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kc2bezguiverc: Thanks for putting the beta announcement together.  Do you mind if I do some edits? I will get the links all set for markdown formatting. 08:25
guivercNot at all kc2bez , I expected to edit/refine correctly when posted...  (my original intent was discourse; but can go anywhere) so detail like (url) was intentional & expected to be changed when format was finally chosen.08:26
guivercstart of it was from lubu 19.10, double-space-line was break thn it switched to madhens announcement of groovy testing on mate's discourse (double-empty-line only there as clue of where it came from)08:28
kc2bezSounds good. The nice thing about codi is that if the markdown is all set up the view pane looks like it will on discourse. 08:30
* guiverc is away a few hours08:53
kc2bezTake care Chris. Thanks for all your help. 08:54
kc2bezguiverc: I made some edits, please have a look when you get a chance. 13:10
guivercack, looking now. I noticed sil2100's -flavors msg13:11
kc2bezack, I do now too.13:12
guivercYep looks good kc2bez, I'd change "#lubuntu-develop to #lubuntu-devel matching name here though), when to publish?  is sil2100's notice enough? or wait for ML post  (what we need in Ubuntu_News)13:21
kc2bezGood catch on the substitution. 13:25
kc2bezIt might be good to wait for the ML post. 13:26
guiverc:)  suits me fine, I'll head to bed !13:26
guivercI wasn't expecting to post until tomorrow (my local time)13:27
kc2bezUnderstood, I thought that was the "official" date.13:28
guivercCanonical/Ubuntu releases are always a thurday (often very early fri morning usually my local)13:29
guivercbeta I don't think is as crtical though..13:29
kc2bezGood point.13:29
guivercanyway, thanks as always for counsel, wise words, encouragement etc Dan13:30
kc2bezI am fine with waiting. I will follow the discourse post with a blog post and a tweet/telegram announcement.13:31
guivercShould blog post go first, to me that's the more official, I can post afterwards or just link to blog..13:32
kc2bezGood question. I have no problem doing it that way. 13:34
guivercuntil the ML then... (but hopefully some ZZZs for me!, night!)13:35
kc2bezYeah, go ahead get some sleep. I won't post until I get home from work at the earliest anyway. 13:36

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