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xu-help75wI can not upgrade from 18.04 to 20.0407:30
xu-help75wIn the logs there are very many comments on python. What is the next step07:31
xu-help11wsoftware does not appear, only Software Updater and Software and Updates07:35
xu-help11wI'm using xubuntu 20.0407:35
DarkTrick2My Xorg seems to not start up properly08:42
DarkTrick2After login my bg screen gets shown but that's all08:43
DarkTrick2I found nothing special in Xorg.0.log. Is there any other place to search for problems?08:43
DarkTrick2syslog says "segfault in libgtkmm" ... maybe that's something?08:44
DarkTrick2This happens under Kernel and
gnrpDarkTrick2: It does not sound like X is doing something wrong, but rather your session09:32
gnrpcan you try to start a new session?09:32
DarkTrick2gnrp, Thank you for you reply09:44
DarkTrick2gnrp, I don't exactly know how to start a new session, but even a reboot didnt help09:44
DarkTrick2I used `killall Xorg` without any effect09:45
DarkTrick2oh, and Xorg is running on 100% CPU09:46
DarkTrick2I'm running on a laptop with a closed lid. Though I have to lift the lid to start the computer09:54
DarkTrick2apparently xfce thought "well, you always use the settings for 'mirroring display', let's change the menu for today and use the 'extended display mode' - even though your lid is closed already"09:55
DarkTrick2Result: My external monitor only showed the display extension, which is an empty desktop.09:56
gnrpDarkTrick: Ah, ok. That is an important information^^10:18
xu-help70wMy password is correct yet not able to connect to a specific wifi12:17
diogenes_xu-help70w, new install?12:17
diogenes_try reboot the router.12:18
xu-help70wit is connecting other mobile hotspots12:18
diogenes_maybe a complete power off, i had many cases when after a new install it won't accept the password until i reboot the router even though all other devices could cinnect normally.12:19
xu-help70wthe same is happening with Windows 10 as I have dual boot12:20
diogenes_so win can't connect too?12:20
xu-help70wyes. that is also new install12:20
xu-help70wnew ly assembled pc12:20
xu-help70wbut both the OSs are up to date12:21
xu-help70wand can connect wifi of mobile phones12:21
xu-help70wNow im using one mobile network only12:22
diogenes_Try powering off modem, router and PC and then restarting in that order with 1 minute in between each. You may need to reset your router .12:22
xu-help70wok. if not then?12:23
xu-help70wi may not get you12:23
xu-help70wthat time12:23
diogenes_reset router would be then, but first play around with ipv6, check if it's enabled, try to toggle it on/off.12:23
xu-help70wreset router means hard reset(pin down) you mean?12:25
diogenes_yes but that would be like a last resource if the above won't work, first turn it off completely and also unplug the power socket.12:26
xu-help70wLet me check it. Bye then.12:26
xu-help70wThanks for your time.12:26
diogenes_good luck!12:26
Exterminadorhello! so, I have Xubuntu 20.04 installed already for some time and I'd like to know if it's possible to "login automatically" a user, even if said useer has a password18:01
Exterminadorthe idea is to launch some applications automatically, but the laptop also needs to connect to the WiFi network,which seems that doesn't happen until the user logs in18:03
tomreynExterminador: make sure that in the wireless connection profile, "make available to other users", is ticked.18:22
Exterminadorwith that I probably don't need to auto-login, right?18:23
tomreyni assume the wireless will come up without you logging in first, yes18:24
ExterminadorI'll give it a try then. thanks tomreyn18:25
tomreyngood luck.18:25

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