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lotuspsychjegood morning01:58
Maikgood morning all02:38
akem_Good morning.05:22
Maikheya akem_05:22
akem_What's up? :)05:23
Maikcoffee :P05:26
akem_Same here and some fruit juice too, breakfasting :)05:27
marcoagpintoThe cola demon!07:40
* lotuspsychje runs fast07:43
marcoagpintoI only have one glass left of cola :(08:02
lotuspsychjehggdh: concidence or not, this morning another user asked the same;12:51
lotuspsychjefreddyb> does anyone know when ubuntu is going to get updates for thunderbird from 68 to 78? couldnt find something on the web.12:51
hggdhI think the best place to ask would be at #ubuntu-hardened. Tbird is in main so they would be involved12:53
hggdhenough is enough13:02
lotuspsychjemight be his brother troll :p13:02
lotuspsychjenot sure where the tbird hear comes from, but the blog mentions some news https://blog.thunderbird.net/13:03
hggdhand TB 80 is beta13:09
hggdhsigh. And I have no patience today for aggressive-passive behaviour, so there13:09
lotuspsychjehggdh: tell me, last time they chosen you as council right, whats the deal about mark wanting new council atm?13:14
hggdhI was CC before, and ended my stint about 4-6 years ago13:19
hggdhthen others came in. As time went by, the CC was less and less present -- I do not *know* the reasons -- to the point where they pretty much ghosted themselves13:20
lotuspsychjehggdh: ok tnx13:21
lotuspsychjehggdh: do you have access to aprove pending wiki editors?13:23
hggdhno, I do not :-)13:23
lotuspsychjekk :p13:23
hggdhpopey does, as far as I can remember13:23
hggdhlotuspsychje: ^ fire away13:24
lotuspsychjepopey: could you approve https://launchpad.net/~maik-adamietz please?13:24
hggdhpopey: thank you sir.13:24
lotuspsychjethank you popey : )13:25
Maiklotuspsychje popey thanks :)15:29
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Bashing-omUWN: issue 650 on the streets: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue650 :D20:13

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