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cthulchuso folks, I see that Ubuntu+KDE is quite good for work. Very comfortable.01:33
cthulchuI wonder how good it will be with games though01:33
cthulchumostly Nvidia performance. Does Nvidia make good drivers for modern cards for Linux?01:34
cthulchuShould I look at AMD cards rather than Nvidia?01:34
cthulchuI'm gonna buy a new laptop rather sooner. I want to make sure it's perfect for linux.01:34
Bashing-omcthulchu: Perfect == money. See https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2020/09/lenovo-launches-new-oem-linux-thinkpad-and-thinkstation-pcs/ - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue650 .01:37
cthulchuLenovo is actually good01:46
cthulchuI've been using one for a while01:46
cthulchubut performance-wise... it sucks01:46
cthulchuand it's strange that lenovo doesn't suck Microsoft's dick01:47
cthulchudoesn't it belong to MS?01:47
guivercwatch your language please cthulchu01:52
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ldiamondI'm trying to setup grub to boot from an encrypted / with and lvm01:56
ldiamondWhen the PC boots, I get dropped in the grub shell. `insmod luks` doesn't work01:58
ldiamondso it seems to be missing luks efi module01:58
guivercldiamond, I can't help as I know nothing about it, but modern Lubuntu boots from a full disk encryption so I'd peek at what they do, or maybe https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Full_Disk_Encryption_Howto_201902:05
ldiamondYea I looked at it but they do a full install02:05
ldiamondI'm moving an existing installation to an encrypted partition02:05
nithael_Does anyone have an idea on how to configure network on Ubuntu Server 20.04LTS for Raspberry pi 4 ? I'm plugged straight from eth0 to my router, although dhcp is enabled on both on my router and my Pi, internet and network is not working, I'm only getting an ipv6 address02:21
pavlosldiamond: does this help? https://superuser.com/questions/1588626/grub-bootloader-with-luks-encryption-stuck/1588630#158863003:07
pavlosnithael_: assuming the interface on the pi is eth0, try, "sudo ip link set dev eth0 down; sudo dhclient eth0; ip addr show" should list the ip it got03:13
jeffrey_fwhat is the default user's password for 20.04 livecd?03:19
Bashing-omjeffrey_f: ubuntu (?) as I recall.03:20
jeffrey_ftrying to ssh into that machine and03:20
jeffrey_f"ubuntu" password doesn't work03:21
tatertotsif you created a 20.04 LiveUSB/LiveDVD why not have a monitor and keyboard and physically sit in front of it03:22
jeffrey_ftatertots: trying to SFTP to pull files from a defunct laptop.03:22
guivercjeffrey_f, Ubuntu desktop only provides openssh-client by default; ie. you can `ssh` out but not `ssh` in03:29
Bashing-om!ask | ananda support in this channel :D03:43
ubottuananda support in this channel :D: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:43
Maikamagumo: hi04:22
nithael_pavlos, are u still online ?05:02
nithael_pavlos, THANKS It'S working :D05:04
catman370join #debian05:12
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GooGooKnoxIntroduction to GNU Guix! (http://gg.gg/guix-intro)06:19
freddybdoes anyone know when ubuntu is going to get updates for thunderbird from 68 to 78? couldnt find something on the web..06:51
lotuspsychjefreddyb: the thunderbird maintainer, or #ubuntu-release perhaps06:52
lotuspsychjefreddyb: there's also a thunderbird snap, check snap info thunderbird06:54
lotuspsychjefreddyb: https://blog.thunderbird.net/06:55
tatertotsin the future06:58
rfmno underwear will be worn07:01
freddybHm. OK. I will ask thunderbird folks at Mozilla. Thanks all.07:18
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BluesKajHi all11:35
WaltS48Thanks for the update to Firefox 81.0 this morning! Now where is Thunderbird 68.12.0? 78.3.0? Eh?12:26
oxekso demanding...12:29
oxekit will come when it's ready12:29
WaltS48Why isn't it ready?12:31
WaltS48All the other distros have updated already.12:31
oxekdebian hasn't12:36
WaltS48oxek: So these alerts are fake news? https://lwn.net/Articles/830109/12:39
WaltS48Oh, and 78.3.1 is the update to
oxeknot fake news, it is a vulnerability12:40
oxekwill be fixed when ready12:40
oxekif you absolutely rely on having security fixes as soon as possible, then you should either compile stuff yourself, or get the packages from upstream, or move to a distro that is very quick to update. Also checkout flatpak or snap.12:43
WaltS48I know it's not fake news that Debian has updated. You can peruse the rest at your leisure here. https://lwn.net/Alerts/12:43
oxekdebian has not updated thunderbird to 78.3 yet12:43
oxekstill on 68.1212:44
WaltS48I'm already using 78.3.1. Just thinking about the repo users that haven't been and concerned for their safety. Does the maintainer have Covid?12:45
WaltS48haven't been updated12:45
hggdhWaltS48: please tone down12:46
WaltS48Well, somebody give me answer as to why Ubuntu is still on 68.10.0 when all the others have updated to
oxekWaltS48: feel free to pay a salary to the thunderbird maintainer to get it done. In the meantime, it is a volunteer project.12:47
WaltS48So was Thunderbird when I started contributing to the project. Now they have a paid staff and I'm still a volunteer.12:49
xtaoi attempted to test the snap version of firefox but couldn't get it to pick up my profile. need to look into that again. i tried copying ~/.mozilla into ~/snap/common/mozilla i think. something like that. maybe that's wrong12:50
oxekWaltS48: thunderbird is not a canonical project, it has no paid staff to maintain it12:50
oxekeven more so with debian, where it is all on a volunteer basis12:50
WaltS48And they have 68.12.0 out since Aug 31st.12:52
WaltS48Okay, after I don't know how many years of using Ubuntu, providing support when and where I can for the applications and os, maybe it is time to look for another distribution.12:55
oxekfeel free to talk to the thunderbird maintainers in ubuntu about paying them money to keep up-to-date, or step up yourself as a maintainer12:55
WaltS48That keeps my critical apps up to date. There doesn't seem to be any oxek.12:56
hggdhWaltS48: it is your choice and decision to use whatever OS and distro you want. Butbeing less aggressive might help12:56
oxekWaltS48: then perhaps ubuntu is not the distro for you12:56
lotuspsychjeWaltS48: there is also a thunderbird snap; see snap info thunderbird12:57
WaltS48Asking why Ubuntu hasn't updated Thunderbird from 68.10.0 to 68.12.0 is being aggressive? Not interested in snaps, flatpacks or any other new stuff. I'm old and set in my ways.12:59
hggdhWaltS48: again, your choice. You already made it clear. Now please stop13:00
WaltS48Okay, it's maintained by a volunteer and they haven't had time, are ill, don't care anymore?13:00
steinbachhey one question13:03
steinbachdoes bioctl -d detach or delete the volume????13:03
steinbachbecause on the man pages its not clear13:03
steinbachthere seem to be different pages with different wording13:03
steinbachwhops, wrong channel13:04
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other_rickhello, I need to know which is the least kernel version required by ubuntu 18.04?13:31
lotuspsychjeother_rick: you can choose between kernel 4.15 that came from the start, or the !hwe kernel for bionic13:32
other_rickExist some page where I can see that limits?13:33
lotuspsychjeother_rick: limits?13:33
other_rickThe minimum kernel version required, nothing more13:34
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic bionic | other_rick13:35
ubottuother_rick: linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (bionic), package size 2 kB, installed size 16 kB13:35
lotuspsychjeother_rick: does that answer your question?13:36
other_rickthanks lotuspsychje13:36
IaIaIa_where 000-default.conf exist?14:11
leftyfbIaIaIa_: you're going to need to provide more information than that14:15
TexasIaIaIa_: It should be in /etc/apache2/sites-available14:15
IaIaIa_thanks Texas  :)14:15
TexasYou're welcome14:15
[1997kB]`hey, is there any way to make a bootable usb for win7 on ubuntu? I have tried startup disk creator but it doesn't detect win7 ISO14:35
lotuspsychje[1997kB]`: woeusb14:36
[1997kB]`lotuspsychje, tried that too, but it did not detected usb on boot menu14:37
lotuspsychje[1997kB]`: maybe something went wrong with your iso?14:38
[1997kB]`I have 3 different ISO of windows and no one seems to work, I also tried zorinos iso and for strangely it works.14:39
lotuspsychje[1997kB]`: so zorin picks up at boot?14:40
[1997kB]`so to sum up when I use any linux iso it works but fail with windows iso14:41
[1997kB]`yes it does14:41
lotuspsychje[1997kB]`: and you sure your win7 iso is properly made?14:41
[1997kB]`yes, for the same reason I have tried win10 and win8 iso, no luck14:42
lotuspsychje[1997kB]`: wich woeusb did you try snap or git?14:44
tieinvis your usb formated to ntfs?14:44
[1997kB]`its fat3214:45
tieinvwindows if bigger than the fat32 limit14:46
[1997kB]`ok, let me try ntfs14:46
tieinvit was a head banger but it worked for me14:48
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josefighello, i'm struggling with broadcom 43228 on ubuntu 20.04 it seems i cannot find the correct firmware/driver for this card. I'm following guides but I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. someone has the same card?15:01
bluejaypopsorry i got dc, i'm still looking for a solution for broadcom wifi 43228 driver on ubuntu 20.0415:03
tatertotsbluejaypop: are you chatting from the computer right now using a hardwired connection?15:10
bluejaypopyes, i have a web client now15:11
tatertotsbluejaypop: in terminal>   ubuntu-drivers devices|nc termbin.com 999915:11
tatertotsbluejaypop: see any output?15:11
bluejaypopyes https://termbin.com/w4aw15:13
tatertotsbluejaypop: in terminal>   apt list --installed|grep bcm|nc termbin.com 999915:14
tatertotsbluejaypop: see any output?15:14
bluejaypopyes, this one https://termbin.com/reyj515:15
tatertotsbluejaypop: in terminal>   journalctl -b 0|grep wl|nc termbin.com 999915:19
tatertotsbluejaypop: in termin15:19
tatertotsbluejaypop: see any output?15:19
tatertotsbluejaypop: in terminal>   rfkill list|nc termbin.com 999915:23
tatertotsbluejaypop: see any output?15:24
bluejaypopyes, it's not blocked i just cheked that15:24
chipBrogreetings-does ubuntu use systemd should i be using journalctl to view my logs on ubuntu?15:24
leftyfbchipBro: yes15:25
tatertotsbluejaypop: in terminal>   sudo ip link set wlp2s0 up15:28
tatertotsbluejaypop: see any output?15:28
bluejaypopno output15:28
bluejaypopbut i see no wifi networks15:29
tatertotsbluejaypop: in terminal>   sudo iw dev wlp2s0 scan|nc termbin.com 999915:30
tatertotsbluejaypop: see any output?15:30
bluejaypopno output :/15:30
tatertotsbluejaypop: in terminal>   journalctl -b 0 -k -n 120|nc termbin.com 999915:31
tatertotsbluejaypop: see any output?15:31
bluejaypoplet me try something15:32
chipBrotatertots, with the directions you gave to bluejaypop, are you having his output piped to termbin.com 9999, can i change the port no and ip to any site i choose that shares txt code etc and expect it to work in a few places?15:35
chipBrolol i usually copy and paste15:36
chipBroto pastebin or some other site15:36
chipBrowhen i want to share logs data dmesg info etc, to solve my own issues15:38
echoSMILEIt seems the option "try ubuntu" from USB did not persist the data on the usbkey. Any way to use Ubuntu from USB with presistence ?15:51
leftyfb!persist | echoSMILE15:56
leftyfb!persistent | echoSMILE15:57
ubottuechoSMILE: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent15:57
echoSMILEleftyfb: tks15:58
ldiamondI'm having issues with booting from an encrypted luks2 root. I installed systemd-boot but the initrd file loaded doesn't seem to properly unlock the root fs.16:04
ldiamondIt waits for /dev/mapper/cryptroot and times out (never asks for my password)16:04
ldiamondThe kernel parameters (cryptdevice=UUID=actual-uuid:cryptroot root=/dev/mapper/cryptroot) are there16:05
ldiamondI'm thinking the initrd image doesn't have luks built-in. Do I have to add any module to it manually?16:05
leftyfbldiamond: how do you have an ecrypted root without creating it at install time?16:07
ldiamondleftyfb: I converted it. Created a luks2 partition and `dd` the ext4 fs over16:08
leftyfbldiamond: a lot less work to just reinstall and restore from backup16:09
ldiamondIt's a corporate laptop that has a bunch of things preset in their image. They just messed up and sent it out unencrypted.16:11
ldiamondI honestly only need the initrd to open the luks partition, all the work is done16:12
ldiamondThe equivalent on Arch for example would be to modify /etc/mkinitcpio.conf to add 'encrypt' module (and 'keyboard keymap' to be able to type the pw).16:13
ldiamondI'm not sure what the procedure is on Ubuntu though16:13
bluejaypoptatertots, i found the problem, it was loading the wrong device: wlan0: Broadcom BCM4359 802.11 Hybrid Wireless Controller (r587334) <-- mine is BCM43228.16:14
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dhaniyaHi, I am trying to install ubuntu 20.04 and when I boot from live usb it says "Verification failed: (0x1A) Security Violation" and then if I click OK it prompts to perform MOK management. How can i fix this?16:37
Habbiedhaniya, could that be Secure Boot in your BIOS?16:38
dhaniyaIt is a dual boot system with windows and I have installed ubuntu before, there were no problems before16:38
dhaniyayes secure boot is enabled16:38
dhaniyabut why is it giving me the problem now and never before16:38
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dhaniyaHabbie what are my options if you can help please...16:44
Habbiedhaniya, i don't know, sorry16:44
ldiamondYou can't boot from the USB?16:45
ldiamonddhaniya: did you go in the bios to disable secure boot?16:52
ldiamondIf you have secure boot enable, you'll never be able to boot anything other than what's registered in your bios16:52
ldiamondor rather, signed as "secure"16:52
dhaniyabut I have installed ubuntu before with secure boot on16:53
ldiamondIt was disabled when you booted from the USB16:53
dhaniyaAnd also i am able to boot 20.04.1 from usb but not 20.0416:54
dhaniyabut 20.04.1 crashed when trying to set password for secure boot during installation for 3rd party drivers option16:55
other_rickHello, I need repositories for armhf bionic, some packages are missing in ports.ubuntu.com17:03
leftyfbother_rick: which package?17:10
other_rickHelo @lefty17:14
other_rickHelo leftyfb, some packages like: cdbs, scour, gnome-pkg-tools and others17:16
Maikthen they haven't been ported yet i guess. To make sure better ask in #ubuntu-arm17:17
leftyfbother_rick: do you have the universe repo enabled?17:19
leftyfb!universe | other_rick17:21
ubottuother_rick: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.17:21
leftyfbother_rick: every one of those packages you mention is available in ubuntu-ports under the universe repo, at least for arm64 that I'm looking at.17:22
bluejaypophello, i am loading automatically a driver on /etc/modules-load.d/wifi.conf and the contents is just b43 but for some reason is not loading the driver. Could be possible that the system tries to load something before for the same card? If so, how can I confirm this ?17:22
other_rickyeah for amd64 or i386, but are missing on armhf17:23
tatertotsbluejaypop: you said you found the problem. Obviously that didn't mean it's connected and working17:24
bluejaypoptatertots, now is working, i added the module b43 and is working now. I'm connected over wifi now, but at the beginning is not loading the driver, so I assume is loading something else, I even added to blacklist previous drivers.17:24
leftyfbother_rick: I said arm64, not amd6417:25
bluejaypopi needed to do modprobe b4317:25
leftyfbother_rick: do you have the universe repo enabled?17:25
bluejaypophow can I be sure is the only driver loaded for this wifi ? so no other drivers go into conflict.17:25
tatertotsbluejaypop: remove other driver(s) https://termbin.com/reyj517:26
bluejaypopoh my bad, i left the dkms let me try again17:27
bluejaypopnope, same :/17:28
tatertotsthen you didn't really remove anything17:33
bluejaypophow can I confirm that?17:34
tatertotsbluejaypop: you should start showing more termbins, instead of interpreting things into your own words, that's probably not as helpful17:34
bluejaypoptatertots, ok sure17:35
bluejaypoptatertots, what should I share ?17:37
other_rickthanks leftyfb are you right17:41
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ses1984how do you troubleshoot a frozen desktop17:50
Texasses1984: We'll need a little more details than that17:51
TexasLike: What desktop are you using? What ubuntu version are you using? What were you doing prior to the issue that may have caused the desktop to freeze? :)17:51
ldiamond`lsinitramfs | grep crypt` shows a bunch of things, including cryptsetup, askpass and cryptroot-unlock. My kernel options include `cryptdevice="UUID=actual-uuid:cryptroot" root=/dev/VolumeGroup/root`. However, when booting, there's no password prompt and I get dropped into a shell with an error saying it timedout waiting for root.17:53
ses1984ubuntu 20.04, i was running a script in a terminal17:53
ldiamondAnyone have an idea what could be the issue?17:53
Texasses1984: What was the script?17:53
ses1984ansible deploying some stuff to remote servers17:53
ses1984the system seems to freeze randomly17:53
TexasIs there any reason why you can't perform a hard restart?17:53
ses1984sometimes it's right after booting. sometimes way later17:53
ses1984i can, i would like to not have to do that regularly on a brand new system17:54
TexasWhat do you have running on there?17:54
ses1984i had a system that was having chronic problems until i replaced literally everything in it17:54
TexasIt sounds like you may be having some RAM issues17:54
ses1984the only thing that's the same anymore is the nvme disk17:54
ses1984i have probably run memtest over 100 hours with no errors found17:54
Texasses1984: Are you just using the regular ubuntu desktop?17:55
TexasLet me investigate a bit17:55
ses1984i cant switch to another terminal. i cant alt-sysreq reisub17:55
ses1984i guess maybe it could be the nvme disk? i've replaced literally every other part trying to get to the bottom of this17:56
pavlosses1984: can you ssh to this system from another host?17:56
ses1984didnt try that yet17:56
Texasses1984: But what are you running on the system17:57
ses1984it could be anything. it could freeze 5 seconds after booting running nothing. or sometimes freezes when i click firefox17:57
pavlosses1984: test that ansible can reach all remote hosts (ansible all -m ping)17:57
ses1984the task it failed on was targeting localhost17:57
pavlosses1984: use top t ofind offending procs, kill them if need be17:58
ses1984and if it cant reach remote hosts, that's not going to manifest as frozen desktop that doesnt respond to ctrl-alt-f1 or alt-sysreq-reisub17:58
ses1984how can i use top when the desktop is f r o z e n17:58
pavlosfrom the ssh17:58
ses1984i will have to try later but i'm guessing 99% chance it will not respond to ssh17:58
ldiamondFrom the busybox shell, I'm even able to unlock the luks partition using cryptsetup. Not sure why it's not done with the kernel options17:58
TexasI have a feeling something is using up your memory and I won't know what it is unless you run htop18:00
ses1984i have 64gb of memory and the system freezes within a minute of booting because something is using up my memory?18:00
TexasThat's the only thing I can think of18:00
ses1984about to hop on a work call, will try the ssh thing later18:01
tomreynldiamond: where did you come across the "cryptdevice" kernel parameter?18:03
tomreynand what's your /etc/crypttab ?18:03
ldiamondThe cryptdevice params are from systemd-boot docs18:04
ldiamondI setup systemd-boot18:04
tatertotsbluejaypop: interesting that https://termbin.com/vu6p shows BCM4359 while https://termbin.com/w4aw shows BCM4322818:04
ldiamondas for crypttab its "cryptroot UUID=...-...-... none luks,discard"18:04
tomreynldiamond: okay, i'm not into systemd-boot, can't help then.18:04
tomreynthe crypttab seems fine, syntactically18:05
ldiamondtomreyn: well, I don't think systemd-boot is the issue.18:06
ldiamondI'm fine with going back to grub but I wasn't able to get grub working with encrypted boot because it's a luks2 partition and it supports luks1 only18:07
ldiamondfrom the initramfs busybox shell, /proc/cmd shows the kernel parameters18:07
tatertotsbluejaypop: pastebin/termbin all the information you can gather on what is loading that is undesired, and another showing desired18:08
bluejaypoptatertots, yes i'm grabbing all the info now18:08
tomreynldiamond: current grub supports booting off luks2, but i think the one in 20.04 is not currnet enough.18:09
ldiamondgit grub does. I'm on 18.0418:09
tomreynldiamond: maybe this helps you identify what's missing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Full_Disk_Encryption_Howto_201918:18
ldiamondtomreyn: I've looked at it. It uses grub and it's doing a new install with the installation UI18:21
ldiamondHard for me to figure out what's actually being done18:21
tomreynyes, it's much closer to a standard installation than yours18:23
pavlosbluejaypop: I had to install bcmwl-kernel-source to get bcm43228 working18:34
GwalennHi, impossible to execute my script outside the folder https://dpaste.com/9YFGGDXET I don't understand where I'm wrong18:55
bluejaypoppavlos, now it worked19:01
VoeidGwalenn: ./script.sh will execute only a file in the current directory (note the './'), provided your homedir bin directory is in PATH, all you have to do is type script.sh19:02
GwalennVoeid, thanks works. Sometime I can be stupid !19:04
Voeidno worries :)19:05
twainwekdo unattended-upgrades auto update 18.04 to newer versions?19:05
jpdstwainwek: No19:05
twainwekwhat exactly do they do?19:06
twainwekwhere can i find documentation on their functionality?19:06
tomreyntwainwek: apt show unattended-upgrades; man unattended-upgrades19:09
tomreyn!man | twainwek19:09
ubottutwainwek: The "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/19:09
coconutis it possible to update the firmware of an intel wifi chip?19:10
twainwekapt-show shows 'automatica installation of security upgrades'.... my kernel was updated19:10
twainweki'm trying to see what causes this mess19:10
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coconutor can i only by a new one ?19:12
twainwekfor example, 50unattended-upgrades shows ${distro_id}:${distro_codename} uncommented. which makes me suspect that it auto upgrades everything19:12
jpdstwainwek: Updates don't go into the base repo, only -updates19:13
jpdstwainwek: I would check in /var/log/apt/19:13
tomreyncoconut: ubuntu will provide firmware upgrades for wireless devices, including intel ones, automatically. they're loaded by the drivers when the device starts up.19:13
tomreynor rather when the driver initializes19:13
coconuttomreyn: are you sure that it updates automaticaly?19:18
coconuttomreyn: i ask because my thinkpad does sometimes not get it's wifi chip detected well (i believe only when it gets warm)19:19
coconuttomreyn: and i want to test the latest firmware first before the manufacturer comes at my door19:20
coconuttomreyn: uefi i just updated with a live iso, but the wifi not yet....19:20
tomreyncoconut: intel wireless firmware is provided by a package named linux-firmware. you can use "apt changelog PACKAGENAME" to see a packages' changelogs.19:22
coconuttomreyn: thnx tom!19:23
tomreynthe firmware loaded by the driver is loaded in a non-persistent way. it does not persist after linux shuts down.19:23
tomreynsimilarily to cpu microcode updates loaded by linux during early boot19:24
coconuttomreyn: ok, well i think i will let the onsite support come home here, because my wifi is now unstable for months and i tried the latest mainline linux too.19:27
coconutthey do seem to support ubuntu though19:28
e|fHi!  I have Kubuntu 20.04 focal installed on my Lenovo laptop.   Wiped Windows from it completely.  All is well except when I boot, the stupid Lenovo splash screen appears twice.  Any ideas on a fix?  Thanks!19:36
other_rickI want to probe a patch but the dpkg-buildpackage retrieve a error: override_dh_auto_test; someone knows how resolve that?20:43
pmartshouldn't xorg be running as non-root?21:39
tomreynpmart: on which ubuntu release?21:40
tomreynyes, i'd think it should21:41
pmartmine is running as root. perhaps i'm missiang a package?21:41
tomreynis this a default ubuntu installation, gnome-shell/mutter?21:41
pmartno custom :)21:42
tomreynhave a lovely life.21:42
pmartno-install-recommends xD21:42
pmartI think it's sddm fault21:48
pmartyes it is! https://github.com/sddm/sddm/issues/24621:50
pmartso my xorg will run as root just like in the 80s21:50
jarray52Is there an Ubuntu package that supports the ffs file system (with or without fuse)?22:41
tomreynjarray52: "UFS" is the keyword (or key acronym) there.22:45
jarray52tomreyn: From what I understand, UFS, FFS, and FFS2 are similar filesystems that might share a common ancestor, but they are different at the level where the rubber meets the road.22:46
tomreynthat's right, quoting wikipedia: "Linux includes a UFS implementation for binary compatibility at the read level with other Unixes, but since there is no standard implementation for the vendor extensions to UFS, Linux does not have full support for writing to UFS. The native Linux ext2 filesystem was inspired by UFS1 but does not support fragments and there are no plans to implement soft updates.[citation needed] (In some 4.4BSD-derived systems,22:47
tomreynthe UFS layer can use an ext2 layer as a container layer, just as it can use FFS and LFS.)"22:47
tomreynjarray52: if you look at 'ufs' in the mount(8) manual page you'll notice there's a ufstype= option22:47
jarray52tomreyn: Thanks, that makes sense. I'll give it a try.22:59
tomreynjarray52: you're welcome. note also how most of them support only read-only access.23:09
jwashis it possible to make the computer ignore the press of a power button?23:09
jwashwhen shutting down23:09
jwashi don't want my kids to be able to hold down the power button for 10 seconds23:10
tomreynjwash: see the logind.conf(5) man page and /etc/systemd/logind.conf23:11
Bashing-omjwash: On my box - the power button action is controlled in my bios.23:11
jwashyep, i need to look at bios23:12
dTaljwash: you could physically replace the switch23:34
jwashdtal, not a bad idea, i could put a connector on the back which I could just jump23:36
jwashthey would never know the difference23:36
dTalI'm not sure what kind of switch you'd need to preserve the single-press behaviour23:38
dTalOr just not use the original circuit at all.23:39

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