pavlosjwash: this may help, https://askubuntu.com/questions/362914/how-to-prevent-the-power-button-to-shutdown-directly-the-system00:07
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zaizaizai86hi, I broke my system. I am running Ubuntu bare metal on a macbook pro 2015 and and today I got an error on boot, Failed to set MokListRT: Invalid Parameter and my login stalled. So I've googled and found something about deleting /boot/efi/*/shim. So I did that and now it wont boot at all :(00:56
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magic_ninjaI have automatic security update installation configured, but for some reason security updates don't automatically install.04:34
javi404virtio_net virtio1 enp0s8: set_features() failed (-22); wanted 0x0000008000134a29, left 0x000000800013ca2905:39
javi404this is if you try to set bonding in ubuntu20.04.1 in virtualbox with the virtio adapters05:39
FuraiHmm, for some time now I don't see hdmi/dp devices in sound. As in there's no option for me at all to play sound via monitors. Is this a known bug? I've only noticed recently but it could be a long standing issue cause I usually don't use it. I'm on latest nvidia driver 450.66 and kernel 5.8.12. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.05:59
JackMiI'm using i3wm on ubuntu. I need a compositor such as picom but as I search I couldn't find official package (apt search picom).06:33
JackMiWhat is the standard/non-standard way to install picom on ubuntu? where else I can search06:33
JackMi*Anywhere else I could search? like a special ppa?06:33
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safiyyahI need help connecting my bluetooth services07:08
safiyyahbluetooth headphones*07:08
lotus|NUCfor those who want, LTS upgrades from 18.04 to 20.04.1 are now availaible07:15
kristijonasHello, I just became a DigitalOcean client. They claim not to be blocking outgoing 25 port for my account. I've installed the Plesk panel. How to I verify that my iptables do not block outgoing 25 port?07:18
cbloklandHi and good morning folks, I have installed a fresh copy of ubuntu 20.04 on a lenovo legion 5 15ARH05 - 82B5007DMH and running into an issue where my 2nd (and 3rd) monitor only get a black screen rendered (they DO recognize input, they dont turn off automaitcally) but I simply cant use them. I think I am affected by this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1871721 and this is kinda my last stop before giv07:39
cbloklanding up and trying ubuntu 18.04 which seems to work better. Currently running on kernel 5.8.12-050812-generic but also tried with 4.15 as the reported mentioned to be a workaround but that didnt help for me. Any help or even the slightest suggestion towards a possible solution or workaround would be great!07:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1871721 in linux (Ubuntu) "Second Monitor on HDMI blank screen/blink screen with Nvidia + Intel & Ubuntu 20.04? (ASUS Laptop)" [Undecided,Confirmed]07:39
narakrishHello all, I'm trying to print on a Seiko printer on Ubuntu 16.04 from command line using echo "hello world" | lp -d <printer_name>. I observed the print is reahcing the queue but not getting printed out. The job stays in the queue till we forcefully clear this. Any idea what could be the issue ?07:45
voicuhi ubuntu people. I have this problem https://askubuntu.com/questions/162391/how-do-i-fix-my-locale-issue07:53
voicuit's happening every time I install kubuntu but from looking at the question, it happens on ubuntu as well07:53
voicuwhy is it happening? It's been doing this since at least 18.0407:53
cbloklandgonna try this kernel https://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/drm-tip/2020-09-29/, will be back soon in hope of someone who can help me fix this issue07:54
voicuand almost a million people have viewed that question so a lot of people have it too07:54
chl_Where can I find crashlogs?07:54
mgedminvoicu: the easiest way is to install the language pack for your language07:56
mgedminvoicu: e.g. apt install language-pack-en-base07:58
voicumgedmin: I fixed it but I'm asking why is this happening every time I install ubuntu. Is the problem that I don't have that language pack?08:02
voicuif so, why is not installed then08:02
mgedminI cannot answer; I've never used kubuntu08:03
voicuand it was installed already08:03
mgedminit doesn't happen for me with stock ubuntu08:03
mgedminvoicu: okay, can you please pastebin the output of `locale`?08:03
mgedmin"locale is not supported" can have two causes: either you specified the locale incorrectly, or the locale was not compiled on your system08:04
voicumgedmin: https://pastebin.com/PXbGdbZ808:04
zetheroo1Is btrfs as reliable in Ubuntu 20.04 as ext4 ?08:04
mgedmin(rant: why doesn't ubuntu preinstall locales-all?  surely disk space isn't that precious in 2020)08:04
voicumgedmin: yeah, that's kinda my point. Install everything that's needed but don't make me fix locales every time I set up kubuntu. It's so frustrating08:05
mgedminvoicu: en_SE is not a real locale?08:05
voicuI dunno, but that's not what causes the problem08:05
voicuit's LC_ALL and the others that are not set at all08:06
voicuwith every fresh install08:06
mgedminwhat do you think the problem is?  to me, the problem is "locale: Cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locale: No such file or directory"08:06
mgedminwhich is caused by LC_CTYPE in the environment being set to en_SE.UTF-808:06
mgedminwhereas gnu libc doesn't know about a locale called 'en_SE'08:07
voicuwell what is the default locale?08:07
mgedminthere's no en_SE in /usr/share/i18n/locales/, which contains the locale sources08:07
mgedminthe 'default locale' is determined by your environment08:07
mgedminfor every facet there are three environment variables that specify it08:07
voicuok but I never set any of it. It's just what happens when I setup the os08:07
voicuI assume it's because I live in Sweden08:07
mgedminLC_ALL; if that's not set, then LC_xxx for the specific facet, then finally if that's not set, there's the fallback to LANG08:07
mgedminI don't know why your environment has LC_CTYPE set to en_SE.UTF-808:08
mgedmindoes that come from /etc/environment?  /etc/default/locale?  your ~/.profile?  something else?08:08
voicuI think from /etc/default/locale08:09
mgedmindid you edit that file manually?08:09
mgedminor did the installer write an invalid locale value there?08:09
voicuI edited now to add LC_ALL="en_US.UTF-8"08:09
voicubut it says at the top that it's autogenerated08:10
mgedminfor me it says "# File generated by update-locale"08:10
mgedminwhich is more of a statement of "who touched this file last", and not an admonishment not to edit it manually08:11
voicuand every time I install kubuntu, I have this problem, I go online, I try update-locale, it doesn't fix it, I find another thing, and so on08:11
mgedminI suppose sudo update-locale LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 is easier/more convenient than sudo vi /etc/default/locale08:11
voicuis there some way to get this problem fixed from the start?08:11
mgedminit is starting to sound like a kubuntu installer bug to me?08:12
mgedminif it generates an /etc/default/locale with invalid values in it08:12
mgedminso the way to get it fixed is to report a bug08:12
voicuI was thinking that08:13
voicuI just don't know what this is supposedly a bug of08:14
Maikvoicu please do not cross post the next time08:36
amprxcHello, I'm tryting to install Kubuntu on my laptop from an external CR ROM writer / reader which is connected via USB to my computer. I'm able to boot on kubuntu, but this last doesn't detect my laptop disk. When I run "fdisk -l", I can only see the CDROM disk space. Then, of course, the installer tells me that there is not enough place available.08:37
amprxcAny idea ? Thanks08:37
AscavasaionI just did a distro upgrade from 18.04.1 LTS (I think) to 20.04.1 LTS.  It disabled a repository I installed for my printer (https://www.bchemnet.com/suldr/".  I reenabled the repository after booting into the new distro version.  When I ran sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade it suggests uninstalling  all the files I installed for the printer as no longer necessary.  What do I do?08:41
mgedmincan you pastebin the full output from `sudo apt upgrade`?08:42
mgedminfrom your description it's not clear to me if apt thinks those packages were auto-installed and can now be auto-removed, or if they conflict with something else in your system and therefore apt wants to remove them08:43
mgedminin the first case you can mark them as manually installed and apt will no longer suggest autoremovals08:43
mgedminthe simplest way of doing that is 'sudo apt install packagename ...' for the packages08:43
mgedminin the second case things may be harder08:43
mgedmin(I don't suppose getting a printer that doesn't require 3rd-party drivers is an option for you?)08:44
Ascavasaionmgedmin: https://pastebin.com/2pLY8auW08:45
AscavasaionNo, its not a conflict error.08:45
mgedminright, then the simple solution will work08:46
mgedminalthough it's strange to me, how are these autoinstalled packages?08:46
mgedminwas there an additional package that pulled them in and then got removed during the upgrade, leaving these?08:46
Ascavasaionhow do I mark them as manually installed?08:47
Ascavasaionmgedmin: I do not know.08:47
mgedminlike I said, 'sudo apt install suld-driver-4.01.17' and such08:47
Ascavasaionmgedmin: That worked perfectly, thank you.08:49
mgedminthe big question is: does the printer work?08:49
AscavasaionI misunderstood the message from apt, I presumed it was obsolete and refused to install it.08:49
AscavasaionIndeed... Let me try a test page ont he two printers.08:50
Ascavasaionmgedmin: Thought you would like to know... both printers work perfectly :-)09:20
lotus|NUCafter ltsupgrade bionic to fossa, i purged both hplip from repos and latest hplip, as bionic didnt recognize my hp. now installing hplip clean again gives me outgreyed hplip icons and a launch errors, also simple-scan doesnt want to detect scanner; https://dpaste.com/98GVXX8BM09:43
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rasta753\msg owler hello10:03
moritzdietzHi all! I'm trying to find a way to track which programm starts another program. My use case is that I have some program that adds an iptables entry and I would love to know which it is.10:03
moritzdietzThe host is managed by puppet and every 30 minutes it removes a tcp/9001 iptables entry. For months now I've been trying to find out which program it is.10:03
moritzdietzI thought of some form of permanent tracing for an incovation of iptables itself?! Would love to get some ideas on this10:03
mgedminmoritzdietz: wow, what an interesting problem!  this should be possible, assuming the rule is added by running iptables and not by making syscalls directly10:15
moritzdietzHa! good point10:15
mgedminmoritzdietz: I know that atop can track what programs were launched (apt install atop and it runs as a daemon that takes system state snapshots every 10 minutes; sudo atop -r lets you browse them with t/T keys)10:15
moritzdietzI have no idea and it's driving me nuts. We have this on ~400 SLES servers10:15
mgedminI don't recall if atop's list of processes that ran and exited shows the PPID10:15
moritzdietzGood idea using atop recording10:16
mgedminprobably there are better-suited tools for this (sysstat?  I don't really know)10:16
moritzdietzstrace and dtrace maybe?!10:17
mgedminI don't think dtrace is available for linux, but there are equivalent tools10:20
rtpganyone been having problems with corrupted displays after waking from sleep for chromium-based applications (electron + chrome)10:20
mgedminstrace is not a system-wide solution10:20
moritzdietzdtrace should be available for linux though10:21
jpdsmoritzdietz: You could write an auditd rule to track exec's10:23
moritzdietzI like that idea10:25
moritzdietzI have heard of autitd but haven't used it10:25
jpdsTime to learn :)10:26
moritzdietzwondering if this could catch direct syscalls10:26
moritzdietzif iptables is not invoked10:26
moritzdietzbut yeah time to learn \o/10:27
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NishHi! Does anybody know why i get about 5-10% dropped packets against my Ubuntu VMs?11:08
Cr0w^unbelievable ubuntu 18.04.05 mariadb is compiled with YaSSL.11:20
Cr0w^does not support TLS 1.211:20
BluesKajHi all12:03
Luistro_I need to reset apt's broken package list, I've already installed the package, but not from apt... now it doesn't let me install packages.12:16
BluesKajLuistro_, how did you install said package ?12:18
jonnjSomeone else might know better than me, but my experience is that you should avoid installing with dpkg because of dependencies. When I made this mistake, I was able to uninstall either using dpkg or apt remove. After that I installed using apt install ./package.deb. This worked much better.12:27
cuckoos-callingDid you all know about GNU Guix? https://gnuguix-drive.mycozy.cloud/public?sharecode=YvERPGX14g5S12:30
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striveWould anyone happen to know Ubuntu's spanish speaking channel?12:52
coconutmsg alis list ubuntu-*12:54
hggdhstrive: should be #ubuntu-es12:54
strivecoconut: Lots of channels! Thanks :)12:55
kiwiircany way to make tigervnc put its ~/.vnc in an xdg dir? i can hack it with `HOME=/home/user/.local/share vncviewer localhost`, that puts .vnc in there instead of ~, but it's too hacky to be a solution13:06
[1997kB]hey, I am trying to make a bootable win7 usb from few days and still no success. I have tried etcher, native app in ubuntu and woeusb. I was able to make a bootable zorinos usb, but every time it doesn't work with windows.13:06
WaVAnyone on here have Xfinity for their service provider and use Xfinity stream on their computer/laptop? How are you doing it? They seem to have something in place that prevents Linux machines from using the Stream service.13:07
WaVI've tried changing the user agent in Chrome, but that doesn't seem to work.13:08
BluesKajWaV, not using a vpn ?13:09
WaVNo vpn13:09
BluesKajWaV, are you using an ISP supplied router ?13:09
tatertotsWaV: that is unlikely13:10
BluesKajdo you have access to router firmware?13:10
WaVI should mention that I can use the streaming services on the same network by using a Windows laptop13:10
[1997kB]native ubuntu app = startup disk creator *13:10
WaVI do not have a router of my own BluesKaj13:11
WaVI am using the wireless gateway provded to me by my ISP13:11
WaVBluesKaj: the firmware? no. Access to change the settings, yes.13:12
BluesKajyes, but you should be able to make DNS changes in the router usually the gateway IP is sufficient to access it13:12
WaVIf I did change the DNS, that wouldn't really explain why the Windows computer works fine, no?13:13
WaVor both my iPhones for that matter.13:13
BluesKajhmm, I missed that13:13
WaVXfinity actively blocks connections from Linux machines, and I was trying to see if anyone has a successful work-around apart from setting up a virtual machine.13:15
WaVWell, not xfinity as a whole... just their streaming service.13:16
BluesKajso this a known "feature"...how nice of them13:16
WaVyes, I guess you could say that13:17
BluesKajI guess they belong to school of thought that linux users are hackers13:17
BluesKajbut android streams ok , right?13:17
WaVI do not have any android devices to test that theory, but it appears to be supported.13:18
jonnjHey WaV. You are talking about watching streaming video using your browser? It is always possible to use an add-on that tells the website you are using windows.13:21
jonnjassuming I understood correctly13:21
WaVjonnj: Yes. Have you tried this? I have tried changing the user agent to Windows - Google Chrome already.13:22
jonnjah ok13:23
jonnjwell it was just a suggestion. i have done this in the past, but not for watching streaming video and not recently.13:23
BluesKajWaV, did you restart chrome after making user agent change?...I have to ask13:24
WaVBluesKaj: no, I didn't because if I do the user agent reverts back to default.13:25
WaVjohnj: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/85.0.4183.121 Safari/537.3613:28
midowI've got kept-back packages. I've tried "apt-get --with-new-pkgs upgrade" but it just lists them and it does not install them. What do I do?13:29
jonnjyou might be able to ignore them.13:30
jonnji have one kept-back package at the moment. it is because if it updates 64-bit it also wants to update 32-bit and there might not be a 32-bit package available.13:31
BluesKajmidow, wait til the packages are available for install, there's a reason they're being held back13:31
jonnjthere are probably solutions to this though13:31
jonnjThe following packages have been kept back:  libodbc113:33
jonnjI don't really need a more up-to-date version of ODBC.13:33
midowBluesKaj, seems odd. I think they've been in this state for months13:46
midowand it is always the same packages13:46
midowperhaps this could be caused by 3rd party repos?13:47
midowor ppas13:47
jonnjit is always possible track down the specific packages. you also might be able to "fix" the version, essentially hiding the warning. i don't remember exactly how to do this. there are always potential risks doing this because you may miss important updates.13:51
palimaarhello, I'm running server 20.04 and I cannot use my HDMI outlet in my machine (Raspberry Pi) anymore. How can I re-enable it? I still am able to reach it via SSH, though13:54
palimaaralternatively, is this better asked in #raspberrypi?13:55
waveformpalimaar, what configuration did you change / command did you run to disable the HDMI output?13:55
waveform(e.g. the tvservice command is capable of disabling the HDMI port, in such a way that typically only a reboot will bring it back)13:56
palimaarwaveform: nothing. Simply rebooted it and the outlet stopped working13:56
palimaaroutlets*, as there are two and neither work13:56
palimaarI don't exactly remember installing or changing anything specifically, though I did reboot due to a kernel upgrade13:57
waveformhmmm, is there any way you can rule out a dodgy cable? e.g. testing it on another pi? (I've certainly had problems with micro-HDMI converters on the new models)13:58
palimaarfair enough, I can't rule out that completely, since the cable is fine, but the only thing that uses that adapter is this pi13:58
palimaarso I can't test it with anything else13:59
waveformor testing another SD card with a fundamentally install, like Raspbian - i.e. if the display fails on that too, most likely a hardware issue; if that works then we're looking at some configuration issue13:59
waveformfundamentally *different - sorry13:59
palimaarok, I can try that later when I have access to it again14:03
realiestrying to install conntrack and conntrackd on 18.04 and it fails with E: Unable to locate package conntrack E: Unable to locate package conntrackd, although those seem to be available in launchpad?14:03
palimaarcurious, though, what configs affect the video output in that way? anything in /etc?14:03
leftyfbpalimaar: you might have better luck in #raspberrypi14:03
palimaarthanks leftyfb, wasn't sure about it14:04
BluesKajmidow, if you're feeling adventurous then do: sudo apt dist-upgrade14:06
waveformpalimaar, there's quite a few things that can affect video output in the boot configuration (i.e. /boot/firmware/config.txt on ubuntu, /boot/config.txt on raspbian); at a basic level there's stuff like hdmi_mode, hdmi_group, hdmi_driver, etc. - and installing a kernel does write to the boot partition (though flash-kernel should never be touching config.txt)14:07
waveformpalimaar, there's not much in /etc that affects the HDMI output quite so directly, but there are potential some things; e.g. flash-kernel bakes certain cmdline parameters taken from files in /etc/ into the u-boot script that gets run as part of the boot sequence, and the kernel cmdline on the pi ultimately ends with things like framebuffer parameters in it so ... it's possible to break HDMI output that way I suppose14:08
waveformpalimaar, still - one other thing to check for debugging purposes: do you see the "rainbow" screen at the start of the boot sequence? If so, your HDMI cable is fine and it's definitely a config issue; if you don't I'd lean heavily towards a hardware issue at that point as that's generated long before the kernel starts14:10
waveform(although it's still possible to break the configuration so that doesn't display - but that's a firmware configuration issue, not a kernel one)14:11
midowBluesKaj, did, and it does not change anything14:12
midowI did*14:12
palimaarthanks waveform, I'll take a look into these.. did see /boot/config.txt in raspbian forums, but couldn't find them in Ubuntu. I'll start under /boot/firmware and see about it14:12
palimaarbut no, I don't see the boot sequence at all. Maybe it's another clue that my adapter needs rechecking14:13
BluesKajmidow, you mentioned ppas, do you have any in /etc/apt/sources.list.d?14:14
waveformpalimaar, okay - if there's absolutely nothing on the screen I'd certainly lean heavily towards the adapter / screen itself - if those both checkout then it *must* be something in config.txt (or one of the files mentioned in there) as that the only configuration that applies to the firmware at that stage14:15
midowBluesKaj, seems like 1014:16
BluesKajprobly should purge them except for chrome and spotify if you have those...ppas should be removed after installing associated packages since the next kernel upgrade could break your system14:19
[1997kB]`hey, I just applied an update and settings and livepatch are not opening.14:19
midowhow am I supposed to get updates for those packages if I remove the ppas?14:19
midow(also, this is a server)14:20
BluesKajmidow, ppas eventually get into the regular repos when they're stable enough14:21
midowthat is simply not true14:24
jonnjsmall footprint ubuntu based distro - i know this could be like going into a mcdonalds and asking where the nearest wendys is, but i'm looking for a distro based on ubuntu but without too much application software, maybe just firefox. it is for a VM. i tried puppy ubuntu yesterday and was totally unimpressed.14:27
palimaarthanks waveform!14:27
leftyfbmidow: which ppa's do you have on a server? BluesKaj is not completely wrong when it comes to ppa's that typically get added to servers. Most ppa's added to servers are to get later versions of server applications on their server.14:28
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XATRIXHi, can you advice ? What's the difference between installing php-fpm and php7.4-fpm ?14:41
XATRIXSounds it has the same version of14:41
jpdsXATRIX: I imagine the former depends on the latter, run: apt install -s php-fpm14:42
jpdsThat simulates the install14:42
jpdsjonnj: Look at things like Ubuntu minimal installs/Debian14:43
BluesKajyeah, leftyfb, i'm a bit foggy about ppas on servers so I made an assumption there that wasn't entirely correct, I guess :-)14:44
Luke-EHi, I haven't used Ubuntu in some time and just installed 20.04. I've noticed that the old File, Edit, View etc menu isn't on anything. Is there a way to get it? FreeCAD relies fairly heavily on it14:46
XATRIXhow can i find out which package pulls apache2-* as dependencies ?14:48
jonnjthanks jpds14:49
XATRIXthis a screenshot of http://i.imgur.com/DjcqW4H.png14:49
ses1984so i think the hard locks i've been experiencing are GPU related, i was sure that ssh access would be frozen as well but it wasn't,14:49
XATRIXwhat packages invokes apache2 as deps14:49
ses1984i was able to restart gdm and i saw some error logs about graphics when i did that14:50
pavlosXATRIX: apt rdepends apach214:51
pavlosXATRIX: apt rdepends apache214:51
jpdsjonnj: Personally, I use qubes-os.org and run Firefox inside VMs on that14:52
jonnji have a little experience with php. usually when you install it goes with the current stable version. at one point i had installed 7.0. later 7.2 came along and i wasn't paying close attention. it mostly removed my 7.0 when updating. there is a PPA for php that is better suited if you wish to run parallel versions of php. each version can listen on its own socket.14:52
jonnjsudo add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php14:53
jonnjthis was a while back and it might have been centos at the time so i'm not really sure what current ubuntu does.14:54
jonnjof course, the add repository is for ubuntu.14:54
jonnjlol @ distrowatch reviewing linux based windows clone linuxfx - ... and accidentally triggered three reboots in the first ten minutes. I certainly felt like the Windows experience was being faithfully recreated.15:01
Paddy_NIWould you call the input box that pops up when you press alt+f2 in Gnome Shell the "command bar"?15:04
EriC^Paddy_NI: i think that's what it's called, at least in unity15:05
Phr33d0mhi, I have some exports in ~/.profile and they get loaded when I login into gnome but they won't load if I login into kde plasma (checked through `env`) - any idea what is this strange behaviour?15:19
KanihiroHi Guys15:44
leibniz[m]Would installing resolveconf package from official ubuntu repos, cause any problems with docker or other things?15:44
ses1984i was just using the file browser and trying to mount a remote dir, the file browser window is hung up and there's the shadow of a context menu that's above everything, how do i kill this15:52
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Habbieleibniz[m], i believe docker, by default, copies resolv.conf from your host - which would be a problem if it said '' or ''15:55
drupolHello, I installed 20.04 and KDE Neon... the only issue I have is with snap. When I try to install something, I get this error:15:56
drupol$ sudo snap refresh                                                                                                                                                                                         [sudo] password for devlin:15:56
drupolerror: cannot refresh: cannot refresh snap-declaration for "core20": Get15:56
drupol       https://api.snapcraft.io/api/v1/snaps/assertions/snap-declaration/16/DLqre5XGLbDqg9jPtiAhRRjDuPVa5X1q?max-format=4:15:56
drupol       proxyconnect tcp: dial tcp connect: no route to host15:56
drupolDo you know what I can do to unblock the situation?15:56
wedrhttps://i.imgur.com/fXLCPrE.png    <----------------   Ubuntu 20.04.1 point release has finally landed on LTS.15:59
wedr18.04.5 LTS15:59
leibniz[m]Habbie: N00b question, but why this package resolveconf is needed? I mean we need it to set up DNS?16:03
Habbieleibniz[m], i don't know exactly what it does16:03
drupol@wedr how can I update to it?16:10
wedrYou just keep running the Ubuntu Auto-updater **IN GUI** periodically, and restart your computer after each update has completed, and repeat, rinse and repeat, until you get this message.16:11
drupollsb_release -a ... Distributor ID: Neon16:11
drupolDescription:    KDE neon User Edition 5.1916:11
wedrI'm completely unfamiliar with KDE and Neon stuffs. :(16:11
drupolI think I did a wrong move upgrading to Neon. I didn't it was going to upgrade the whole os.16:11
wedrI'm just a noobie Ubuntu user that sticked with default Ubuntu Gnome16:12
pavlosdrupol: I dont see "core20" in snap list, I see core1816:14
drupolpavlos: I upgraded to 20.0416:14
jjbuggleMy system keeps crashing because it is running out of memory.  I think the problem stems from me having too many windows open, firefox being e memory hog, and the installer giving me a tiny swap partition.  What can I do?  Also, why doesn't ubuntu handle this better?16:43
akemjjbuggle, How much RAM you got?16:48
jjbuggleakem: 12g16:48
akemjjbuggle, It must be a memory leak bug in one of the drivers.16:49
jjbuggleakem: I'm not familiar with that.  Is there a fix for that?16:49
ThinkT510open up a system monitor tool and see what is hogging all your RAM. that would be the first step16:50
jjbuggleI mean, part of the issue was the default amount of swap, which was 1g.  Then it went up to 2 at some point.  Normally I would do at least 10g if I were setting things myself, but I had bought a new sdd, and I didn't know how to do the partitioning.  So I needed to go with Ubuntu's defauluts16:51
akemjjbuggle, It should not happens with 12 GB RAM ofc. You gotta looks for your hardware...It could be the Wifi, i had this problem...or something else.16:51
jjbuggleThinkT510: like I said, it is a combo of me leaving lot's of tabs open, and firefox using lot's of memory16:52
ThinkT510does it crash when you're not using firefox? sounds to me it might be one of those tabs or maybe some add-on16:52
jjbuggleOne struggle for me is that it get's away from me.  I get no warning, and then 1 too many tabs, and my computer has to swap memory for 5-10 minutes before it finally makes some program crash.  Annd once it starts swapping, the gui locks up as well, so I can't just close a tab16:53
wedrYou're on which Ubuntu version?16:54
wedrJust wondering16:54
ThinkT510how may tabs does one have to have open that ends up taking almost 12gb. like akem said, there is a leak somewhere16:54
akemjjbuggle, How many tabs you run?16:54
wedrI personally run about 50+ tabs using Firefox on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, so I don't know how you're able to crash your Ubuntu like that. And I have 8GB of RAM16:55
wedrso yeah, it has to be some memory leak going on16:55
jjbuggleweird.  I have maybe 1.5 dozen windows with a few tabs in each16:56
jjbuggleok, about 28 windows, 1-5 tabs each16:56
ThinkT510you have 18 instances of firefox open? why?16:56
jjbugglenot a fan of bookmarks?16:57
jjbuggleI feel like netflix does memory leak.  Like if I don't close the window that netflix was using, even though the netflix page was closed, the memory get's saved16:58
ThinkT510that does sound like the likely culprit16:59
ComputerTechwhat is the best way to check for ddos on ubuntu?17:10
ComputerTechlike if a vps is being attacked by a ddos attcked currently17:10
ComputerTechwhats the best command?17:10
leftyfbComputerTech: contact the VPS provider17:17
ComputerTechother than that17:17
ComputerTechi mean command line17:17
leftyfbComputerTech: look at tcpdump. Other than that, this is way beyond the scope of this support channel. Maybe try #ubuntu-security17:18
leftyfbComputerTech: your best bet is to contact the VPS provider17:19
ComputerTechok thanks ;)17:19
midowleftyfb, for example, recent versions of php which will never get added to my lts ubuntu17:32
egrainhow do i watch amazon prime?17:43
leftyfbegrain: https://amazon.com/video17:49
egrainleftyfb, doesn't work on ubunt. says problem with playing the video. the play drm thing in firefox is enabled. installed flashplugin-installer even, didn't work.17:52
leftyfbegrain: what version of ubuntu?17:53
egrainfreshly installed a few days ago.17:53
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Polygloteverytime Ubuntu 20.04 comes off screensaver i get notification printer added any way to stop this?17:57
WaltS48Stop the development! There will be a Thunderbird 68.12.1 and 78.3.2 to fix unexpected updating to 78 from 68. Not that we can update unexpectedly unless we have installed from Thunderbird.18:04
compdocI love Thunderbird18:05
leftyfbegrain: sudo apt instal ubuntu-restricted-extras  # then close and restart firefox18:06
egrainleftyfb, thanks, i'll try that.18:07
egrainleftyfb, thanks, that worked.18:17
jaydemirjust looking to be pointed in the right direction. I need to download a massive amount of images from the terminal using vastly different URLs. I would like to set up a file with all the URLs in it (probably plaintext) then feed it to a script where Ubuntu will wget each link one by one through the file. Would I need to set up some kind of loop?18:29
bostongeek36i am trying to install battle of wesnoth and pango has lots of different things i can install18:43
bostongeek36waht do i need to get so i can play the game18:43
wedrget it on steam19:02
wedrthen you download it from steam19:02
wedrthen you play it through the Steam app19:02
wedrThis method is OS-independent19:03
leftyfbbostongeek36: sudo apt install wesnoth19:04
Bobbertquestion.  when installing a new raw hard drive (vm) what methods do you guys perfer.  fdisk & LVM & mkfs.  or just lvm & mkfs?19:06
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striveRunning Ubuntu as a virtual machine with Virtualbox. After it does its disk checking, I'm brought to a black screen with a blinking cursor; it hangs at this point. I am able to switch to another tty, thought. Why won't I get a GUI installer screen?19:32
leftyfbstrive: is this on Windows?19:37
leftyfbstrive: install VirtualBox 6.0, not 6.119:37
striveleftyfb: Yes. Will do. Thanks.19:37
striveleftyfb: I'm guessing there's something buggy in 6.1.19:39
bostongeek36strive: ive never got linux to run in a vm19:47
bostongeek36strive: can you type anything in?19:48
bostongeek36strive: also make sure you didn't download the server version that only has a cli19:49
strivebostongeek36: I JUST read that running WSL (Ubuntu) will not allow virtualbox to use virtualization!19:51
bostongeek36strive: wsl is like a vm19:51
bostongeek36so running a vm in a vm19:51
leftyfbstrive: yeah, you need to disable their hyperv stuff in order to run Virtualbox19:52
striveNo no. I've already got Ubuntu running with WSL. Since WSL is already using VT-x, I am unable to use Virtualbox.19:52
bostongeek36disable that19:52
striveleftyfb: For sure. I'm glad I came across this. I'm tinkering around with this stuff.19:53
bostongeek36wsl 2 is where its at19:53
bostongeek36thats native linux19:53
bostongeek36well kinda19:53
leftyfbbostongeek36: it's still a VM19:53
bostongeek36leftyfb: really19:53
striveI'd rather have full control over the vm.19:54
bostongeek36i thought it used MS linux kernel?19:54
leftyfbbostongeek36: right, in a VM19:54
bostongeek36why not just run it on the hardware19:54
striveThat's what I thought.19:56
striveI suppose that I could put more research in on it.19:56
bostongeek36yes its a vm running on hyper-v20:00
bostongeek36which is odd cuz it could be native code20:00
oli_bHi All20:00
bostongeek36oli_b: hello20:00
EvilKittyBoihow do I disable unauthorized thunderbolt device message?20:41
EvilKittyBoiyes the thunderbolt device is unauthorized, but the thunderbolt port is broken....20:42
EvilKittyBoiit disconnects randomly and reconnects every minute or so...20:42
EvilKittyBoithe notification is driving me nuts :<20:43
ajayahmedhello. how can i check if my fuse supports FUSE_PASSTHROUGH ?21:05
tomreynEvilKittyBoi: can you share the full message (textually, or a screenshot), and provide some context? which ubuntu version are you running?21:05
leftyfbEvilKittyBoi: why are you plugging anything into a broken port?21:06
EvilKittyBoileftyfb, it's the only port I have left :<21:06
EvilKittyBoitomreyn, Unauthorize thunderbolt device, new device has been inserted and neeeds to be authorized by an administrator21:07
EvilKittyBoithe thing dissapears before I can screenshot it, ubuntu 20.0421:07
EvilKittyBoiI just want to disable that message because the port is broken.... it just pops and pops and pops21:08
tomreynand whats broken about the port?21:08
EvilKittyBoiwhat isn't, exposed wires, leds acting up, flex in the circuits...21:09
EvilKittyBoigarbage laptop... >:(21:09
EvilKittyBoiI duct taped it together and that's the only way to charge the thing21:09
EvilKittyBoiI know ubuntu is doing the right thing, the message should pop up... but there's no much I can do until I get a new laptop and the notification disturbs me :(21:11
tomreyni suspect this is actually a matter of reconfiguring your bios21:11
tomreynlooks like you should be able to use boltctl to change the security mode to "none", which enables dma attacks via this port21:15
tomreynboltctl enroll --policy auto DEVICE21:16
EvilKittyBoitomreyn, how do I do that...?... well who cares, data transfer doesn't work :D21:16
EvilKittyBoiwhat's my device?21:17
tomreyni guess you can't fix broken hardware in software21:17
tomreyn"boltctl list" should tell the device, also dmesg21:17
EvilKittyBoiI mean not a security concern if the data transfer oesn't work21:17
EvilKittyBoiI can see them but not an id I can use21:17
EvilKittyBoithere's an uuid21:18
lordcirthGot a weird ssh problem: I can ssh to box A from B, but from C, I get debug1: Server accepts key: pkalg ssh-ed25519 blen 51 \n Connection closed by port 2221:19
lordcirthSo, I successfully auth, and then it just closes. I'm ssh'ing as root with a key, so the home dir is there, and if it was the bashrc or something then host B wouldn't get there21:20
EvilKittyBoiis there a way I can disable the dock tomreyn I am getting glitches now as the port connects and disconnects due to the hardware issue, and ubuntu tries to get all the USB devices in the dock and possible screens and network21:20
EvilKittyBoiI just want it to ignore and just charge21:21
EvilKittyBoithis is better nevertheless so tanks a lot :)21:21
lordcirthOh, I think it's access.conf21:24
leibniz[m]Can I set DNS to something else, temporarily using command line? I use network manager applet21:32
tomreynsystemd-resolve --interface=INTERFACE --set-dns=SERVER21:38
tomreynor you just create multiple NM profiles and juggle them around21:39
leibniz[m]tomreyn: if I use systemd-resolve, would that supercede nm?21:45
tomreyntemporarily, i would think. haven't tried.21:45
leibniz[m]Unfortunately, I also have resolveconf package installed. Would that supercede systemd-reoslve?21:45
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tomreynread systemd-resolved.service(8)21:50
leibniz[m]tomreyn: what is that (8) I see alot?21:50
leibniz[m]like wg(8)21:50
tomreynsection 8 of the man page21:51
ubottuThe "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/21:51
backthenI'm adding a drive with Win10 to an Ubuntu desktop. Do I need to install any boot loader? Or will they figure each other out?22:02
lordcirthbackthen, most likely your current boot device will boot Ubuntu. You might have to re-run grub-install for Windows to show up.22:16
pjsthis may be a silly question but, the other day I installed ttf-mscorefonts-installer for some MS fonts and now, it seems to have taken the place of other fonts that I used for specific icons (ie, in my i3 bar or term). If I use i3blocks pango markup, specify the "Icons" font set, they show correctly. However in terminals etc. they still don't. How can I specify the "order" to check fonts? or maybe, just move22:17
pjsthe MS fonts to the end of theline?22:17
Rushhey there .. I'm looking for a debug symbols package for /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/swrast_dri.so . I followed https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Debug%20Symbol%20Packages but to no avail22:19
backthenlordcirth: should I install Grub before I plug in the new Win10 drive?22:24
tomreynRush: the command you run and the unexpected output is? and your ubuntu release and architecture are?22:25
Rushtomreyn: ubuntu 19.10, `find-dbgsym-packages /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/swrast_dri.so` and also I tried lookig for package libgl1-mesa-dri-dbgsym and libgl1-mesa-dri-dbg22:25
lordcirthbackthen, if you are running a normal Ubuntu install, you already have grub. And rescanning before you put the drive in won't do anything22:26
tomreyn!19.10 | Rush22:26
ubottuRush: Ubuntu 19.10 (Eoan Ermine) was the 31st release of Ubuntu, support ended July 2020. See !eol and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2020-July/005494.html22:26
Rushubottu: thank you. Upgrade is on  TODO list22:26
Rushon my TODO list22:26
tomreynupgrade first, this may fix this and many other problems22:27
Rushtomreyn: I'll do it if I run out of options, thanks22:28
tomreyn/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/swrast_dri.so is part of the libgl1-mesa-dri package. append "-dbgsym" and you have the debug symbols.22:29
Rushtomreyn: apt get updatesE: Unable to locate package libgl1-mesa-dri-dbgsym22:30
Rushups, sorry for pasting apt get update :) I am debugging which repos it's reading ...22:30
tomreynwell, get a supported release and we can support you.22:31
leibniz[m]Currently my DNS is set to . What does that mean? My router handles DNS?22:32
backthenlordcirth: ok. So after plug in win10 disk, I do a 'sudo apt grub-install'?22:33
tomreynleibniz[m]: if that's your router, yes. most home routers will relay, and cache, dns requests.22:34
lordcirthbackthen, no, the package is already installed; you may need to re-run grub-install. But try without it first22:37
Rushtomreyn: I have another server with Ubuntu 20.04, I'll recreate my environment there and I managed to install the debug symbols22:37
Rushthank you for your help! I will pay closer attention to EOL going forward22:38
RushI should probably stick to LTS versions22:38
leibniz[m]tomreyn:` systemd-resolve -i enp0s25 --set-dns=` was this permenant?22:44
leibniz[m]Also I don't see any changes.22:44
leibniz[m]I mean firefox or terminal, still use the default dns22:45
tomreynwhat you pasted above does not set a new SERVER value?22:45
tomreyn<tomreyn> temporarily, i would think. haven't tried.22:46
tomreynso i'm just guessing this may work, and works this way.22:46
leibniz[m]tomreyn: it needs admin permission. on sudo it returns nothing22:47
leibniz[m]how to check if it worked?22:47
geosmilewhen i do ls -la on my machine, it pauses at the end of ls for a fraction of a second - any ideas why?22:48
geosmileits actuall a second22:48
tomreynleibniz[m]: systemd-resolve --status22:50
tomreynyou may need to --flush-caches22:50
pavlosgeosmile: ls is immediate but ls -l takes 1sec at the end?22:51
leibniz[m]tomreyn: I found the issue. I was setting the wrong interface enp0s25 instead of wlp22:53
leibniz[m]Still systemd-resolve --status doesn't show my set DNS IP22:53
leibniz[m]but Firefox now works22:53
ctrlbreakAnnnnd... my Unbuntu box running iSCSI targets is allllll kinds of screwed up :-(22:53
leibniz[m]ctrlbreak: :)) sorry22:54
ctrlbreakI don't understand.  I'm wondering if some recent update broke it... but I can't seem to remember how I set it up.22:54
ctrlbreakFrom my notes, I installed 'targetcli-fb' and then 'systemctl enabled target', but now they don't even appear on the box?!?22:56
ctrlbreakThis has me so stressed out I feel like I'm going to snap.22:56
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leibniz[m]tomreyn: Thanks. Just rebooted. It was temporary.23:02
dr`venomI'm affected by bug Bug #1871268, which makes installer crash if I chose to install 3rd party drivers and have invidia. The issue only happens on my laptop. I'm wondering if there is an older image of 20.04 or has this been happening from the original image published by ubuntu? Also, If I try to install without ticking the install 3rd party drivers during the installation, is it easy to install them after the install?23:03
ubottubug 1871268 in glibc (Ubuntu) "Installation fails with Could not configure 'libc6:i386'. , E:Could not perform immediate configuration on 'libgcc-s1:i386'" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/187126823:03
dr`venomI'm trying to get ubuntu installed on my hp spectre 2020 laptop. Thank you.23:04
tomreyndr`venom: as long as you won't require them for internet access, it should be easy adding those drivers later on.23:06
Bashing-omdr`venom: Easy after install: ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ' - worth a try and see if a positive result.23:06
dr`venomok, I'll try to install it without 3rd party and see if it works.23:07
tomreynyou were using a pre-release image of xubuntu 20.04 to install.23:07
tomreyn20.04.1 is current23:07
dr`venomNo, I'm using the image I downloaded today from the ubuntu website.23:07
dr`venomChecksum checks out.23:07
tomreynsorry, not you were using a pre-release image, but the person who reported the bug.23:08
dr`venomoh, I see. I guess it also still happens with the final version.23:08
tomreynyes, i guess so, too23:09
leibniz[m]tomreyn: I have this VPN installed but it auto-starts on boot. I even did systemctl disable service. rebooted, but the service is active. how?23:09
leibniz[m]It has an entry in /etc/init.d if it means anything23:10
xbfrogeverytime ubuntu 20.04 comes out of screensaver it says printer added. is there a way to turn this notification off?23:12
tomreynleibniz[m]: maybe you wanted to mask, not disable, but you should be getting support from whoever provides this software.23:13
xbfrogcant, hp wont suport the software that is theirs23:13
xbfrogthey said linux was mature enough to support their own23:14
xbfrogand the printer software doesnt come from canonical23:14
xbfrogcomes from hp23:14
leftyfbxbfrog: I'm trying https://askubuntu.com/a/921289  ... not sure if it works yet23:16
xbfrogthank you for any help :)23:16
ctrlbreakI think I'm seriously going to have a breakdown here... nothing is making sense!?!23:20
leftyfbctrlbreak: this is a support channel. If you'd like help, please detail your exact issue. Preferably with error messages/logs. Also the details of the OS you're running any models of any hardware you're having issues with.23:22
ctrlbreakI just shut down open-iscsi.service (systemctl disable)... which is what I assumed was providing iSCSI service.23:22
Bashing-omctrlbreak: ' dpkg -l targetcli-fb ' says "ii" for the status ?23:22
ctrlbreakbut I'm still listening on :3260 on multiple adapters...23:22
_riz_is there a commandline installer for 20.04 desktop? I need to install a remote server and I only have serial console.  I've already got the live CD booted, and I have a CLI.  I've been told I do need "desktop" and not "server" for OpenZFS.23:23
ctrlbreakCorrect: ii  targetcli-fb                                      2.1.43-1                      all                           Command shell for managing the Linux LIO kernel target23:23
dr`venomhow do I install 3rd party software after install?23:24
Bashing-omctrlbreak: Then is systemd controlling the service ' systemctl status open-iscsi.service ' ?23:25
ctrlbreakyes.  It appears to have shut it down?23:26
ctrlbreakopen-iscsi.service - Login to default iSCSI targets23:26
ctrlbreak   Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/open-iscsi.service; disabled; vendor preset: enabled)23:26
ctrlbreak   Active: inactive (dead)23:26
ctrlbreak     Docs: man:iscsiadm(8)23:26
ctrlbreak           man:iscsid(8)23:26
leftyfb!paste | ctrlbreak23:27
ubottuctrlbreak: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:27
ctrlbreakHowever, I can still browse the iSCSI targets (Datastores from ESXi)23:27
pavlos_riz_: can you use, tasksel install ubuntu-desktop ?23:30
leftyfb_riz_: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/focal/main/installer-amd64/current/legacy-images/netboot/mini.iso23:30
_riz_pavlos: No idea whether tasksel would be enough.  (I assume you mean "install the server version from cli, then use tasksel to get desktop") I was hoping to be able to follow a "standard" install since so much linux documentation assumes you're doing a particular thing a particular way, and learning about how to do it differently involves a lot of errors and never knowing if it's "right"23:35
_riz_I was hoping to be able to run the standard installer - which I just realized I can probably do with X forwarding - what's the name of the installer binary?23:36
_riz_(so I can launch it via cli)23:36

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