-queuebot:#kubuntu-devel- Builds: Kubuntu Desktop amd64 [Groovy Beta] has been updated (20200928)05:58
sorcerermy lowest ram is 4gb, but most of my machines are 12gb or better for ram06:13
sorcererwhats the URL to the beta .iso again? i lost my link for it06:19
RikMillssorcerer: there are no beta ISO candidates yet06:20
sorcererim referring to get this06:21
sorcererNotice(queuebot): Builds: Kubuntu Desktop amd64 [Groovy Beta] has been updated (20200928)06:21
RikMillsany links still point to the dailies at the moment06:21
sorcerererr thank you06:22
RikMills1st try was fine :P06:22
sorcerersome people dont like other languages06:22
sorcererso i fixed it ;p06:22
sorcereri didnt wanna get yelled at haha :)06:23
sorcererbut yea, i dont get to test as much as i would like and keep up, because i work 6 days a week at a factory job, but when im off i like testing kubuntu... my favorite o/s06:24
sorcererthats why i forgot the link06:24
BluesKajHi all11:35

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