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seb128hum, was there any autopkgtest infra sadness?15:21
seb128or is that just libinput doing something weird?15:22
Laneyseb128: Looks like triggers with systemd but not gnutls28 are broken15:44
Laneyis that some missing package relationship?15:44
rbalintsince rhonabwy rebuild fixed test failure with gnutls28 i suspect there is an untracked ABI break15:46
rbalintLaney, but not the test is passing, thus both systemd and gnutls should migrate in the next run this will be solved15:47
Laneyyou're confident there aren't any other undetected breakages?15:49
rbalintLaney, hm, regarding gnutls28 no, but i think systemd is ok15:50
LaneyI did mean gnutls2815:50
LaneyI'm guessing that rhonathingy was only detected because it has an autopkgtest15:51
rbalintLaney, filed LP: #1897599 to let us figure that out15:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1897599 in gnutls28 (Ubuntu) "gnutls28 broke rhonabwy autopktest" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/189759915:55
LaneyI was going to say, should that have block-proposed, but it does15:55
rbalintLaney, :-)15:55
LaneyI should probably kill this in progress run in case it migrates it15:56
Laneyah except ppc64el failed15:56
Laneyoh no, it's still running15:57
xnoxrbalint:  Laney: no abi break....17:09
xnoxnew point release of gnutls adds more constants; rhonabwy has code that is compiled when new constants are detected at buildtime, but it doesn't check if new constants/algos are available at runtime and tries to use them.17:10
xnoxrhonabwy is the one broken, gnutls28 is not.17:10
Laneythat sounds backwards from what happened?17:11
xnoxalso rhonabwy builds a fresh library & fresh unit tests, and then tries to execute unit-tests against system installed (old) librhonabwy and that has missmatched expectations.17:11
Laneyor are you talking about building during the tests?17:12
xnoxLaney:  autopkgtest builds brand new library & unit-tests which have matching expectations, but then it executes just compiled unit-tests against system library, which has been built against old gnutls28, without exposing new curve that unit-tests think library should know about.17:13
xnoxand vice versa.17:13
Laneyok, that makes sense17:13
Laneynext, why does systemd break?17:13
xnox(so gnutls28 is forward compatible, and ghonabwy tries to go back in time, but that's not really supported, or matters)17:14
xnoxsystemd vs gnutls28 => no idea =)17:14
xnoxdidn't look17:14
Laneyalright I'll leave that little question in the air and go out for my daily walk :>17:15
xnoxwlroots saysa unkonw/regression, yet it is pass superfecial?!17:15
xnoxdid it drop tests or something?17:15
xnoxlooks all green otherwise.17:15
xnoxoooh systemd smells like nftables migration issue?!17:16
Laneyshould reproduce for you, just try testing something (e.g. happend with input) with --apt-pocket=proposed=src:systemd{,src:gnutls28}17:17
Laneythen the network breaks and you can have fun using the serial console to break into the machine17:17
ItzSwirlzLaney: Do you have a pre-made .deb (All of them, preferably) of the built version of libmozjs78-0 in Ubuntu/mozjs78 in Debian?17:48
ItzSwirlzWorking with cjs right now as me and Debian Cinnamon Team and others work to port cjs to mozjs78 (from 52)17:48
rbalintLaney, xnox the systemd vs. gnutls issue is just udev being upgraded without systemd where i saw it18:38
rbalintLaney, xnox i'm thinking about thightening dependencies between udev & systemd to avoid such partial upgrades, but apt could know better, too https://objectstorage.prodstack4-5.canonical.com/v1/AUTH_77e2ada1e7a84929a74ba3b87153c0ac/autopkgtest-groovy/groovy/amd64/m/mir/20200928_132812_257f0@/log.gz18:40
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LaneyItzSwirlz: no, but you can get it from the archive can't you?19:31
Laneyrbalint: ok, well if that's it then tightened dependencies would make sense19:31
ItzSwirlzCan't seem to find it there19:32
ItzSwirlzDo you have a direct link or something? I've searched around the Debian Package Tracker and packages.ubuntu.com19:32
Laneyapt download libmozjs-78-0?19:32
Laneyor install ubuntu-dev-tools and pull-lp-debs mozjs7819:32
ItzSwirlzThere we go. Cuoldn't remember the command for getting it, thanks19:32
LaneyI retried wlroots, hopefully that makes systemd go in19:40
rbalintLaney, i retried already, too19:43
Laneyah well the results weren't in when I looked19:44
Laneybetter hope it's not flaky :>19:45
rbalintLaney, all of them passed, so it is just crossing fingers that's left :-)19:51
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