows 7... Move on.17:55
Guest18That's why I want to install Xub 20 0417:56
diogenes_Guest18, if you know what you're doing then mount that space as / and install17:56
ballMaik: I completely missed the fact it was Windows 7 and not Windows 10.17:56
Guest18Why does it not offer an option in the install menu?17:56
Guest18That option only exists when on GPT?17:57
diogenes_Guest18, that option is always there.17:58
Guest18Why not on my computer?17:58
diogenes_you probably used rufus.17:58
Guest18I've I've mint stick17:58
Guest18Used mint stick17:59
Guest18Linux mints USB tool17:59
diogenes_what is mint stick?17:59
ballA USB flash drive with Linux Mint on it?18:00
diogenes_he said it's Xubuntu.18:00
Guest18It is preinstalled on mint18:00
ballThat's what I thought but ...people sometimes aren't consistent.18:00
ballI think Guest18 is saying that he used Mint to image the USB flash stick for Xubuntu18:00
ball(he or she)18:01
ballI'm currently trying Xubuntu 20.4.1 on my old Atom 330 box18:03
diogenes_Guest18, the installer must be there in any case, something went wrong with your installation on the usb drive, try to clean it out and try something like etcher.18:04
ballI should probably reboot.18:08
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asarchHi guys! My HP Pavillion X360 doesn't work either the keyboard nor the touchpad if I use the kernels vmlinuz-5.4.0-45, vmlinuz-5.4.0-47 or the newest one, vmlinuz-5.4.0-48. Do you know by chance how to solve this problem?21:17
asarchI have to use only the kernel vmlinuz-5.4.0-42-generic21:18
loptaI'm sort of new to Linux.  How do I ask Xubuntu what version of a program is installed?21:19
asarchSome smart guy has closed this thread: https://forum.manjaro.org/t/problem-laptop-hp-pavilion-x360-with-keyboard-and-touchpad/6115/821:19
brainwashasarch: I would keep using the working kernel21:20
diogenes_and file a bug.21:21
diogenes_lopta, what exactly?21:21
asarchOk. Thank you brainwash21:24
loptadiogenes_: Blackbox21:25
lopta(Can't seem to get Xfce4 to work on a virtual VNC desktop)21:26
diogenes_lopta, many ways: about, programname --version, apt-cache policy progname.21:26
* lopta tries it21:27
loptaI have 0.70.1-3821:27
loptaI wonder what I'm doing wrong with Xfce421:32
loptaI shall investigate some more...21:37
loptaIf diogenes_ comes back, please let them know I said thanks for the help.21:38

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