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toumboHey guys! Where is "keep system layouts" checkbox on 20.04.1 LTS (Focal Fossa)?16:22
toumboI found solution! That means that this bug persist even today:16:53
wxl^ @kc2bez did you ever complete your testing and submit an issue on that?16:58
kc2bezwxl: If I did I don't recollect where it is at. I will make a phab task.17:14
n-iCeHi guys18:15
n-iCeDoes this distro works in touchscreens?18:15
n-iCeI have a laptop/tablet device18:15
n-iCeDid not work18:41
n-iCeNo wifi18:41
n-iCeNo virtual keyboard18:41

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