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loptaIs there a tool for Xubuntu that might tell me fan speeds and cpu temp?02:10
Unit193xfce4-sensors-plugin is a panel applet that can tell you the temp.02:13
Bashing-omlopta: Try too: ' inxi -s ' - likely to have to install the tool.02:17
Unit193Xubuntu ships it.02:18
* lopta writes those down02:20
loptaNo fan speeds but at least I get the temp.02:22
lopta...and the fan speeds are a hardware thing.02:22
Bashing-omlopta: "inxi" is quite versatile - a read of the man page can do you good: ' man inxi ' .02:24
Bashing-omlopta: Nvidia graphics ? if ya install the propritary driver then the fan spped can be reported.02:25
loptaBashing-om: Ah no, this one's Intel graphics, though I suppose the 40mm fan is on the North bridge rather than the CPU ;-)02:26
lopta...and the case fan might not be on a 3-pin header.02:27
loptaThis machine was thrown together from scrap.02:29
lopta(the case was new ...but terrible)02:29
loptaAnyway, it'll suffice for now.02:30
loptaI wonder whether there's a way to make Xfce4 work on a plain X display, without render, OpenGL etc.02:30
loptaPerhaps it has just progressed beyond compatibility with VNC.02:32
loptaWell, it looks like I'm a Xubuntu user now...04:18
lopta(at least for a while)04:18
loptadiogenes_: Thanks for your help earlier today!04:47
diogenes_lopta, you're welcome :)04:48
christophergraymaybe turn off compositing will make a difference: settings/window manager tweaks/compositor04:50
loptachristophergray: Can I do that from the command-line though?  I don't get a working UI at all on the VNC side.04:51
christophergrayprobably can with dconf or gsettings04:55
loptaThanks, I'll look those up.04:57
loptaFor now I'll use a simple window manager.04:58
ManeulGood night06:28
xuxuxuhi all, I'm getting a "ssd I/O input error" during 20.04 installation. Checked drive sanity and everything seems ok.. Any tips?09:15
tomreynxuxuxu: do you know which mainboard it is?09:16
xuxuxunot really... i'm on a lenovo 330 15igm09:16
tomreynhow did you "check drive sanity"? can you show the error message?09:16
xuxuxuI'm back in windows (long story)09:17
xuxuxuShould I try another usb live media?09:17
tomreynmost of the time installation errors which are about disk i/o are actually read errors from the installer, because the installer wasn't written to the installation media properly09:17
xuxuxuI'll try with another one09:18
tomreynuse balena etcher to write the iso to usb09:18
Maikor Rufus. Fedora Media Writer is also an option to write iso's to USB09:33
Maikif you're on Windows that is. :)09:34
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keypasshi I just upgraded from xubuntu 18.04.5 lts to 20.04.1 lts and when I turn on my laptop all I get is a flicking black screen with a mouse cursor in the middle16:42
keypasshow do I fix this?16:42
keypassthis is my 1st boot16:42
keypasssince the upgrade16:43
ubottuIf your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode16:43
keypass_any one here ?16:57
neko_is anyone online17:02
neko_i need help with xubuntu error17:02
pmjdebruijnjust ask your question, and wait around a bit17:03
neko_okey okey17:05
keypass_can someone help me17:07
neko_what if xubuntu plymouth default.plymouth dissaperes17:07
pmjdebruijnkeypass_: did you raed the link ubottu pasted?17:09
pmjdebruijnneko_: what do you mean "what if"17:10
pmjdebruijnon my system it's : /etc/alternatives/default.plymouth -> /usr/share/plymouth/themes/xubuntu-logo/xubuntu-logo.plymouth17:10
pmjdebruijnif that file is disappear on you, maybe you've installed another broken plymouth theme?17:11
pmjdebruijnneko_: so check what you have installed 'dpkg -l | grep plymouth17:20
keypassthe update worked17:22
keypassyeah the upgrade went through now17:23
keypassIm able to use my system17:23
keypasswhat a relief17:23
pmjdebruijnyou didn't mention the upgrade didn't finish earlier17:24
keypassit did17:24
pmjdebruijnyou made it seem asif the upgrade was already done17:24
keypassI had to log into17:24
keypassand type17:24
keypasssudo apt-get autoclean17:24
keypassthan sudo dpkg configure --a17:24
keypassand sudo apt-get -f install17:25
keypasssudo apt-get -u dist-upgrade17:25
keypassrebooted after this and now im in17:25
pmjdebruijnthat means your upgrade didn't finish properly in any case17:25
keypassoh it tid17:25
pmjdebruijneven if in a nonobvious way17:25
keypassi followed this guide17:26
keypassto do my upgrade17:26
pmjdebruijnthat's how do you it17:26
keypasswhat do you mean17:27
keypassI did sudo do-release-upgrade -d17:27
pmjdebruijnthat guide does some steps that aren't needed17:27
pmjdebruijndo-release-upgrade should take care o feverything critical17:28
pmjdebruijnthough I've never done it on a desktop17:28
keypasssince do release upgrade says it couldnt find an upgradeable version17:28
pmjdebruijnI just reinstall desktops17:28
keypassim up though and it works :)17:28
pmjdebruijnyou'd probably want/need 'do-release-upgrade -d'17:28
keypassyeah thats what I did17:29
xu-help31wHello, I am new to Xubuntu and just installed the latest 20.0420:22
diogenes_!welcome | xu-help31w20:22
ubottuxu-help31w: Hello and welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions or help others. If you'd like to chit-chat, please visit #xubuntu-offtopic and for developer discussion, see #xubuntu-devel :)20:22
xu-help31wI tried to set QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME in .profile, but it doesn't work. It seems it is set to gtk by other script. but I cant find where it is.20:23
xu-irc3wHow to force restart x server (Ctrl + Alt + backspace) without asking for password21:22
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