* Chipaca gets the tests to pass, and celebrates09:48
* bthomas offers Chipaca chamagne09:49
bthomasElasticsearch uses centos7 as its official docker platform. They do provide an official deb. I am tempted to use Ubuntu or Debian/slim instead for an Elasticsearch charm.09:49
* Chipaca wonders if chamagne is chicha + champagne09:50
bthomasha ha09:50
bthomasjust demonstrating my excellent typing skills09:51
Chipacabthomas: chicha + champagne would be awesome, at least from a cultural clash point of view09:52
Chipaca"take this thing that needs to be fermented in a cave in an almost lab-like cleanroom environ, and mix it with this thing that is fermented by chewing it"09:53
bthomasI need to try chicha09:53
Chipaca(*i don't think the chewing is mandatory any longer)09:53
bthomasChewing probably provides the enzyme Amylase that breaks down sugars. You can buy it in bulk these days.09:54
Chipacalooks like i celebrated too soon10:16
* Chipaca continues fixage10:16
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #smooth-operator to: general discussion of the operator framework || github.com/canonical/operator || ops 0.10.0 || charmcraft 0.5.0
facubatista¡Muy buenos días a todos!11:16
* facubatista is angry with his computer :( https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/189765911:16
bthomasmorning facubatista11:17
facubatistabthomas, नमेस्ते11:18
bthomasha ha11:18
bthomasI am going to reboot since I just update my system which included kernel, libc, grub ... update. BRB11:23
* Chipaca afk13:30
=== jldev_ is now known as jldev
* facubatista eods21:21

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