apwfling, the focal:linux kernel is a 5.4 kernel and has shiftfs applied; they are fairly discrete iirc so you should be able to find them there09:12
flingapw: how to figure out which commits do I need?09:39
flingapw: if I extract only patches affecting shiftfs.c then I can successfully apply them on kernels up to 5.4.4809:40
flingapw: but it produces warning with 5.4.49+09:40
flingapw: is not there a branch or something with all the needed commits?09:50
apwfling, i don't track it that closely, sorry11:21
flingapw: who should I ask about this?11:25
apwfling, sforshee _may_ have more information11:26
flingsforshee: Hello.11:57
sforsheefling: there is no separate tree for shiftfs, just the commits to shiftfs.c should be enough. There are a also a handful of commits to overlayfs to support mounting over shiftfs, I think that's all of it12:06
flingsforshee: should I somehow filter out overlayfs commits too?12:07
sforsheefling: you don't need the overlayfs commits unless you want that functionality, but you also likely need to include the patches for mounting overlayfs in user namespaces12:08
flingso how do I distinguish these commits?12:09
flingif I use commits affecting shiftfs.c on 5.4.49 or later it produces a warning12:09
sforsheewhat warning?12:10
fling * Applying 5401-UBUNTU-SAUCE-shiftfs-uid-gid-shifting-bind-mount.patch ...12:20
flingHunk #1 succeeded at 96 with fuzz 1 (offset 1 line).12:20
sforsheefling: almost certainly just some contest difference in kconfig or makefile, just check that the result looks the same as in the patch and everything should be fine12:24
sforshee*context difference12:25
flingsforshee: shiftfs.c you mean?13:13
flingsforshee: also how do I figure out which overlayfs commits are not from upstream?13:15
sforsheefling: any non-upstream patches should start with "UBUNTU: SAUCE:"13:53
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