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n-iCeDo we have virtual keyboard?21:38
rud0lfyou mean on screen?21:40
rud0lfit's called Onboard, look in apps21:41
n-iCeIm there21:41
n-iCeBut i cant make it appear21:42
n-iCeWhere exactly21:44
n-iCeOnboard-keyboard does not show anything21:44
rud0lfpress Ctrl+Esc, type "onboard", and press enter21:49
n-iCeI dont have a keyboard21:50
n-iCeIts a tablet21:50
rud0lfoh okay21:50
n-iCeCant find it21:51
n-iCeCant install xubuntu21:51
n-iCerud0lf any other idea?21:56
tomreyni think that if you dpeend on touch input, your best option so far is gnome-shell. maybe kde, too, not sure.21:59
dreit's like on any of the login screens23:06

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