AsciiWolfteward, thanks! :-)13:00
rbasakAsciiWolf: o/13:11
rbasakI reviewed earlier. Some minor things I can fix up. Could you elaborate on the test case on the gpg bug please, with specifics of the flavour that is broken, etc?13:12
rbasakFor example if I follow the test case exactly as written then it will likely appear that there is no bug.13:13
rbasakFor clarity, I'd like the test case updated so that is not possible - by specifying exactly what circumstances it fails in13:13
AsciiWolfrbasak, sorry, I was away... I'll look at it15:47
AsciiWolfrbasak, done16:30
rbasakThanks! I'll take a look now.16:31
AsciiWolfnp :)16:31
rbasakAsciiWolf: ah - so you don't need a flavour? Ubuntu itself does this on a fresh install?16:32
AsciiWolfcorrect :)16:32
rbasakAh you said that already in a comment sorry16:32
AsciiWolfnp :)16:33
rbasakteward: FYI I think you typod the final bug reference so only three show up. I can upload to fix that up16:34
tewardrbasak: ok.  I can also reupload if you nedd it fixed i have it here16:35
rbasakteward: sure if you don't mind. Better for appropriate attribution etc.16:36
tewardrbasak: yep i'll upload it.  that was a copy-paste fail xD16:36
tewardrbasak: reup in progress if you want to REJECT the original16:38
tewardtf is this "upload rejected pubkey" o.O16:40
tewardWOW so between yesterday and today apparently SOMETHING went wonky with upload.u.c and it's rejecting my pubkeys.  All my pub keys.16:43
teward*goes to nag sysadmin*16:43
Laneyteward: See the topic in #ubuntu-devel16:45
tewardLaney: thanks.  Things like that should be plastered in canonical-sysadmin too IMO16:46
LaneyQuite a niche venue, that16:46
tewardLaney: that should be plastered everywhere then IMO16:47
tewardLaney: did they have an ETA on completion?16:47
LaneyNot sure :(16:51
rbasakteward, AsciiWolf: so I'm ready to accept an upload identical to the previous one but with the bug reference fixed, but it turns out we're stuck because of scheduled maintenance right now. As soon as teward manages to get the upload in, ping me please and if it matches what I'm expecting to see then I can just accept it immediately.16:56
tewardrbasak: i'll definitely ping you once I get it uploaded16:56
rbasakAsciiWolf: thank you for the bug updates - that looks good to me :)16:56
rbasakAnd thank you also for your patience in what turned out to be much more complcated than what you thought initially I'm sure. We appreciate you helping out.16:57
rbasakThat's for teward too of course ;)16:57
* teward dismissively handwaves16:57
tewardhappy to always help :P16:57
AsciiWolfteward, rbasak, I would also like to thank you folks for working on this :)17:36

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