meenaso i'm trying to change my username on https://login.launchpad.net/ from my old email address and… it's infuriating12:08
meenai've changed my name, too, and it bounces back and worth between Igor and Mina, which, too, is quite annoying12:09
cjwatsonWe don't actually maintain login.launchpad.net, despite the hostname - https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-identity-provider is the place to file bugs about that12:24
cjwatson(I appreciate that this sounds annoying)12:24
cjwatsonYou will likely have to change on both login.launchpad.net and on launchpad.net itself, unfortunately, they aren't completely synced for this sort of thing12:25
cjwatsonMaybe that's the source of some of the bouncing back and forth you mention?12:25
meenahttps://launchpad.net/~minagalic ← i've already changed my username here, but i can't change it on login.launchpad.net, where it remains i.galic@brainsware.org, which it says, it cannot be!12:31
cjwatsonmeena: IIRC what you normally need to do is add the new email address, verify it, set it as preferred, and then remove the old one12:52
cjwatsonOn https://login.launchpad.net/+emails12:53
cjwatsonIt's a bit multi-step but I'm fairly sure I've tested that before (though, as I say, not a service the LP team maintains directly) and it worked fine12:54
cjwatsonYou can select your preferred email address from any of your verified ones on https://login.launchpad.net/, and then you can delete any address that isn't preferred12:55
meenacjwatson: i've done that. the problem is that an email address that's no longer referenced anywhere is assumed as username13:05
meenanope, not anymore13:06
meenait just needed another logout/login13:06
meenaokay. phew!13:06
meenanow i need to re-link my github username with my launchpad username13:06

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