ubuntumusictestAfter using the ubuntustudio installer on 20.04 my update process is broken - this is very annoying. it says: The following packages have been kept back:11:14
ubuntumusictestubuntustudio-controls ubuntustudio-installer11:14
ubuntumusictestwhat should I do ?11:15
ubuntumusictestAlso the info on the installer herehttps://ubuntustudio.org/ubuntu-studio-installer/ does leave a lot of questions. E.g. there are mutiple items in this installer that do not explain what they do - I would like to know what is the difference between11:16
ubuntumusictestubuntu-lowlatency-settings and ubuntustudio-performance-tweaks?11:17
ubuntumusictestAlso: when installing the ubuntustudio-audio package, do I still need to install these / both of these / only one of these?11:17
ubuntumusictestI guess one or two sentences of explanation about this obviously upcoming questions could help a lot with the adaption of ubuntustudio.11:18
ubuntumusictestI am willing to learn a lot to use Linux for music because the other systems are so bad today, but I feel a lot of very rough edges still. This could be all ironed out with just a few more explanations at the entry points easily.11:20
ubuntumusictestAnd of course be not killing my update process with official install instructions - this then looks like this project is dead or not maintained or not loved by anyone.11:20
ubuntumusictestanother disturbing elememt: the ubuntustudio website links to this https://frontpagelinux.com/tutorials/easily-install-jack-audio-with-ubuntu-studio-installer/ article as recommended instructions - however the ubuntu installer described and shown there with a screenshot is different from the installer that I see on my current ubuntu 20.04 - very11:26
ubuntumusictestThis is just an easy thing - please just deliver precise and exact documentation - and people will not have only problems, problems, problems with Ubuntustudio. Very easy.11:27
ubuntumusictestBTW I just checked the screenshot on https://ubuntustudio.org/ubuntu-studio-installer/ - this is in fact also different from what I see on the installer that comes with the system I am using right now - 20.04. E.g. there is no carla item on the left side.11:29
ubuntumusictestVery confusing.11:30
ubuntumusictestAlso I would like to add that openshot is an extremely ridicolous video editor, really poor.11:45
ubuntumusictestYou should at least ad olive video editor. Only really impressive video editor on Linux. No, Kdenlive is not good, it is also really poor.11:46
MauroGaspari[m]ubuntumusictest: I wrote that FPL tutorial and used ubuntu budgie 20.04 with current ubuntu studio installer. The article/tutorial was written to show how awesome the ubuntu studio team is, by allowing other ubuntu flavors to also enjoy easy JACK.12:10
MauroGaspari[m]having said that, if the ubuntu studio thinks that a targeted tutorial based on main ubuntu studio distribution is welcome and needed, I am happy to provide that. However as they are switching to KDE plasma in 20.10, I'd recommend that to be the standard, as XFCE will no longer be default desktop.12:11
Eickmeyer[m]ubuntumusictest: Woah, did you see the active hours and think that perhaps we're not even awake yet? Yikes!14:27
Eickmeyer[m]ubuntumusictest: This is not a place to complain. If you have real problems, unlike 90% of the people out there, can you please describe the problem rather than go off on a rant in a support channel? That's unacceptable. I should kick you from here, but I won't.14:28
Eickmeyer[m]Mauro Gaspari:14:30
Eickmeyer[m]Your tutorial is fine and explains the general concept. :)14:30
Eickmeyer[m]That won't change going forward.14:30
Eickmeyer[m]The whole concept is that it's DE-agnostic, there is no "standard".14:31
MauroGaspari[m]Eickmeyer: thanks, and happy to do more to help out. maybe we can discuss that on a separate channel.14:31
MauroGaspari[m]Also I wanted to help ubuntumusictest with his package issue probably dependencies due to multiple backport ppas. But he did not reply so well :)14:31
Eickmeyer[m]Yep, I was going to mention that. Seems as though he has some PPAs that shouldn't be there and/or something happened during installation. But a rant is unacceptable.14:32
MauroGaspari[m] * Eickmeyer: thanks, and happy to do more to help out. maybe we can discuss that on a separate channel.14:32
MauroGaspari[m]Also I wanted to help ubuntumusictest with his package issue probably dependencies due to multiple backport ppas. But he did not reply, so... well :)14:32
MauroGaspari[m]by the way, good morning Eickmeyer 😅. some nice rant is always a great way to start the day with good motivation!14:34
Eickmeyer[m]Hahaha! Well, that's not the worst thing I woke up to, if you can believe that.14:34
MauroGaspari[m]cheers to that! nothing a nice cup of tea or coffee cannot fix14:35
bastienHello, I am planning to install ubuntu studio on a brand new computer. I saw that big changes were planned, blocking the update. If I install an ubuntu vanilla and just the ubuntustudio-audio package, do you know if I could upgrade when the new version is released?14:44
Eickmeyer[m]!ubuntustudio-installer bastien: Best thing to do is to use this:14:45
ubottuEickmeyer[m]: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:45
Eickmeyer[m]Ooops... bad format.14:45
Eickmeyer[m]!ubuntustudio-installer | bastien : Best thing to do is to use this:14:46
ubottubastien : Best thing to do is to use this:: Ubuntu Studio Installer is an app that can be used to add Ubuntu Studio's benefits to an existing Ubuntu (or official flavor) installation, or add additional packages. For more info, see https://ubuntustudio.org/ubuntu-studio-installer/14:46
bastienOK, thank you for your answer. But then, with this installer, the update will be possible?14:47
bastieni guess yes14:47
bastienthanks :)14:48
Eickmeyer[m]bastien: Sorry, I was tending to my son.15:03
Eickmeyer[m]bastien: But, yes. The only issue with the upgrade from Ubuntu Studio Focal onward is that the desktop enviornment is changing and therefore the metapackage for the desktop will be pulling-in the other DE.15:04
Eickmeyer[m]You don't have that if you use -installer.15:05
bastienok, thank you ! :)15:10
bastieni will do that15:10
bastienShould i execute ubuntustudio-installer with root ?17:07
bastien(I had an error after the installation of lowlatency kernel, but aptitude said to me is correctly installed)17:08
bastien(and this error talk about permission)17:09
OvenWerksbastien: that should not be needed. It does so internally and asks for a password.17:20
bastienYes, a password is asked17:25
bastienOk i installed ubuntustudio-audio with ubuntustudio-installer, and at the end of install, i have : "Authorization failed, no packages installed"17:55
bastienbut the package ubuntustudio-audio is installed.17:56
OvenWerksbastien: ok, so there is some error with the install, but we are not sure what it is.17:58
OvenWerksthe message above assumes that the only likely error is an athorization error17:58
OvenWerksif you run sudo apt install -f17:59
OvenWerksdo you get an error from that?17:59
OvenWerks(may have to be apt-get in that case)17:59
bastienOvenWerks: nop, 0 error18:04
bastieneverything seems to be ok18:04
OvenWerksbastien: so you are ok anyway :)18:05
bastienMmm, it's strange. I've a lot of XRun when i run jackd via studiocontrol18:05
OvenWerkswhich base install did you start with?18:05
bastienOvenWerks: ubuntu native, i just installed ubuntu-gnome-desktop18:06
bastien(my config and sound interface works well with my previous computer, which have only 4Go and 2 core18:07
bastienOvenWerks: yeo18:07
bastien20.04.1 :18:07
bastienon my new ordi, i've 4 core and 16Go, and i've a lot of xrun :(18:08
bastiennew computer, sorry18:08
OvenWerksthat is about what I have i5 with 16Gb18:11
bastienit's a amd ryzen5, in my case18:11
OvenWerksbut I am running kubuntu with studio on top18:11
OvenWerksAh, does it still allow setting performance?18:12
bastien(arf, i'll back)18:12
bastienOvenWerks: you talk about "CPU Governor" ? The option "Performance" is available on studio control, et is set18:31
bastien*and is set18:31
bastienqjackctl log have 3 main errors :18:34
bastienclient = pulse_out was not finished, state = Triggered18:34
bastienclient = a2j was not finished, state = Triggered18:34
bastienJackAudioDriver::ProcessGraphAsyncMaster: Process error18:34
Eickmeyer[m]bastien: We don't support using qjackctl in here. We made (Ubuntu) Studio Controls to work around the shortcomings (read: usability) of qjackctl.18:41
ubottuStudio Controls is the application through which audio is configured in Ubuntu Studio. It configures Jack, sets the CPU governor, and ensures the user has realtime audio permissions. For more info, see !jack and https://github.com/ovenwerks/studio-controls/wiki18:41
bastienEickmeyer[m]: Yes, studio control is used18:41
bastieni launched qjackctl only to have jackd log18:42
Eickmeyer[m]I see.18:42
bastienbut jackd was launched by studio control18:42
Eickmeyer[m]You might have a hardware limitation. Bear in mind, Ubuntu Studio targets newer and/or high-performance hardware and is not made for reviving old machines.18:43
Eickmeyer[m]OvenWerks might have a better answer, but keep that in mind.18:44
bastienyes, it is the problem : it is a brand new computer, and the same audio interface worked well with my old laptop (2 core and 4G ram, vs 4 core and 16Go today)18:44
bastienbefore, it was and intel processor, today an amd, but 3.40Gz, 4 core / 8 thread18:45
Eickmeyer[m]It also might just be a hardware limitation in and of itself. Not all hardware is capable of realtime. You might have to increase your buffer.18:45
Eickmeyer[m]If it's a USB interface, try 3 periods per buffer.18:46
Eickmeyer[m]Another solution would be to add threadirqs to your Linux command line in /etc/default/grub18:46
bastienIs it possible that the motherboard changes the performance of the processor for power saving reasons?18:47
Eickmeyer[m](in 20.10 that's the default)18:47
bastienEickmeyer[m]: i set 3 period18:47
Eickmeyer[m]It's very possible that the motherboard overrides the performance for power reasons. VERY possible.18:48
Eickmeyer[m]And, because "people are dumb" there's sometimes no way to override that.18:48
bastienOk, i guess i must look in the bios18:48
bastienroh, please not :'(18:48
Eickmeyer[m]And again, no guarantees there.18:48
bastienok ok18:49
bastienconcerning threadirqs, i don't know what it is18:49
Eickmeyer[m]I'm saying "people are dumb" from the manufacturer's perspective.18:49
bastieni installed 20.04 and ubuntustudio-audio (and lowlatency kernel) on top18:49
bastienso that's the default, that right ?18:49
Eickmeyer[m]Open a terminal. Type "sudo nano /etc/default/grub". Add "threadirqs" to the line that says "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=". Save (ctrl-O, ctrl-X). Run "sudo update-grub". Restart.18:51
Eickmeyer[m]It's only the default in Ubuntu Studio 20.10 and onward.18:51
bastienoh, i try18:52
bastienthank you18:52
Eickmeyer[m]If that doesn't work, then you likely have a hardware limitation or other misconfiguration.18:52
bastienok, before rebooting i will just read what this threadirqs is :p18:53
bastienmoving interrupts to threads18:54
bastienwhy not ^^18:54
Eickmeyer[m]Yes. There's really no downside other than perhaps power savings.18:55
bastienhop, that's done. Let's launch jack18:56
bastienmfff, same problem18:57
bastienOK, i found poeple on "internet" who used my proc for music production. Maybe my motherboard, or misconfiguration.19:02
bastieni will visit my motherboard bios ^^19:05
bastienEickmeyer[m]: 48000/512/3 looks OK, It's weird because I had less latency with my old computer. I'm going to try recording stuff like that, we'll see if my ears can tolerate it. And we'll see if it works well with ardours etc... Anyway, thanks for your help!19:33
Eickmeyer[m]bastien: You're welcome. :)19:50
Eickmeyer[m]bastien: If you're not using it, you might try disabling your pulseaudio bridges, because those introduce latency inherently.19:50
bastienThanks for the advice. I will disable them on real recording sessions :)19:51
OvenWerksbastien: just have a few sec here. Two things, I run only one thread per core.20:19
OvenWerksto check how performance is working, you need an app or applet that shows current cpu speed on each core.20:20
OvenWerksif that moves that is a problem.20:20
OvenWerkson Intel chips setting performance is not enough, I have to trun boost off as well because it will set core speeds higher than performance (which is ok) and then back down as heat goes up (which is not ok) I find  xruns happen at the moment that the speed drops. So steady speed is important20:22
OvenWerksin fact I got better performance at 800Mhz (forced) than on the same machine with ondemand sitting mostly at 1.6Gh20:23
OvenWerksalso check uname -a shouold show that you are using the lowlatency kernel not generic20:24
OvenWerksif not then you may have missed the grub package on ubuntustudio-installer20:24
OvenWerksit forces lowlatency to default.20:25
OvenWerks(even with a newer generic)20:25

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