lejocelynhi, I installed OSM scout server12:20
lejocelynto start it, do I need to use the command line or just use the graphical client?12:20
lejocelynso that I can use Puremaps offline I mean12:21
lejocelynok, it seems to work12:27
lejocelyn, very slow12:27
lejocelynbut working12:27
lejocelynit's a bit sad that names are not showing up12:28
utopiahhi there, just tested Ubuntu Touch on my pinePhone and it's a great experience. I know Firefox relatively well so I'm wondering if there is a way to have it running (didn't find it in the "store") and if so how?17:36
utopiah(I briefly checked on Gitlab https://gitlab.com/ubports/community-ports/pinephone and didn't see any related issue)17:38

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