tewardAsciiWolf: rbasak: I'm handling the SRU stuff today, thanks to the patches already existing in Debian Unstable I just directly lifted the patches.  I'm test-building and testing the package now against all SRU testcases.18:42
tewardif it looks good then I'll upload it to proposed, and Robie can take a look18:43
tewardAsciiWolf: the additional bugs related to this are all missing the SRU template.  While ultimaetly I don't see any problem with the inclusion, each of these requires an SRU template and justification and test case (if you wish to test, please look at https://launchpad.net/~teward/+archive/ubuntu/torbrowser-launcher-focal and test the package in the PPA, it's got the four patches in it)21:40
tewardrbasak: I don't see much of an issue here since all four of these patches are already in Debian courtesy of the Debian team, but the bugs need some extra attention (since there's four of them, and the 'original' bug is now just the 'master' placeholder bug.21:46

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