lotuspsychjegood morning03:34
Maikgood morning04:26
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lotuspsychjehimcesjf: the more packages or snaps that the user installs, the more space they will take on the disk yeah11:20
himcesjflotuspsychje: Okay, we are here11:21
himcesjflotuspsychje: Of course and I have been using apt for the same and never had issues with root partition getting full so quickly. My root partition is of 20 GiB and after trying few snaps and faltpaks it got full really fast11:21
lotuspsychjehimcesjf: how big is your total HD for ubuntu?11:22
himcesjfhimcesjf: 1 TB11:22
himcesjflotuspsychje: ^11:22
* himcesjf talking to himself lol11:22
lotuspsychjethats plenty to install stuff on?11:23
himcesjfWhat I am trying to understand is  how are snaps and flatpaks. I thought 20 GiB root partition was more than enough11:23
lotuspsychjeubuntu asks at least 8GB to install on these days11:24
lotuspsychjewhen you install a few packages, it can go faster yeah11:25
lotuspsychjebut thats why i suggested bleachbit, wich can easy clean around 2GB11:25
lotuspsychjedepending on wich snaps you install, some can be big11:26
lotuspsychjebut that can be said of packages from apt just the same11:26
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