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xu-help99whardware  compitatble08:27
smjalageriNeed Install Help09:33
smjalagerixubuntu 20 ISO burnt on pendrive & loaded on Lenovo Z585 on Pheonix Secure Core Tiano BIOS is failing09:34
smjalageriI see a cursor appearing & there's no activity any further, after 14 hours, :(09:34
gnrpsmjalageri: What does it mean "BIOS is failing"?09:34
gnrpsmjalageri: Cursor of the operating system?09:35
smjalageriHow I wish, I could upload the Image.09:35
gnrp("cursor of the BIOS, what a time we live in...")09:35
smjalageriCursor of Xubuntu Bootable ISO09:35
smjalageriApologies from a Newbie for wording09:35
gnrpdid you try it another time?09:36
gnrpor only once?09:37
smjalageri7 times09:37
smjalageriIn the BIOS, Secure Boot is disabled, Legacy Boot is enabled09:39
smjalageri3 different times, I downloaded the ISO, used Rufus first then UnetBootin to prepare Bootable ISO.. All effirt gets stuck at this point09:40
smjalageriThanks for listening09:40
gnrpsmjalageri: But you manage to install it?09:53
gnrpdid you check if the OS is running or if it froze? Ctrl+Alt+F109:53
xu-help21wHi, I have a problem, I played with i3 tile manager, and after uninstalling it, my pop-up notification looked different because from what I found "dunst". I uninstalled dunst, but know I have no notifications. Can anyone help me?12:18
xu-help21wIn the notifications app I get on the top the message "The notification service is not running, no notifications will show."12:26
brainwashxu-help21w: you have xfce4-notifyd installed?12:30
brainwashwell, yeah you do12:31
brainwashdoesn't the settings app offer you to start the notification service?12:32
brainwashusually, it is started on demand (first notification)12:32
xu-help21wI have it installed but I really don't know what to do brainwash12:49

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