n4dirHow often does ubuntustudio do distribution upgrades? Put different: how long may i run the actual one without having to reinstall (as far i understood that is the usual way to go for the next release)08:10
n4dirif that question doesn't make much sense, i might try to put it better.08:11
guivercn4dir, Ubuntu Studio 20.04 LTS is a long-term-support release, which has 3 years of support like other flavors ; see http://ubuntustudio.org/2020/04/ubuntu-studio-20-04-lts-released/08:26
n4dirguiverc: i have guessed that, but now am sure. Thanks.08:26
guiverc(5 years applies to main ubuntu only; Ubuntu Studio was NOT a LTS, though extended support via PPA was available to bring it to 3 years)08:26
guivercsorry Ubuntu Studio 18.04 was NOT a LTS ; i missed the 18.0408:27
guiverchttp://ubuntustudio.org/2019/04/ubuntu-studio-18-04-extended-support/ for 18.0408:28
n4diryeah, but i just installed, perhaps 3 months ago. version 20-04. So no need to think about anything like that right now, i hope08:29
guivercnope you don't08:31
n4dirthanks for the clarification. :-)08:31
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