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BluesKajHi all12:18
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Guest69805Hello, I just changed my global theme from "kubuntu" to "breeze dark". Now my application launcher changed from kubuntu to kde symbol. I know how to change the application launcher symbol in general, but not where to find this particular one. Can somebody help me to use breeze dark with the kubuntu symbol? I made a screenshot describing my problem further: https://i.imgur.com/km9HUug.png14:10
user|27753i wonder if kubuntu has duall boot14:55
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mparilloKubuntu can dual boot with MS-Windows (more complicated), other Linux distros (slightly complicated for arch-based distros), other *buntus, or two different releases of Kubuntu.15:11
Guest69805most ubuntu installers I've yet encountered (ubiquity/calamares) automatically install grub in a fashion that you've got a multi boot system without further necessary actions at all15:20
IrcsomeBot<sammy_v> @Guest69805, Yes17:45
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keithzg-MTo be clear, not actually sure it's done at such a low level, all I know is Wayland displays upside-down, and if I use GDM3 as my DM then at the DM it switches orientation if I tilt my laptop around; it just remains opposite of what it should be23:03
keithzg-MOh hey, at least removing the Synaptics driver and/or vastly simplifying my Grub line got my trackpad working again. Finally some progress on getting 20.04 running right on this Pixelbook!23:06
keithzg-MOh snap, spoke too soon, cursor vanishes as soon as I log into Plasma from GDM3.23:09
keithzg-MA very awkward set of keyboard commands later (made more awkward by the new System Settings app not always visually indicating a keyboard-selected item) and I have my screen flipped and the mouse is back? Damn, 20.04 is usable again for me on this laptop! :)23:12

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