rjwiiiHit teh deckkkkkkk ... neeeeeet spliiiiiiiit!!!101:14
Maikrjwiii: seriously....01:25
rjwiiiMaik: Sorry ... being overly dramatic ...01:30
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lamiastellagosh why the GUI size is so small on Ubuntu 20.04? I can't even read the items https://askubuntu.com/questions/1278043/how-can-i-make-the-size-of-a-gui-in-ubuntu-larger02:46
lotuspsychjelamiastella: i dont see that software on apt or snap, where did you install it from?03:04
lamiastelladid you see this link in the question? https://github.com/DeepLabCut/DeepLabCut-live/issues/2303:07
lamiastellait is a GUI called dlclivegui from the DeepLabCut-Live package lotuspsychje03:07
lotuspsychjelamiastella: then contact the git owner about it please03:08
lamiastellaI wonder how it is not small in the other guy's Ubuntu though he might use a different Ubuntu version03:08
lamiastellayes I did but I was wondering if it is more of an Ubuntu 20.04 issue like it was here https://askubuntu.com/questions/1262836/why-are-some-gui-fonts-so-small-in-ubuntu-20-04-how-can-i-fix-them03:08
lotuspsychjelamiastella: the resolution of your desktop depends on what res youve chosen in systemsettings03:09
lamiastellaI don't have problem with any other GUI except this one lotuspsychje03:10
lotuspsychjelamiastella: your other ubuntu machines have the same screen resolution?03:11
lamiastellaI only have one Ubuntu machine!03:12
lotuspsychjelamiastella: if you dont have issues with the ratio of other software, the problem lays on deeplabcut right?03:15
lamiastellaI assume so. The thing is I don't have this problem with DeepLabCut GUI itself but with DeepLabCut-Live GUI lotuspsychje03:22
lotuspsychjelamiastella: file a bug on the maintainers git, or browse the issues section there?03:23
lamiastellathere is no issue as mine and I already filed thanks lotuspsychje03:24
javi404where should i post my wayland woes?03:25
javi404i need to fix overscan/underscan03:25
javi404i need to adjust by pixel, not some predefined "im using a tv" yes / no switch.03:25
jayjo_I'm having trouble using keepassxc with google drive, just using the GNOME google drive connection. I've found https://github.com/rclone/rclone - is this a good way to go? is there a way to add the drive with /etc/fstab or something like that?05:53
roblineI'm enjoying 20.04 (especially the automatic printer install, nice) but I can't scroll up with my mouse in a terminal session.  It just scrolls through the command history. Any ideas how I can fix that?06:34
roblineIf I hold down the shift key and scroll, that works06:35
matsamanrobline: could be one of your SHIFT keys or another modifier key (ALT, CTRL) is stuck06:36
matsamangive them all a few good taps06:36
matsamanif that doesn't work, try hitting CTRL+c a few times, then type 'reset', then ENTER06:36
roblineThanks matsaman.  I have definitely done reset, clear, rebooted, restarted X session, etc06:37
roblineThe shift keys respond in xev06:37
matsamanthis is plain Ubuntu 20 flavor?06:37
robline20.04 clean install06:38
matsamanbut I mean Ubuntu not Xubuntu or some other flavor06:38
roblineno It is Ubuntu06:38
matsamanprobably this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-terminal/+bug/168852806:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1688528 in gnome-terminal (Ubuntu) "gnome-terminal with screen interprets mouse wheel events as up/down" [Undecided,Opinion]06:40
matsamanoh sorry that says screen06:40
matsamanare you using screen or tmux or byobu or something like that?06:41
matsamanif you run 'killall gnome-terminal' and then start a new terminal, is the behavior the same?06:42
roblineI am not using screen.  Fresh install, standard terminal.  But I will try this command now!06:43
roblinegnome-terminal: no process found06:44
robline(i entered that into a terminal that was currently running BTW)06:44
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roblineI'm reading through the bug report06:46
matsamanrobline: what does 'ps aux | grep -i term' say?06:47
roblinerob         6124  0.0  0.3 829512 53704 ?        Ssl  Sep26   0:14 /usr/libexec/gnome-terminal-server06:48
roblinerob        18028  0.0  0.0  17664  2692 pts/1    S+   02:47   0:00 grep --color=auto -i term06:48
backthencan terminal windows be saved when I restart?06:49
roblinebackthen, saved how?  you mean command history, position, what?06:49
matsamanrobline: okay it might be killall gnome-terminal-server you'd want, to try and kill all the processes and start a new terminal for a test06:49
matsamanbackthen: probably if you tell your DE to restart without closing them, it will do that, or ask you if you want it, etc.06:50
backthenrobline: I have multiple terminal windows open and they have command histories. I'd hate having to reenter them but driver update wants OS to restart06:50
backthenmatsaman: how do I do that06:50
roblinemy experience has been that the histories are saved to different buffers.  So for example your "main" terminal will remember what you entered into it, but won't recall waht you typed in ther second06:51
roblinebut the second will remember its history06:51
roblineso however many you have open now, you'll need to open that many again06:52
matsamanhistory | tee some_file06:53
roblinethat's not a promise it will work, just how it has worked for me in the past06:53
matsamanwhat driver are we talking about?06:53
backthenok sounds like Ubuntu doesn't have an automatic way to do a 'save state' like windows06:53
matsamanif you make a habit of using screen or tmux or the like, you can restart a whole whole lot of your OS without doing an actual restart, much of the time06:53
matsamanbackthen: as robline says, it's done by default06:54
roblineBTW I ran the killall command again.  It did close the terminal.  I opened another terminal, same issue.  Scrolling the mouse scrolls the command history06:54
matsamanthere's no guarantee you as a human will be able to make sense of it, though06:54
matsamanrobline: ok06:54
matsamanrobline: did you try 'tput rmcup'?06:56
roblineteeing the history is also a great suggestion to be safe06:57
roblinenot yet! :)06:57
matsamanrobline: what mouse model is this, BTW?06:57
roblineLogitech MX06:58
roblinei did tput rmcup and now the top line of the output is scrolling through my command history, LOL06:58
roblineI appreciate your help BTW06:59
matsamanthis a wireless mouse?06:59
roblineyes it is06:59
matsamanturn it off and on?06:59
matsamanremove batteries & reinsert?06:59
robline ok hold on06:59
roblineits fully charged06:59
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matsamanoh it's got an internal battery that you can't really remove?07:00
roblineit doesn't have batteries I can remove but I turned it off, it re-synched with solaar, and same deal.  Top line is scrolling through the bash history07:01
matsamanyou could double-check with the 'xev' program that the mousewheel is sending the events it should be07:01
roblineok hold on07:01
matsamanoh solaar, forgot about that07:01
roblineanyway it scrolls everywhere else, just not in Terminal07:01
matsamanthat's pretty damning for gnome-terminal07:02
roblinexev output seems fine to me07:02
matsamanalthough if you tried another terminal (xterm?), it'd be moreso07:02
roblineI'm not an expert but when I scroll the numbers change07:02
roblineok, I'll try xterm.  Is it installed by default?07:03
roblineguess not07:04
matsamanshould be a small package07:04
roblinexterm has the same behavior07:05
backthenlooks like the commands are saved upon restart. Just the paths of where I was are lost07:05
roblinebackthen yes, that is correct.  It will alsways start you at the system home variable07:05
roblinexterm "knows" my terminal history, interesting07:06
matsamanwell it's your shell history07:06
matsaman~/.bash_history and so on07:06
roblinecool I've just not used XTerm before07:07
matsamanit's a little rudimentary by comparison, but that can also be a plus07:07
matsamanum, so07:07
roblineyeah it has an early 2000's feel07:07
matsamanthis is at least an X-wide problem, not specific to gnome-terminal07:07
matsamanor specific to your mouse (or solaar/etc.), one of those things, probably07:08
matsamanxterm wouldn't care about GNOME-specific prefs, but it might care about X-specific prefs that GNOME has set07:08
matsamando you have a nice boring wired mouse you can try with?07:09
roblineoh hey wanna hear something interesting?  Same thing is going on in Xchat right now.  When I scroll, it scrolls through the things I said, but won't scroll back the irc log07:10
roblinematsaman, yes I do.  I'll go get it07:10
matsamanand if you explicitly click in the non-input pane first?07:11
roblineI am now using a wired mouse.  Other mouse is off.07:12
roblineThe behavior is the same.  If I click in the non-input pane and scroll, it scrolls my irc chat history in the input window.  If I click on the pane of usernames and scroll, that scrolls.07:14
jayjo_I'm looking at the UEFI guide here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI but mainly I'm just looking at this screenshot: https://pix.toile-libre.org/upload/original/1347270285.jpg - I see that this boot menu allows you to boot the same drives using BIOS or using UEFI. What are the "p's" here? P3, P1, P4. What's the order?07:14
roblineI like how you are thinking this through though, I should have tried anothher mouse earlier07:15
matsamanjayjo_: 'peripheral' maybe? I doubt it matters, it's clearly the dvd drive, and two hard disks07:17
matsamanjayjo_: things you can boot from07:17
roblinejayjo: to me it looks like you have a pioneer dvd drive, a hitachi hard drive, and a western digital hard drive.  And IEFI is going to use the hitachi to boot.07:18
roblineUEFI I mean07:18
matsamanjayjo_: or sata "port"07:19
roblineThat seems right07:20
roblinewell, It's 3am here so I'm going to bed.  Thanks for the ideas, matsaman07:21
matsamanrobline: mmm07:21
matsamanrobline: someone more familiar with GNOME would probably know better than I07:21
matsamanyou could try something much more rudimentary than GNOME to rule GNOME out07:22
matsamanif it did the same thing outside GNOME altogether, it would definitely be a bug for all GTK+ or X things07:22
* matsaman shrugs07:22
roblineI'll look into that!07:22
he12457Hello all..... New chatting webpages opened: talkingplace . talk4fun . net and iwanttocommunicate . rf . gd07:48
borisrunakhello !09:09
hanshcan someone running a desktop Ubuntu run `which nautilus`  ? (and if that gives no result, run `which Nautilus`  ) ?10:09
hansh.. and tell me the output10:10
ElNomRealI think normally it is /usr/bin/nautilus?10:14
hanshElNomReal, thanks10:26
lotuspsychjewelcome Assid11:13
Assidso i just installed ubuntu .. and my location is middle east.. but even though i have english setup.. i still have things showing up in arabic11:13
Assidthis is on ubuntu-desktop11:14
Assidwhy not ASK the user what they want to install instead of assuming11:15
Assidi cant get xrdp working.. can someone help11:34
Assidafter connecting i just get a blank screen11:34
BluesKajHi all12:19
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lightshadowgood morning everyone14:10
lightshadowClient: HexChat 2.14.3 • OS: Ubuntu "focal" 20.04 • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Eight-Core Processor (1.89GHz) • Memory: Physical: 30.6 GiB Total (25.4 GiB Free) Swap: 2.0 GiB Total (2.0 GiB Free) • Storage: 4.8 TB / 18.1 TB (13.3 TB Free) • VGA: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Ellesmere [Radeon RX 470/480/570/570X/580/580X/590] @ Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Family 17h •14:13
lightshadow Uptime: 12h 9m 6s14:13
lightshadowI'm facing an issue with Microk8s on Ubuntu14:14
lightshadowmy containers are failling no matter what I do with this error message14:14
lightshadowkubelet does not have ClusterDNS IP configured and cannot create Pod using "ClusterFirst" policy. Falling back to "Default" policy.14:14
lightshadowdespite I've enable dns, I follow the documentation and seems not working that part, I'm on Ubuntu 20.0414:15
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rapidwaveStrange problem. I disabled php 7.0 and enabled 7.2 and now the mod has a syntax error14:32
rapidwaveThings were working and then I upgraded to focal and now this issue14:32
Cyber_AkumaWhat command do I have to add to a livecd to make it load entirely into ram? is it --toram before "splash"?14:33
zetherooI am having trouble with the touchpad on my Thinkpad T440p after suspend with Ubuntu 20.04. I also have Ubuntu 20.04 running on my T450s and don't have any problems with the touchpad.14:56
zetherooThe problem happens also in the Ubunto 20.04 LIVE session14:58
zetherooAfter waking from suspend the touchpad/trackpoint is either completed unresponsive or the scrolling doesn't work14:58
zetherooI tried the 'modprobe -r psmouse && modprobe psmouse' workaround, but it only works sometimes.15:00
jonnjOh Assid, you are not here. I have had a similar problem with xrdp. In my case it was the firewall. But I don't know if you have this problem.15:18
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hggdhdarn, slow today...15:28
xbfrogi have a 250 gb hard drive connected via usb. Ubuntu 20.04 recognizes it i can see files on it, but when i right click and choose format it does nothing, am i missing something?15:52
tomreynwhich application are you right-clicking on, which graphical desktop?15:54
tomreynand which file system is it formatted to?15:55
xbfrogyes gui16:02
xbfrogdont know how to answer that quesiton16:03
xbfrogfile system that came standard witht the os16:03
xbfroggoogle says ext4 filesistem16:04
xbfrogi only use terminal commands sparringly and when i have to. not so comfortable with terminal16:06
leftyfbxbfrog: use gparted (you might have to install it)16:09
xbfrogok thanks16:10
xbfrogi dont think gparted sees it16:16
tomreynxbfrog: select the disk ont he top right first of all16:19
xbfrogall gparted sees is my laptop hd, doesnt see my usb 2tb storage16:19
xbfrogor the usb 52016:20
tomreynso those aren't listed on the drop-down?16:20
xbfrogonly the laptop hd16:20
tomreynare you using the default X(org) X server or XWayland?16:21
xbfrogdont know how to tell you.16:22
tomreynif you can't answer this: are you using the default Ubuntu (not another flavour such as Xubuntu, Kubuntu, ...) graphical desktop?16:22
xbfrogdefault ubuntu with gnome16:22
tomreynhmm, not sure then. pressing ctrl-r will make gparted re-read the list of available devices - give it a try.16:23
xbfrognothing changed16:25
xbfrogi have /dev/sda1 EFI system partition fat 32 512mib and /dev/sda2 ext4/ 931GiB16:27
tomreyni can't think of other ways to make this workable on the GUI. if you want to try on a terminal, start by sharing the output of   lsblk -o +MODEL   and    blkid16:28
tomreynuse a !pastebin16:28
pavlosis there a Disks app in a utilities folder (gnome)? Does disks 'see' the external drive?16:31
monkwitdafunkdoes the default ubuntu use x.org?16:31
monkwitdafunki love x.org16:32
Maikmonkwitdafunk: ^^16:34
tomreynxbfrog: so only sda (a western digital (WDC) something) and sdb (likely a Hitachi HDD) are currently seen connected.16:40
xbfrogok hitachi is the one i want to format16:41
xbfrogyes i unplugged the storage16:41
xbfrogi dont recognize the hitachi in gparted16:42
tomreynthe hitachi, sdb, has an mbr partition table with two partitions. sdb1 is 512 MB, sdb5 is 232,4 GB.16:42
tomreynsdb1 is formatted to (v)FAT, sdb5 is formatted to ext4.16:43
xbfrogall i see in gparted is for that is fat32/boot/efi 51216:43
xbfrogno 232.416:44
xbfrogand its listed as sda116:44
tomreynor you're mixing things up, since sda is partitioned similarily16:45
xbfrogok this hitachi was my former laptop drive16:46
xbfrogit was switched over to  the sdd drive currently installed16:46
xbfrogi wanted to format it to be used as a slave drive for another laptop16:47
xbfroggparted shows 2 sda's 1 and 216:48
tomreyncan you post the url this returns?   ls -1 /dev/disk/by-id/*Hitachi* | grep -v -- '-part' | nc termbin.com 999916:49
tomreynxbfrog: so to delete the partition table, and with this, effectively, all the data stored on all partitions on this Hitachi disk - which should only be done when you have current backups - run:   sudo wipefs -a /dev/disk/by-id/ata-Hitachi_HTS723225L9SA60_080816FC1K00NEG2JD4C16:54
xbfrogright, i dont care about any data on that drive16:56
tomreynchances are you'll be able to repartition it in your favourite graphical parittioning tool afterwards16:56
xbfrogthank you, did i just confuse the drive or what happened ?16:58
xbfrogok, i guess i'm still confused. gparted still only sees sda1 fat32 512MiB and sda2 ext4 931 GiB17:03
xbfrognothing else listed17:03
JakethepythonHello, I have a USB to  serial convertor, what is the easiest way to get Serial messages in terminal just to read the RX port17:04
pavlosJakethepython: use putty or minicom17:09
pavlosJakethepython: user must be in the dialout group to access /dev/ttyUSB0 (sudo usermod -a -G dialout username)17:15
tomreynxbfrog: and you did have it re-read the drive listing, and checked the drop-down field on the top right?17:19
tomreynif it remains unlisted, you'll need to use fdisk or parted on the CLI to create a new partition table on /dev/disk/by-id/ata-Hitachi_HTS723225L9SA60_080816FC1K00NEG2JD4C17:21
xbfrogoh ok17:21
xbfrogyes and no change17:22
xbfrogyes its still unlisted17:23
pavloscan you take a screenshot of gparted and upload it to imgur.com?17:26
tomreynmaybe gparted will not list removable storages, or defaults to not doing so17:26
xbfrogmayb i should install this in the laptop i want it in and work from there with no usb cable17:27
xbfrogit did list my 2tb storage17:28
xbfrogjust not the hitachi odd17:28
xbfrogok, i'll try it a diffeent way17:28
xbfrogthanks for your help17:28
aph11hello, hope everyones day is going well. I've been struggling for a cpl days trying to set up a way to RDP into an ubuntu VM from my ubuntu desktop. finally got it to work with xfce4, and I get a desktop with icons when I connect, but I cant open a terminal window. when i try there's no response at all. other apps seem to work tho. has anyone had/solved this issue?17:30
transhumanisthi is there any file system that can run, even as a third party add in for windows that would allow me to access rw to by both windows and linux that supports unix permissions? I was looking at ext2 but unfortunately those windows programs wont run on Windows 1017:30
transhumanistany help is appreciated, no idea where to ask , its an inbetween question for unix and windows17:31
rfmaph11, I think that means the session isn't completely set up as some apps expect (in particular no dbus server).  Try running good old xterm (you might have to put it in ~/.xinit, or create a .desktop file for it)17:35
aph11@rfm: thanks mate, I'll give it a shot17:37
aph11@rfm: worked like a charm ^_^17:41
pavlosaph11: I enabled sharing on the VM (uses vnc protocol), installed on my laptop remmina, remmina-plugin-vnc and was able to see the VM17:43
tomreyntranshumanist: this channel is still only for ubuntu support, not "unix"17:44
tomreynand crossposting is still not a good thing.17:44
aph11@pavlos: I'll give that a shot as well, thanks!17:46
aph11@pavlos: that works great! appreciate the tip!17:56
bumblefuzzso, my windows key no longer works to open the main menu17:56
bumblefuzzand I don't know why it stopped17:56
bumblefuzzor how to make it work again17:57
transhumanistits ok I found a solution, its https://www.paragon-software.com/home/linuxfs-windows/ or use of NFS which works with both but is slow17:58
transhumanisthope this helps someone17:58
transhumanistboth preserve unix permissions17:58
gnUserWhat is the difference between a phy0 wireless interface and a wlan0 interface for example?18:01
bumblefuzzphy0 sounds like ethernet18:07
bumblefuzzwlan is going to be wireless18:07
gnUserbumblefuzz, in this case I don't think phy0 referes to ethernet. I am using this command specifically, it adds a new "monitor" interface on a raspberry pi.  sudo iw phy phy0 interface add mon0 type monitor18:09
gnUserBut I am trying to underst and what phy and phy0 are doing there18:10
bumblefuzzhow many NIC's do you have on your device?18:10
gnUserbumblefuzz, it's a raspbery pi zero so I think only the one wireless "nic"18:11
bumblefuzzip a18:14
bumblefuzzpastebin the output of "ip a"18:14
gnUserbumblefuzz, coming18:17
gnUserbumblefuzz, https://dpaste.org/F8Wd18:19
bumblefuzz"ip a | pastebinit"18:19
bumblefuzzsnippet doesn't exist18:19
bumblefuzztry again18:20
bumblefuzzok so, this only shows 3 interfaces18:21
bumblefuzzwhere were you finding phy0?18:21
gnUserctrl + f this string   iw phy phy0 info18:21
bumblefuzz...which I would assume, looking at the output of "ip a" would mean "iw wlan0 info" or something similar18:24
bumblefuzzphy0 is just the name of the author's interface18:24
bumblefuzz...I think18:24
bumblefuzzyou don't have a phy018:24
gnUserbumblefuzz, sounds like a reasonable assumption.. now if you ctrl + f for this string     sudo iw phy phy0 interface add mon0 type monitor18:24
gnUserthis is how I add the mon0 interface but I do not know what the phy0 and phy is all about18:25
bumblefuzzI'm assuming these are the interfaces to be monitored18:25
bumblefuzzadditionally, looking at the output of "ip a" earlier, it appears the mon0 is already up18:26
gnUserbumblefuzz, yes because I already followed this tutorial. I am trying to understand the command and how it works18:26
gnUserspecifically what phy and phy0 are all about18:26
bumblefuzzmy guess would be you are telling it which interfaces to monitor18:26
gnUserthanks, I suppose I will need to look into the linux docs and get to the bottom of it18:27
bumblefuzzwhen you add a new interface using iw, this is the syntax used18:28
gnUserthanks for that link18:29
pavlosaph11: and if you need to access win VM's, install remmina-plugin-rdp18:30
aph11@pavlos: managed to get RDP for my Win vm working right away. was just struggling with the ubuntu box. VNC wasent working initally which left me struggling with xrdp, but I just needed to install vino which I had overlooked. it's all running smoothly now18:38
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NewbieDanGot a problem trying to get Plasma working on my Ubuntu LTS 20.04 box18:43
NewbieDanIt always refuses to connect to the display, even though the display is just the system console18:46
pavlosaph11: glad all works.18:48
NewbieDananyone got any ideas?18:51
pavlosNewbieDan: does this help? ... https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-install-kde-plasma-desktop-on-ubuntu-20-04-focal-fossa-linux19:18
mozzarella guys help19:29
mozzarellamy partition has a "total capacity" of 983.4 GB, yet there's only 933.3 GB free and 79.7 MB used, there's a huge chunk that's missing19:32
jeremy31mozzarella: Might be the ext419:34
mozzarellajeremy31: what do you mean?19:35
jeremy31Space used by journaling19:36
mozzarellathat's still  a huge chunk19:36
pavlosmozzarella: sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdX where X is your device20:04
NewbieDanpavlos: No Dice on that web site. tasksel dies at file 661 each time I try20:15
dhaniyahello, I downloaded ubuntu 20.04.1 from the site today and the installer crashed with some libgl error twice, I had install 3rd party software option checked at both times, and i tried disabling the option to download updates while installing but that didn't fix it. Please help.20:17
_Sym_dhaniya, it might help if you say what the error was20:24
dhaniyasome libglc66 I don't remember exactly but similar to this and it is already a known critical bug i checked that20:25
stevecoh1I have an Ubuntu 20.4 system on a laptop.  I wish to replace its hard drive with a SSD.  The computer store where I'm buying the SSD was unable to ghost the hard drive onto the SSD.  There may be bad sectors on the HD or there may be a problem with the boot sector.20:30
stevecoh1When they tried to ghost it, it created a non-bootable system on the SSD.  They now recommend creating a new installation of Ubuntu on the SSD, copying all the stuff from my HD /home, /etc, /usr/local, etc. to the SSD.  But what about the applications installed there?20:32
pavlosSSD mfg usually provide free software t oclone hdd->ssd20:32
stevecoh1#pavlos, thanks, but store didn't mention that.20:33
stevecoh1What I would like is a way to capture in a script usable by apt all the app installations on my system now, then run that script to bring over the applications.  Is there a way to do that?20:34
pavlosstevecoh1: https://rescuezilla.com/ ... the last paragraph20:39
stevecoh1pavlos, thanks, will have a look at rescuezilla20:41
tomreynis your ssd larger than your hdd, though?20:48
tomreynand is your old installation encrypted?20:49
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BarnabasDKtomreyn, +1 and apt list --installed should give you a list of packages - only I don't know if there is a way to look into the old apt database on the old disk20:52
BarnabasDKalso if your new installation is a newer release of ubuntu some packages may no longer be available20:54
tomreynstevecoh1: ^20:58
stevecoh1#tomreyn how dumb of me not to ask the question.  I will tomorrow.  I was assuming they were the same size, which may or may not be the case.21:00
stevecoh1#tomreyn old install is not encrypted21:00
stevecoh1#BarnabasDK "old" install is 20.4.  I just updated fully.  I will make sure they install that onto SSD.21:01
tomreynstevecoh1: oh you're having the computer shop do the migration for you, and they're into ubuntu?21:03
stevecoh1Well, that remains to be seen?  I'm not sure how ubuntu-familiar they are.  They said they were, but the guy I talked to, not the owner, was not.  Gonna have a talk with owner.  With the right tools, I should be able to do it myself if need be.21:04
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tomreynif the old system can still boot, or they can 'chroot to it', they can do this to backup and restore the list of installed applications: https://askubuntu.com/questions/9135/how-to-backup-settings-and-list-of-installed-packages#answers21:05
tomreynit's not super simple, though, and could go wrong, of course. and honestly, if i was in their shoes, i would probably not want to offer it.21:06
stevecoh1BarnabasDK: is there an easy way to convert apt list --installed output to a script that can be run from the command line?21:06
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BarnabasDKstevecoh1, define ease :-D But maybe look at apt-clone first. Did not know of that one21:08
BarnabasDKseems that thing can read a db with a different source folder and do a restore21:08
BarnabasDKin the ubuntu repo21:08
stevecoh1BarnabasDK: apt-clone looks like the way to go.  Thanks.21:12
HashI have ubuntu 18.04 installed and working. I want to upgrade to 20lts21:12
HashI found this21:13
pyzozordhello I don't have kinetic scrolling in chromium when using my touchpad, can someone help21:14
tomreynHash: do you have a question?21:14
HashIs it safe to do so?21:15
HashWhat is the success rate people usually have?21:15
BarnabasDKHash, 100% if they have a backup21:15
tomreynthat's if you consider restoring a backup to count towards 100%21:15
HashI considered that.21:16
HashI'll give it a go after making backup21:16
BarnabasDKtomreyn, true21:17
tomreynHash: note that this article describes a way to upgrade before the upgrade path is officially supported.21:17
HashHow can I boot 20lts iso using grub and give it a go?21:20
HashWithout using a usb. It's much faster off ssd21:20
HashIs there a official tutorial for it21:20
tomreynthe article you linked above does not involve an 20.04 LTS .ISO file.21:22
HashIt's for an upgrade. I'm asking a totally new question21:22
aph11@Hash: if you wat to try ou the live version you'll need to boot from some external media as far as I know21:22
tomreynsupposedly, grub can boot off iso images, but they need to be a in a specific format, and i don't knwo whether this one is (I assume not).21:23
Hashhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot does this apply to a 20.04 iso?21:23
Hashfile path locations etc.21:23
HashIOW, is this article current?21:24
HashSeems like you just tell grub to mount the iso and get the kernel and the ramdisk and boot them21:24
tomreynah, nio-wiklund updated it with instructions to boot the 20.04 LTS iso in uefi mode, nice.21:26
stevecoh1alas apt-clone has some issues21:27
stevecoh1$ sudo apt-clone clone /backupnot installable: libwxgtk3.0-0v5, libbrlapi0.6, oracle-java8-set-default, zoom, iscan-data, oracle-java8-installerversion mismatch: ubuntu-drivers-commonNote that you can use --with-dpkg-repack to include those packges in the clone file.21:28
stevecoh1but it doesn't work with --with-dpkg-repack  either21:28
stevecoh1aside from zoom (how did we ever live without it) I might not care.21:29
BarnabasDKstevecoh1, have they been removed from the repo to 20.01 ? search for one of them here https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libwxgtk3.0-0v521:32
BarnabasDKseems the version has been bumped https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libwxgtk321:33
stevecoh1blaah.  So what would my strategy be?  update the package first?21:35
stevecoh1And if so, why didn't the update I just did provide it?21:36
BarnabasDKstevecoh1, I think because the package changed name from ibwxgtk3.0-0v5 to libwxgtk3.0-gtk3-0v521:37
tomreynlibwxgtk3.0-0v5, despite the name, seems to dpend on gtk2, whereas libwxgtk3.0-gtk3-0v5 depends on gtk3. the former does not seem to been available in focal ever, should have been removed by the release upgrade. but then, the release upgrader from 18.04 LTS to 20.04 LTS is not considered stable, yet.21:39
tomreynor not yet supported, anyways21:40
stevecoh1OK, seems like I see a path forward.  Was able to handle libwxgtk3 Just go through this short list and upgrade each one manually first.  Or is this asking for trouble?21:43
BarnabasDKif you are on a running 20.01 LTS I guess libwxgtk3.0-gtk3-0v5 is installed already - and the old one should be safe to ignore21:43
BarnabasDKwhat is the installation status on the fresh install?21:43
stevecoh1It was not installed.  I had to install it, then delete old one.  Both operations succeeded..21:44
BarnabasDKstevecoh1, maybe you could force a reinstall of your GUI environment with apt install --reinstall to the GUI meta package21:46
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stevecoh1BarnabasDK - well, I seem to have handled libwxgtk3.021:48
BarnabasDKstevecoh1, yeah but you will probably have to do them one by one21:48
BarnabasDKif the list is short I suppose thats OK21:48
stevecoh1only about 4 or 5.  Honestly don't care about java.  I've retired since I put that on :-) and can always reinstall it later if need be.21:49
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billybigriggerim trying to upgrade my digitalocean droptlet from 18.04LTS to 20.04LTS, via do-release-upgrade -d21:49
billybigriggerand it keeps giving me errors about my sources.list......https://paste.mozilla.org/sLOg2u5G21:50
billybigriggerthere's the output of the whole command, it seems to start using the focal repos, but then errors out with something i've never seen before doing upgrades....i looked over my sources.list and i don't seem to have anything out of the ordinary, ill paste sources here .....https://paste.mozilla.org/P85bmGkc21:52
billybigriggeri have tried to install ubuntu-minimal but it IS installed21:53
oerheksbillybigrigger, follow their guide, or seek their support https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-upgrade-to-ubuntu-20-04-focal-fossa21:54
billybigriggeri have?21:54
oerheksupgrade path is not out yet, with reason21:54
billybigriggerwhat is the reason?21:55
billybigriggerno point release21:55
billybigriggerthat doesnt make sense 20.04.1 came out 2 months ago21:58
billybigriggeroerheks whats the reason for no upgrade path?21:58
tomreynthe reason for the message in line 50 ff. of https://paste.mozilla.org/sLOg2u5G will be that you're using DO's archive mirror, not an official mirror. if you'll edit your sources.list to point to an XX.archive.ubuntu.com mirror i think you'll be able to overcome this message.22:01
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stevecoh1BarnabasDK: Grrrr.  Got rid of all the offenders, now get this22:21
stevecoh1$ sudo apt-clone clone /backupnot installable: version mismatch: Note that you can use --with-dpkg-repack to include those packges in the clone file.22:21
stevecoh1BarnabasDK: no not installables, no version mismatches, still barfs.22:24
stevecoh1BarnabasDK: thanks for the advice, it was worth a try :-(22:31
KaiHI'm used to that aptitude differentiates between security updates and other updates (maybe only from Debian, I'm not sure). It doesn't. Do you know what's the reason?22:59
tomreynno, but23:04
ubottuLike apt and apt-get, aptitude is a terminal frontend for Ubuntu's package management system. Unlike the others, it is not recommended in Ubuntu because its behavior differs significantly from other Ubuntu package management tools and can cause issues.23:04
oerheksin softwareupdater i see seperation too. security and other updates23:05
KaiHI'm using it on server… wasn't sure if should ask in #ubuntu-server, because updating is a quite general task :D23:10
KaiHSoftware updater seems to be a GUI only tool?23:12
tomreynit is23:12
KaiH(personally, I use Kubuntu, so I don't know softwareupdater)23:15
wabznasmsystemd is starting pulseaudio for system user (jenkins) without login which causes problems running jackd. Trying to disable pulse for that user fails. Any ideas on how to kick systemd to stop this? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/3qg23nkhnm/23:58

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